[Week XII]9. Doc Richards -vs- 10. Anarch

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  1. King Grimet

    King Grimet King Grimet

    Apr 21, 2007
    II. Rules

    RBL Rules & Regulations

    -Due dates-

    All Verses Due THURSDAY night 2:00am EASTERN
    All Voting Due Sunday Night @ or around 8:00pm EASTERN
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)​

    -Line Limit-

    Minimum 12 -- Maximum 30
    Agree with opponent on check in
    If there is no agreement, 2nd emcee to post must match 1st persons verse
    (2nd emcee can post less but not more lines then his opponent)​


    You Must Post Links to 5 Battles you Voted on
    A new "Voting Links Thread" will be posted weekly.
    You must Post your voting links in this thread where I'll
    Keep it updated & organized & those who don't vote will
    Actually be penalized from here on out. I promise

    Each Battler is required to vote on at least 5 Battles
    1 Vote deduction for each battle not voted on
    Voting is open only for those who are signed into the RBL
    If You are signed in you CANNOT vote until your first battle is up!
    Votes must be explained, No Hate Votes, Crew Votes, Revenge Votes
    Everyone Must vote on Contender, & Title matches (EVERY WEEK)

    -General Rules-

    1st emcee to post can't edit after 2nd emcee posts
    2nd emcee can't edit after the first vote is made
    No Biting or Recycling, if Caught your out of the RBL
    Bitching, Crying, Freeposting, Swaying. Whining..
    Beefing, Cursing, Spamming & other forms of Badmanner
    Is strictly to go in the Beef, Magazine, Predictions, or Hookups
    (If broken the Mod has the right to Edit & Clean Up Threads)
    New rules will be voted on by the Mods & Members of the RBL
    Mods can Adjust rules accordingly to circumstance!
    Questions, Suggestions, Ideas, Problems.. Contact the Mod!​

    -Mod AIM Contact-

    King Grimet -- King Grimet

    King Grimet's Email: kinggrimet@yahoo.com
  2. Anarch

    Anarch Angelic

    Dec 20, 2007
    in it to win it...

    'less ur mom start lickin my balls..then I might get distracted
  3. Anarch

    Anarch Angelic

    Dec 20, 2007
    might as well get this squared away

    the mag says you're mad?!? BOO you pouter fag...
    never thought I'd battle Doc Richards.. aka.. Doogie Howsers dad
    I hate to rag, bitch... but you such a putrid pussy, literally
    that the rag jumped out ya vag scrubbin itself rigorously
    I bbq a crying bitch...don't try to bite my science spits
    cuz if you on my spit... you're bein cooked alive as you die from it
    you blind of wit... bereft of heart.. and lacking in talent
    faggot your deficit of assets...could inflate the national balance
    you ballooned w/ hot air...but I have such affable talons
    death is the ground..with Butterfly and Jack as the ballast
    Mahalo! the sound of your flesh ripped is the new sound
    as I spread so many shells you'll think you died at a Luau
    skin ya frame... make a suit..to see what ya bitch'll do
    slap her around n' go ass to mouth..w/ her thinkin its you!

    "How'd it get so big?"...
    "Uh.. I took some pills baby thats how much you meant to me"
    "thank god! it used to feel so creepy like a centipede"
    "Im a better me..actually I'm a murdering rapist, Doc is not me"
    "oh who gives a damn about that scrub..FUCK ME Papi!"

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