What you'd do with $100 million$ dollars

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by T-RO, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. T-RO

    T-RO New Member

    Jul 15, 2005
    title sayz it. what would you do with 100 mil?
  2. i Luv Da Cock

    i Luv Da Cock TRU "GINGER" KID

    Jul 11, 2005
    Yo check, check......keyboard check......key board check.....

    Uh Uh, YO In my town I'm the poorest, no fucking cash//
    My lifestyle is horrid, can't fucking last// (nope)
    If I had a hundred miLL, shit, I would go nuts//
    Go to the local diner, buy some DoughNUTS//
    Get some decent food, some eggs, some steak// (mmm)
    A nice change of pace from my frozen shakes//
    And the garbage-ass meat in my fridge//
    That shit prolly two years old, no bull-ish// (eeww)
    But back to the cash, in my wallet see//
    Time to hit the mall, shopping spree//
    Fuck, hit the arcade first, time to unwind//
    Peep the latest games, not from 1989//
    See all I have is a broke-ass Nintendo//
    It's not even mine, it's a fucking RENTAL! (damn!)//
    Went to up to change machine, tried to get some coins//
    But the stupid shit wouldn't take a million, there's no point!//
    Fuckit, oh well, I head up to the clothing thing//
    When I was broke, I couldn't even buy a clothing pin//
    Went to Foot Locker, the guy in stripes said take your pick//
    Copped me the brand new Nike Air Force SIX//
    Shit, I barely scratched the surface of this cash I have//
    Is there such thing as too much, bitch don't ask!//
    Can't stop these thoughts, the world is fucked//
    Kids in Africa starvin, I'm still stuck//
    What to do? What to do? I'm foolish dude//
    Looked at all my dough, and said "I'm through with you"//
    There's peeps out there worse off than my ass, I'm trippin//
    So I said fuck it, went and donated half my 100 million//


    ©Red-Master, 2005
  3. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    What would i do witha hundred mill.....hmm

    First id invest in some coke, slang it and make some profit-
    Buy me a mansion with a 100 square foot closet-
    Id have some weed, fuck it id have a whole farm-
    Support the heroin addicts, so they aint stuck wit cold arms-haha
    Have every kinda whip with 30 inch rims-
    fuck twenties id floss em in my dirty district-
    Have cases of guns, shippin in from the islands-
    Wouldnt have to make it rappin, i could quit rhymin-
    Have my own strip club, every bitch in it gotta big butt-
    Have the richest guests puttin benjamins in the tip cup-
    Id have a line outside my house of bitches waitin to cut-
    My butler knockin on my door, have me awaken to fuck-
    But when i got the money id prolly have a heart attck-
    I wouldnt make it to spend it, ima put my thoughts farther back-

  4. AmazingSpydaman

    AmazingSpydaman Super-Lyrical Agility

    Jul 30, 2005
    What would I do with a hundred million dollars?/
    I'd pay MTV never to show other ballers/
    I'd fly to Maui when it's cold in the winter/
    I'd eat the AAFLAC duck for christmas dinner/
    I would win every "big baller" contest I enter/
    Everybody else would be "attention" and I'd be the center/
    I'd hire a midget to be my servant/
    I'd send anthrax in a package that says "urgent"/
    People would know how I cause rap casualties/
    When I step onstage, no one would come after me/
    I'd buy a house in Brazil so the feds can't capture me/
    I'd have more cars than a General Motors factory/
    Every one of my cars would stop with airbrakes/
    Fuck marble and wood, I'd have a platinum staircase/
  5. S-ents

    S-ents S-ents

    Sep 7, 2005
    If I had a hundred mill,
    I would live ghetto still,
    Blow it on drugs and booze,
    Run through the white house in nothin just nude,
    spend it on court fines that I would aquire,
    Do it again and set Bush's tupee on fire,
    bum rush secret service enter the back gate,
    And take bush's daughter to a "only on ex" rave,
    Go to japan mock em with my dick and the height of my body,
    and probably get my ass kicked by somone who knows karate,
    yo I'd get booty from Beyonce' and slap up Jay,
    then ditch America, leave B. with an illigitamate baby!
  6. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    A Hundred Mill?
    That's a lotta money, you know....

    But fuck it you know the kid, you know that I'd....

    Pay to have a couple niqqaz murdered first
    Pay to have Dom bottles urge my thirst
    A niqqa'd wil out quote me word for word
    Southside'd never see as much much money
    If I'm rich you know I'm sayin' ''Fuck you homie''
    I'm out this bitch, ridin' in that new benz
    20 inch rims, top drop, bulletproofed tints
    Cop me some sick jewels, some sick tools
    AK's and AR's, show you I don't play, pa'
    Buy enough ammo, ma' buy enough candles
    Twelve Gauge Mousberg causin' scandals
    Take two mill to bail out a couple a niqqaz
    Put G's on my head, watch me double ya figures
    Have you killed by the same dudes you hired
    I'ma turn into what you admire
    Invest 5 mill in coke, other 5 in guns, build a huge empire
    Rent JFK to have my dope come in legally
    Buy guns from Isreal, make peace with Sicilly
    A niqqa filthy rich, I plead guilty, bitch
    Treat an italian capo like some silly bitch
    Buy an island sharin' it with seven women
    Mansion, coke, guns, sex, till I'm left a demon
    Playin' God in my own mind
    Dictatin' in my own right
    Think you and me are both like.....
  7. eye-Q II

    eye-Q II So far I've upset God!

    Jan 16, 2001
    Wit a million dollars....

    eye-Q would imagine the lifestyle most anticipated/my wheels wouldn't sit on chrome i'd have that bitch gravitatin/scratchin my temple for the next idea of what i'd do/prolly buy my moms and them a house, yeah that i might do/i could get me a studio with the baddest beats and lay down my album/i'd have so much damn money i would even give a fuck on how i be soundin/poundin on the microphone for one song then call it "bangin"/open my own wells fargo homie i'd be bankin/i guess i'd drop some loot for them cats on the block/but they'd be the ones that'd take my mil after they set me up to drop!

    somethin' quick...lets put it like this...a mil? where i'm from? i'd be lucky to hold it kid! haha!

    eye-Q...cuz i can!
  8. Krooked*k

    Krooked*k That's Krook to you

    Dec 10, 2003
    with a hundred mill? shiiit, id say fuck a deal
    an buy everyone a fuckin meal, an thats real
    that's like.. 70 still, left for me to kill
    Id buy some weed, that ill, that's green like a dolla bill
    id get some breezy's to chill, an carry bags as I spend
    let them, haters get mad, after I gather my friends
    take a limo, to the N. O. an let everybody in..
    hop out, stop.. bout to go an cop me a benz
    pop out dough an tell em, switch out the stock rims
    trot off with 400 horses an 100% tints..
    every color of air forces, anything thats imported
    everything that's important, id have two made of each
    get a new wardrobe.. every tuesday of the week
    be on every forbes cover from now till jesus returns
    shiiet, life couldn't be that bad to be mr. burns
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