what car audio equipment ya got and are you happy with it

Discussion in 'Car & Audio' started by De'yon, Jul 2, 2004.

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  1. De'yon

    De'yon Hustle Payper On the Beat

    Apr 26, 2003
    In my 91 box grand marquis I got

    Jvc Elcamilion Head unit.

    fosgate Punch 200 amp (the older good ones)

    3 10" sub - 2 cadence ultra drives, and 1 Memphis double voicecoil..

    my factory speakers whur all new when I got the car so I let em be but I put the 6x9s in boxes to let more bass come into the car ...

    I'm happy with the highe and mid range performance of the factory speakers but.......my subs I'm not happy with ....

    it's a combonation of the box and amp being too small the subs are in a stock Mtx 3 10" box and its a a small triangle designe

    and my cadeces are 400w rms and the memphis is 500 rms and the punch amp is like 150 rms or somthing so I'm not getting full potential of my subs

    but I stil get props when i ride threw with the trunck lid shakin
  2. Polar

    Polar Rep Levels Are Ghey

    Apr 8, 2001
    JVC El Khameleon III deck - I've had better decks, but this looks alone is the only reason I still rock this one.

    12" JL W-3 Subwoofer - I love it. Its not performing to potential due to my shitty amp, but I heard it in the car of the guy I bought it from hooked up to a Memphis amp, and it was real nice. Its sounds good enough for me right now though.

    JVC amp - I dont even know the model number of this thing. I got it for helping a friend install his new stereo so it was practically free. It does the job for me though.

    I have the amp mounted to the sealed sub box for quick and easy removal/installation for when I need to dump the weight or just need the room. I'm not real big into car audio, but this does the job, and sounds good inside the car.
  3. B. Jealous

    B. Jealous New Member

    Jan 19, 2003
    Pioneer DEH-7500 HeadUnit
    6.5 Memphis Comps. front/back (time being)
    400.4 amp 75w per channel x4. Dunno the name, something cheap for the highs.
    Two HiFonics BX1500D amps
    Two 12in Orion HCCA H2 12.2 - Both wired to 1ohm

    Had two 12in L7 kickers.. sold them for the Orions.
  4. djestouff

    djestouff New Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    1x pioneer deh-4600mp mp3 head unit - i wish i had just coughed up the extra bucks and gotten the one with the color screen and better eq options

    2x pioneer 4-way 6.5" speakers (forgot the model name) - sound pretty good for mids and highs

    2x rockford fosgate 6.5" speakers (forgot model name) - also, pretty good, however the door mount location on my 90 accord prevents them from living up to their potential

    1x Soundstream mc140 - this shit is old school, great 4 channel amp. supposedly it only puts out about 35watts rms to each channel, but i've heard newer, much higher wattage amps and the soundstream sounds much better.

    1x rockford fosgate 601s - specifications said 600rms, but factory test paper that came with it put it at 760rms

    2x alpine type r 12" subs - theyre great! excelent quality, and they get loud enough. theyre dvc's, i wired each sub to 2 ohm and run them off theyre own channel.
  5. Kraylen

    Kraylen Killer Instinct Champion.

    May 27, 2000
    just a ghetto rigged infiniti home theater system :)
  6. ThE SiCkNeSs

    ThE SiCkNeSs fuck you

    Sep 29, 2001
    ive got an old pioneer head unit i cant remember the model # i plan on replacing it soon with an eclipse head unit

    my sub is an Elemental Designs E10A
    its powered by a Avionixx 800.1

    and right now i have some shitty 6.5 inch coaxials in my doors which i plan on replacing with the new elemental component set

    and i may end up going with an elemental amp but i dont know i like my avionixx
  7. trifle

    trifle New Member

    Aug 24, 2000
    Unless you're trying to make everything mono-branded, I'd stick with the avi amp, I doubt that the Elemental amp would be any step up from it...

    300's quite a bit for a comp set, might as well go DIY, or get the cdt hd61s from thezeb
  8. Mellow Madness

    Mellow Madness aKa sTaTiK

    Aug 21, 2002
    Jl 12" Woofer
    Jl Amp
    Jl Front Side Door Speakers
    Jl Tweeters
    Custom Built Jl Box
    Pioneer Cd Plyr

    Im To Lazy To Go Into Detail..
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