west coastin' (wrote and recorded in 40 mins)

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by IgloS, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. IgloS

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    Dec 29, 2002

    spiritual energy - enters me mentally
    tryin' to make bucks - avoid penitentiaries
    yeah I'm high as fuck, mad dimes get puffed
    supplies of fly trees - in ounces sunny
    west coast rides where the mountains sunny
    flippin' every sack go an count that money
    vampire telepathy transpired from lethargy
    carnage bellow ayo I stand over wretched seas
    don't fuck with mine or get lumps in spines
    then pumps from nines so come jump in line
    It's IGLOS god and yo this son can rhyme
    do my beats not bang does the sun not shine
    ayo peep my slang I just do my thing
    I creep but don't bang the mood just brings
    ..my perception out - just left the bout
    it's me that kid the cat with the extra clout
    my flows kids are just, the best that's out
    a physco wig and yes I'll check you clowns
    with riffles quick loaded with extra rounds
    I got Armenian pride, that's what I'm reppin'
    hip hop is war and my tracks are the weapons
    tip top an raw victory captured in seconds
    if your after this method then go back to the board
    if ya actually testin' than you catching' a sword
    pack ya possessions, these are raps from ya lord
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