Whats funny about UFC 102

Discussion in 'MMA, Boxing & Other Combat Sports' started by jayoo, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. jayoo

    jayoo new york representative

    Oct 28, 2007
    is everyone sayin how they didnt wanna see it.. bad fight card, boring, nothin special... and yet lets put it up against future cards

    this card included..


    and leben gettin choked OUT.. lol

    thats a good card, i dont get why not, theres no title fight but most the fighters are top contenders in their division meaning this was a big layout for the future title fights

    heres ufc 103..


    is it that much better? its arguable.. i guess opinion.. im not a big franklin fan im not lookin forward to the headliner at all but they'll probably surprise me, crocop i havent liked to watch since pride but i hope he gets exciting again.. swick/kampann should be good but if thats the contender match for gsp.. i dont see either beating gsp, trigg/koscheck should be great and im not to into griffin/franca

    i guess others can argue its better, i dont see it.. now maybe if all fights end up being insane ok but just off face value its really much better?

    now ufc 104..


    thats the maincard so far.. definitely could get better with the possible fighters who are available but right now... i do wanna see machida to see what he does next more than anything, i think he'll destroy shogun... i dont wanna see sherk/tibau, im not to into stevenson/fisher, but i do wanna see rumble johnson hes always exciting

    my point is just... ufc 102 was that bad? i heard more shit bout that ufc than any in the past (before the fights) and i think the card was great.. besides 2 of the better matchups ending so quick, the nog/couture lived way past the hype one of the better fights ive seen in awhile
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