What if you where a Hit man... Tell a story.. Or drop a few bars.. or go all out...

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by 6ftground, May 13, 2006.

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  1. -Alk-

    -Alk- AlkatraZ

    Mar 8, 2005
    Never on the clock when I'm clean and sober, I keep it covert
    I have a clip full of AK bullets that need an owner
    You better hope I hit you, I lost my scope and messed my optics up
    I'm a hitman in these raps, cause all the other topics suck
    You're at gunpoint, "click", where's my slugs? i musta dropped a bunch
    I'm droppin' rounds, you're droppin chunks, the moment that you lost your lunch
    You feel you're ready for a stand-off with me? you'll need alotta luck
    I know I got nothing but guntalk, but shotgun blasts gotta suck
  2. Inspector

    Inspector I aint afraid of no ghost

    Mar 1, 2005
    If I were a hitman my first target would probably be the author of this topic//
    A secret society of verbal killers, 6ft violated the code so now we got hit em//
    Steppin out a gay club Id wait in the bushes, When he grabs his boyfriend to kiss em//
    then Id killem,tie both there heads together Open there guts and spill em//
    laugh as they both cry suffocating in each others blood Id walk past silently//
    Sirens sounds at the same time my phone rings, I answer to loud screams//
    Sir Bust alot must have found my landmine I kept under his bed//
    His knees were sure to hit as he kneeled down to prey, Now just vertebret//
    Scattered across his bed, Alk the detective walked in tripped over his legs//
    Now what you think is gonna happen when Alk finds the cell phone//
    I was sitting out the window from 500 meters I gave him a lethal injection of lead//
    SKS Russina long ranged rifles, leaves 12' donought shaped smiles for the feds//
    I took off his head, 2xtreme came walking bye when he heard the effects//
    Tucked down in the bushes I watched as his foot came inches away from my head//
    pulled the knife from my pocket sliced the tendons on the back of his legs//
    He fell I grabbed his mouth shoved my hand in and said//
    "Dont move motherfucker or your next" His muffled screams left him squirming//
    Im sick as fuck and yearning, to kill another victim this mass homicide is perfect//
    Mesha Mac gonna get his as soon as 2xtreme stops gurglin and slowly turns purple//
    My purpose is murder, for a really tight circle, of government mishaps turned coverups//
    I once killed a lady cause the president Nutted in her butt left the name Memento in blood//
    So then I sat outside his window waiting for the cops to show up, and Mass Murder them//
    Take it out with a vengenance, Im living with another worldly pentance//
    I was reincarnated to serve my sentence My body was never found cause im truly sinning//
    Adolf got the sinade Whoever thought it would have the effect of an atomic drop//
    Motherfucker I ll chop the whole top of your dome off, Im such a showoff//
    As your Konscious comes around Im rounding corners with a cavalier searing//
    from diesal fuel screaming while I watch in the rear viem mirror//
    To see your Un Konscious mind fade Laying in the wake of the burning flames//
    I crash into Fuel tanks That blew up the whole C-Block of your local Projects//
    Look every body I just killed C-Projects, But if I were a hitman Id hit every poster in this boring Topic..............................................

    Keystyling Havent done this shit in a minute just wanted to try and use everyones names nothing personal

  3. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    aAAA! haaa! We got this kat changing his name...And he still trying to get at us...lol....
    nicca iz you crazy..

    I see you spit first blood
    now it’s time to show you tough love
    As I Eliminate and Terminate ya
    make you drink acid and embalming ya
    wit ammonia,
    I’ll mail ya carcass to Somalia
    let cannibals maul own ya
    Son ya just a Extra Target
    Call me the Eminent. Terminator.
    cut “n” ya jugular
    whip “n” you with barb wire
    making you walk through the fire
    I guess ya bars are really fire now
    you expired now\
    call me the Freestyle hit man-
    no contract for this stan
    Cause this hitman
    marked E.T. for the hit market...
    Now I bet you feel like 50 cent
    watch how many men still you.......LEts GO!
  4. Inspector

    Inspector I aint afraid of no ghost

    Mar 1, 2005
    hahaha now its a cypher

    Stick to being a hitman 6 ft
    I bury you that deep in quick sand//
    beneath pine needles and trees man//
    cremate ya head and spread ya thoughts over the seas//
    youll do this and that but your still just talking//
    Ill bur y you under standing avenue so you can get to walkin//
    how you gon be 6ft when I buried you in a midgets coffin//
    You higlighted ET but I light up mics with the fire im talkin//
    yea I fucked your moms but it was you im stalking//

    haha nice comeback 6 ft heres a lil sumpin fo ya
  5. Corrosivv

    Corrosivv New Member

    Jul 12, 2006
    Grab an AK-Fourty Seven and a Sniper Rifle
    Enter a rich bitch's estate and silently wipe it
    Reload, quick, three guards with Handgun Colts
    Pull the trigger evade quicker and like looney toons... "That's All Folks"
  6. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    It’s blk face paint and a vest with two plates,
    I’m on a stake-out, out for the fake,
    I’m paid in full for they blood clout mistakes
    all up in the employers face, and that’s a no-no
    catch hot wonz to ya dumb dodo, oops there goes ya mojo
    I left you feeling like you got mono, ya sound will be mono
    scream nobody will know though, I got you laced in dung ho
    deep in the jungle of Korea the splinters in ya finger got you thinking slow
    her take the acid to ya tongue hoe, battery acid ain’t no high bytch, didn’t you know
    now you get “n” the picture of a real hit man snip “n” bustaz that clam they pro...Lets GO
  7. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
  8. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    tortorous hitman, cementing your body into quicksand
    kill under contract like a heavy spit plan, get the whip and my clique clan
    stop your brain like fatal cerebral attackings in your chest like a rib stamp
    get your lip smacked,
    i aint packing but i wood chip your body n get your flesh faxed
    so ruthless i hunt bounty's with car loads of lead
    kid your dead face facts to the mc with a barcode back of his head

    KRAZY-KILLA eatin' beatin' freakin'

    Feb 24, 2005
    payed hit, scopin this place waitin for this d!c&/
    rolls out of new duece double oh six range/
    targets in range, take the shot....../
    .......brians spattered gone/
    going on a murdera rampage/
    like crazy insane like an animal out his cage/
    in a state of rage/
    mentally gone with this craze/
    pacin' the street lookin' for the next victim/
    who gonna catch penitration from slugs to the abdomin/
    skee O's lookin like they can take bust/
    but not wit the glock, only wit the Rock/
    trousers little blood stain/
    police patrollin' point fingaz my way/
    buck it, all out war/
    who ever want it come and get more/
  10. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Late night on the seashore
    With salt in my pours got me
    feeling like a madd dog high off gunpowder
    I see you as an open soar
    I’m picking atcha
    pulling and pecking atcha
    like a vulture
    Whispering in your ear like the character Dexter
    Then I silence ya’ with Hanna-ble measures
    slice and dice ya’ like fReddy
    niccaz are you really read for the hit man tour
    I’m the slickman do-er
    hitman connoisseur
    with a degree in the human anatomy
    I leave you dry and aged like pork in Europe
    Hung dried- tongue sliced is how 6 do it..
    Hitman 2007.....
  11. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    if i had to say, misery's more likely than not my mom prob'ly
    memories haunt me, from when the deaths of my enemies got sloppy
    nightmares keep me in sweats, my girl left me, i kept screamin 'bout deaths
    i came out the depths, now when I have em in my sights i count my breaths
    my aim's great, and around my neck i hang a a gold plated patron saint
    but still god please take my fate, so i dont have to be facin satan's gates of hate
  12. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    But wait the stakes get sharp
    they hot, they hurt, the perp
    they scream, as I attack
    the dreams I seen bestows
    the last breath of a hit,
    that's how purgatory attacks
    my haunted views of enemies
    reveal blown out backs
    my enemies send me straight,
    broken like cupids arrow
    on true life facts
    as a Hit-man I sheath it all
    so in the end judgement is death to all
    so now you know I’m not a holy subject,
    no!, Not at all
    So know only GOD can judge the state I’m in
    my mind state is, and forever will be a sin
    Thou shalt not kill
    one rule of ten,
    and I'm breaking it 4millions ,
    who’s the fake saying they won’t hit-man
    if monies in the millions placed in hand
    for a contract kill, one deal, it’s heaven on earth 4ril,
    and shame for eternity- in purgatory, it’s a Hit-manz worth
    this is my hit man story my life iz gory
    cause I'm the one with the 12gauge ending reallifestories
    for millions I’d Kurt-go-bang!!
    So in death nobody a see my face...Let’s GO
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