When Heaven Awaits...

Discussion in 'Writer's Block' started by BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum, May 2, 2005.

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  1. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999

    When Heaven Awaits…
    I see it as a memory, a reverie of better days
    Better ways that life can be.
    Better days of life for me.
    I see the past as a full circle
    The only hope I have that the future can’t hurt you
    Worsened by pages of tear-soaked pictures
    Biblical psalms and blood-soaked scriptures
    This is the memory I have when God whispers
    As a song I once knew reminds me of the days
    When my biggest fear would be would I be able to sleep at night
    Before the boogyman I never met would at once capture me
    20 years later, the boogy man grabbed me
    Lost in the knowledge of a sad reality
    All of our years are just time wasted
    Between a happy childhood, and the finality of death.
    Moments in between awaiting our last breath
    Hoping fifty fifty it would be the end of our stress.
    And we struggle day by day with thoughts of what it all means
    Gripped in the finality of how it all seems
    But it’s like, we can’t find real moments like
    How we feel when we dream like
    How our imagination seems so real, and
    Nothing seems to move us further.
    Sometimes it seems like time is standing still.
    We managed to stop time, but we can’t go backwards
    To the day we learned to ride a bike
    Or when we had our first kiss.
    Or the day BEFORE our father suddenly died, or
    The first time our heart made us cry.
    How the world felt when we didn’t realize
    Life would never be better, or even fair ever in our eyes.
    We never can go back to when we used to believe
    That most were good people and dared not to deceive
    The deception of youth, the youthfulness of our innocence
    This is the days before we knew the needed to repent.
    I cried when I became a man, 10 years too soon.
    When I felt I first had to carry the weight of the world and the moon.
    When death no longer scared me, especially not my own.
    Now I feel like I’m stuck between being dead and being grown.
    I am in Heaven’s waiting room, without an appointment
    Hoping for a chance meeting with the anointed.
    Sometimes I feel I’m hellbound as I walk along my path
    And the only way into the gates is to walk into the past.
    But I don’t know how long the worn soles on my soul will last
    I found out a day to late that the I only had to ask…


    I wish I would never have been born…​

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum 2005
  2. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    I believe this is the wrong forum. My bad...
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