West Round 5: Skull vs Aven vs Main Event:

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by TRAP., Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Muffffy

    Muffffy Attack of the Muff

    May 15, 2004
    AVen brooks first verse

    it's like..
    ..u poutin in tears ..he doubtin in fear..
    i guess da startin QB’s injury made da second string come outta ur ear
    ..devour this queer ..ur shape-up is off measure..
    his damn facial hair looks like a map to find lost treasure
    ..u soft pressure ..crap’s whut u have n planned..
    skiers died on da slope’a ur nose when ur forehead avalanched
    (played concept but coo)
    ..so when this gay’s in sight a crimes due..
    Cutoff ur power n let Jamie Foxx act as da Ray of light behind u
    ..u don’t rhyme too ..jus stay calm, doof..
    incest got this needle dick sewing shut his moms cooch
    ..n in card games ..hah ..I’m a pro, bitch..
    prefer Poker but its obvious ur hat wants to Go Fish
    ..this ho’s shit.. sex? ..he quick with lessons..
    he a minuteman..
    ..when trombones he can only hold a note for 60 seconds
    ..i’m swiftly wreckin.. while Trom don’t live it up..
    his right eye’s lazy while da left look like it doesn’t give a fuck

    ..i can’t describe u ..this enemy lies..
    explainin ur ugliness is more beyond-say than destiny’s child
    ..ur whole steez violatin ..get locked in citation..
    the V of ur eyebrows inspire birds how to flock in migration
    ..n in my station ..this’ll be a tutorial night..
    da mole on ur head gon fight a groundhog for territorial rights
    ..get a memorial, ight.. as i bring hell with da gat
    stache so Slick it wants an eyepatch n storytells when it raps
    now check ya sig.. then wake up.. get some fresh brew..
    Go to school.. look at da girls.. then realize u rep a text crew!
    ..U LOSER.. the names Brooks, dilly ..
    ur concepts so late 90’s it makes Hawaii climate look chilly
    ..this rooks silly.. he stoops to dumb levels..
    idiot peeped my pic n challenged me to thumb wrestle
    ..this bum settles ..ur siblings are a bad slew
    ur birth was such an Accident ur mom caused Traffic when she had u

    yo wtf that verse was fire,.


    Skull just gave us a preview...of what being a fag means
    cuz the only men who arch their eyebrows...are fucking drag queens/
    ask any woman...this bitch don's the face of doom
    and that aint no regular basement...thats his dominatrix room/
    and that shirt is sorta iffy, if thats your approach to style
    then you'll fit right in, yea..as the gay rights poster child/
    and your in the armed forces?..what an embarassment fag
    but i'll choke this bitch....til he resembles an american flag/
    see basically, nobody in this tourny is diggin you
    and after looking at this pic..
    im startin to think whats in traps sig is true/
    and imagine him wearing a hat, itd be hell ta conquer
    with a forehead big enough to project every word on a teleprompter/
    youre one weird looking fuck..seen his face and dared to laugh
    cuz his nose aint just big enough to snort lines...but whole paragraphs/
    and a dogs a man's best friend, so i should look to befriend him
    cuz his face's a spitting image of a fucking grey hound bus emblem/

    As for brooks, we know what direction you seem to sway
    especially since you look excatly like dude from the group B2k/
    thug got me scared, not cuz of his gun play
    im just frigthened...
    ....that a man would actually wear a pair of womens sun shades/
    folks get a peep at this dumbass.. .staring all slow
    dont look now....but he's pointing CUZ HE FINALLY FOUND WALDO/
    son im quick to pull the burner..and youre as soft as feathers
    cuz when its drawn, brooks'll freeze....just like winter weather/
    and i'd let you hang with me...but bitch get gone
    cuz i dont want a kid near me...who looks like he has lip stick on/
    dont try and rule with an iron fist, your's is shivering queer
    cuz you have a thumb so oddly shaped, it'd make E.T. quiver in fear/
    and with your hopes for next round....those shits can be scratched
    your body language...if this pic was flipped 90 degrees
    .......shows what he'll be gettin this match/


    First off..
    You don't play football 'n no pussy, a famine disguised
    ..Aven just gets passes at him.. due to the slant in his eyes
    (Dope opener)
    See, now I'm confused so I tell my friends..
    .. I can't diss Aven.. I cant tell if he's a asian or one of Supers relatives
    I found a hole that fits a needle dick.. truely men..
    ..If hookers don't work... Aven can always stick his dick in Main's booty chin
    Question.. Aven really got a n!gga baffled..
    ..Honestly, what faggot actually poses for a picture battle?!
    I tote the clip-pers.. flip words..
    ..How you talk about my eyebrows..
    When Super makes his living off of mowing your shit, herb?
    The thing is you dream..
    Posting two pics..
    ..So cats won't clown you for looking like a scene from the Ring
    And I knew Trombley was faggot, I think he's happy
    ..But, now he's mad.. his pic caught em in the process of winkin at me
    You got some dope clothes Aven.. massive shit
    ..Cause after I beat you, blind and deaf all you have is a fashion sense
    You ain't hot, 'n it ain't hate, I'm at you cuzz..
    ..Tromb has enough earwax to have 20 songs in rotation at the club
    You branding me?
    ..With that fishing hat on.. should be searching for Elan 'n the rest of Aven's family
    It's no contest in life you lose
    ..Aven's mad cause he found out he's super's cousin twice removed
    (naw..u just said htis)
    But, anyways you ain't got no hope dude..
    You posted 'n dissed my pic last week...
    ..So anything you say is old news
    (not feelin)
    You so screwed, I know it ain't fair you hostile..
    ..So you better start calling for help using Trombs flaring nostrils...
    (u always use the flaring shit)



    SKull i thought u would have it on consistency..but then NOoo

    u fell off...* u see all my naws..nehs..all thta

    Aven came WITH HEAT

    no fucking lie..great verse

    great battle

    v/aven brooks

    Btw tromb came good too..but i think skull and aven did better
  2. Sonz1

    Sonz1 Registration Please

    Feb 22, 2001
    iono who aven is...but he killed it....one of the best pic diss verses I've seen in a long while...

    Trombley....good verse...but too straighforward with your disses..... not much wit to them

    Skull came in a close 2nd....good feedin and nice disses...he gon think im hatin on him because this will be the 3rd or 4th time I voted against him...but it's whatever

    vote= Aven
  3. Oliver_Thenet

    Oliver_Thenet New Member

    Aug 13, 2004
  4. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    aven advances.
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