What supplements are you taking?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Steve Schade, Mar 9, 2006.

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    ya mainly most of the weight was fluid since those drinks like no explode and swole and creatine just put water retention in our body that basically helps the muscles from being injured...but after you go off you basically get weaker thats the downside to ever upside...the only stufff that really puts on muscle is roids but they will mess you up bigtime most of those bodybuilders have to take some serious amounts to maintiain there gains.

    This was a while back maybe 8 months ago and it took me a couple weeks to put back the weight...I basically had to start from scratch after I was over my fatigue and fever I was super weak and my max bench dropped significantly by 40 pounds.

    Thats why if you do take that stuff dont push it make sure to be safe with it, some time you get macho and over push your body which can hurt you bad and trust me overtraining is the worst shit yu can feel you feel sleepy your head is heavy, all the symptons of being sick but no cough or stomach ache your body feels like you just got beat up in a tough MMA or Boxing match when you wake up in the morning.

    The stuff works but like snikka said only take them on traning days I to dont believe in that 2 times a day crap they just say that so you can finish your bottle fast and dish out another 60 bucks on it...its marketing...taking it on lifting days is good enough trust me on that.
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    another thing i wana add to your last paragraph is that yea you're right.. and thats because companies play stupid and assume u are not getting any other nutritional foods throughout the day. that's why most weight gainers say to take 3 servings a day, with each serving being like 800 calories lol

    i guess its true that u WILL gain weight, because fat is the cheapest weight to put on

    but ya, good points about being safe rather than sorry. most of those pre-workout formulas are made to give u incredible energy, but the downside, like u said, overtraining. u might feel great after working out but the next day completely drained and lazy
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    but for me instead of being lazy and drained the next day try 6 days lol I slept like 20 hours and couldnt even open my eyes it was that bad.

    Those weightgainers put weight on you ya all in your gut....lol

    thats why you really got stick and do your research me I had to do my research by trying them...I started taking supps at a young age 16 this was before they had places with info like bodybuilding sites.

    I took creatine mono at 17 made me yellow and my face was bloated I put on weight but my muscles were round and soft. went off that and was lazy as fuck for a couple weeks felt tired and slept alot during the day.

    never took it again.

    I took the gnc weight gainer back in 1997 and you had to put like 4 scoops and drink the shake lol it had like 1800 calories basically it was like drinking a liter it gave me diarheea and I was skinny but my stomach was huge I took that for 1 month and it took me forever to get rid of that gut I was only 115 pounds at that time in highschool and I had a beer belly and never drank beer lol.

    never took that again.

    I took whey protien, egg protien you name it....and then I stopped and didnt start taking supps again till 2 years ago and the ones that I still take are whey protien isopure RTD and muscle milk RTD and a couple other ready to drink shakes they cost more but worth it taste and nutrition wise.

    I also tried glutamine but didnt see any difference in recovery no side effects at all though.

    I took swole v2 recently since they said it was for creatine non responders and I was one of them....it worked but man the consequence for me was bad.

    now I just spend my money on healhty organic foods and to tell you the truth they work better then any supplement.

    my skin is clear I look healthy my face doesnt loook bloated and my stamina and acardio and muscle tone is great.

    The only thing I really take from gnc are like I said the RTD's and vitamins and herbs

    I dont buy the 180 capsules I buy the 90 caps since everytime you open a container the vitamin slowly loses biovalubility so its useless in buying to many just restock everytime you run out.

    fruits and veggies are the best.
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