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    Apr 5, 2002

    I. Week in Review (Annihilation)
    II. A Different Perspective on the Week (Got Life?)
    III. Interview With Your's Truly lol (Got Life?)
    IV. TaLi's Top 5 Verses (Week 5)
    V. Voter of the 5th Week (Me)
    VI. Who Will Take the Reigns? (Me)

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    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    The Week in Review
    by Claushouse

    Starting off with RSTL Tournament action this week, second round action saw only three competitors eliminated, as top-seeded Rikoshay made a comeback to tie incumbent league champion Vigil 3-3 as both move on to the third round semi-finals. Conversely, Converse will not move on, despite the former league champion's similarly late rally to draw Annihilation 3-3, having failed to vote in enough battles. The schwartz was strong with both matches, harnessing considerable praise for their stellar verses, with Spaceball enthusiast I Dunnno saying "alot of the metaphors went right over my helmet!".

    Second-seeded Tali Rodriguez defeated Got Life? 4-2, as he will faceoff against I Dunnno, who slaughtered veteran emcee Pestilence by a score of 8-0, in the next round. Vigil and Rikoshay will enter into a 3-way with Annihilation. With only a handful of competitors left, let's take a look at what they bring to the table:

    By The Numbers:

    5 - Number of people left in the tournament
    3 - That are tourny champs
    13 - Total number of combined league titles
    0 - Emcees without a league title
    37.5 - Percent of all former tourny champs left
    134-29 - Combined league record
    9th - Where that would rank on the all-time win % list (.823)
    47 - Number of championship finals appearances
    0 - Amount of people to have won 2 tournaments

    Week 5 of the 2006 RSTL season saw Annihilation (9-2) defeat Vigil (12-7) for his first championship belt in a close bout, while the Contendership had veteran I Dunnno (8-3) clash proverbial swords with up-and-coming Nell (4-1), who suffered his first career loss to the former champion's comedic ode to Snoop Doggy Dogg and the Peanuts Gang. Got Life? wondered "what could ever possess someone to write something like that", noting that it was "some twisted and fucked up shit". Obviously, he didn't read Tekneek's verse (more on that later). With that win, I Dunnno will take on Annihilation in the Championship match next week, as both emcees pull double duty, writing for the league and tournament.

    Lost Prophet (12-4) handed showcase alias Runna DaMille (18-5) a crushing blow, shutting out the past champion in a stunning loss, not seen since Will Smith defeated an incoming horde of aliens in the 1996 Summer blockbuster Independance Day. Despite her best efforts, femme fatale Tha DQ (3-2) was no match for an inflicting Pain (11-7), as he took the battle with another solid piece. The Double Entendre emcee will go head-to-head with the always hot Lost Prophet in the Contendership in hopes of Championship glory.

    Elsewhere in the league, Unavailable (44-34) failed to post as Headless Verseman (3-0), for the 3rd time in as many weeks, took the no-show victory. Reporters cited HV as saying "GIVE ME A SOMEBODY WHO SHOWS, wtf". He'll get his wish this coming week, as he faces off against fellow New Jersey native, ironman Got Life? (10-7). Erykah Caine (3-2) suffered the same fate as Unavailable, giving the aforementioned GL? his 10th win.

    Tekneek (64-23) also took the teknikal this week, as Venamis (1-1) assumed Tek wasn't showing. Never assume, or you make an ass out of tek and u IMmeDIATELY regret giving him the free win. He's like a rabid vulture. No, really. Sneaky voters trying to get free brownie points this week had it backfire on them when their lazy, pretend feedback on Tek's verse was called out by league moderator Rikoshay... which brings us to our next feature,

    Caught In the Act!

    (Excerps from a) Real Vote:

    "At first, I thought this was simply the story of a compulsive masturbator [...] but implying that a man abused by his father becomes homosexual, is a compulsive masturbator then somehow managed a serious relationship with another guy despite his condition then finding his father having sex with him and then out of nowhere classifying them as mexicans and calling faggots 'lost and blind'..."

    Not-so Real Votes:

    SHOGUN: "Tek, your verse was very well put together with enough imagery for a novel lol
    The flow was on point as always, and the mechanics seem like they may be getting better, although, i thought you peaked your illest point already ??? lol
    This was an ill verse in its entirity (is that how you spell that word? lol)"

    SCROLLS:"tek: good shit though...story was good...flow was decent...it woulda been coo to see what venamis brought...probably woulda been a good match....glad to see ur still holdin ur shit up.....pzzz..."

    THA DQ:"Props on Tekneek for still dropping a full verse. I also enjoyed reading yours. You had the mechanic side of it all down but poured emotion and imagery into it that really kept me reading. The pace was great, the vocab was nice as well. Nothing to comment on basically, everything is solid. Props"

    You've all been very naughty lol. More aptly,

    Anyways, Shogun (2-0) won a hard fought battle against Mr. Chavez (1-1), as both came with impressive and original verses, with Shogun's nicely scripted horror/comedy edging out Chavez's interesting relationship tale crafted with clever chess game metaphors. Shogun will have his hands full next week facing a determined Tekneek, vying for a spot in the Contendership. Urizen (3-1) took his third W in four weeks as Pestilence (1-1) no-showed, and will take on recently felled Nell as 9th and 10th seeds respectively. Scrolls (1-0) also notched a victory, as both his opponents failed to present themselves, and will lock horns with fellow scribe Mr. Chavez (1-1).

    Props to both Scrolls and Shogun from the DBS crew for their much appreciated voting spree. If you fail to vote on a single match next week, however, league moderator Pent uP had this to say: "I pity tha fool that don't vote on every battle!" Moving on, in unrelated news, moderator Pent uP will be doing league rankings next week. He's very bitter and lonely, and prone to making "mistakes".

    Notable entries this week include the return of much-lauded Calloused (3-0), known as both a solid writer and comprehensive voter, who will take on femcee Tha DQ. Veteran Jersee Emcee (22-9) is back as well, as the anti-authoritarian will be pitted against rogue government agent Runna DaMille. Well-respected RBLer Ribonuclease (0-0) will take a shot as the RSTL against ~M Blaze~ (0-0), while Gerald Morgan returns under his new, shortened alias Gerald (0-0), in a 3-way with our very own Lola Cruez. II, restarting at (0-0), and Juked (0-0).

    And that is the week in review.
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    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    A Slightly Different View (Got Life?)

    Sick of me yet?... To fucking bad… Here we go once again with another weekly review…unfortunately pain shall not be joining me once again this week.

    As far as the tourney went there were no scandals or big surprises…everyone delivered very solid performances and each battle was much closer than the votes would suggest…Personally out of the 5 left it’s hard to figure out which one of them will come away with the win, but with Tali facing I Dunnno and a 3-way match between Anni, Vigil, and Riko it should definitely be an interesting semifinal. Personally I think Tali will beat I Dunnno (btw my money says that he’s Dic) and I think that Riko will escape with a win in the 3-way match pitting Riko against Tali in a battle of the mods.

    As for the league though…this week ended up being one with more people showing than as of late, which is a nice turn of events, and yet again the belt changed hands is as many weeks as we’ve had this year, if this keeps up then we’ll be seeing I Dunnno as the champ after next weeks bout against the polished and somewhat lucky Anni…not to discredit the guy or anything because I’ve laid my bullshit with him to rest, but I think he needs to focus on being more original as opposed to summarizing things that have been depicted prior. I’m not saying that he does this non-stop, but he does have that tendency, whereas I Dunnno brings that creative factor especially with last weeks off the walls strange “German porn esque” production.

    Before I start focusing to much on next week lets break it down from the bottom up as to what happened last week. Ready…Set…Go…

    Scrolls vs Ashen vs tha Count…tha Count no-showed, pent no-showed, and scrolls came with a cool piece…some nice imagery, and an irregular structure/flow…I’d suggest reading it especially being that he was cool enough to go and drop 7 votes last week…at least someone is contributing to the league…Off topic I heard one of Pent’s audios today and now I understand why he stays in text leagues…

    Scrolls will be advancing to battle Mr. Chaves he suffered a very narrow loss to Shogun, “scrolls partner in crime”…should be an interesting match-up of two different styles if both guys show up.

    Up next we have Urizen vs Pest…Pest no-showed giving Urizen a win that I don’t think Urizen would have gotten otherwise…Pest says that this happened due to his visit to a.pplebees after playing football and watching a hockey game…my conclusion from this is that if you had any doubts you can put them to rest…Pest is indeed a white man…

    Note: There is nothing wrong with being white and writing in the RSTL…70% of the league is probably white if not more, myself included.

    Urizen goes on to face Nell who suffered a painful loss in the previous week and this should be more even for the two developing writers…hopefully both of them continue to stay the course and if they do so they can definitely emerge as solid writers.

    Next we have Mr. Chaves vs Shogun…This battle garnered an astounding 10 votes leaving Shogun the 6-4 victor…essentially it was two different styles and I think Chaves could have won it but didn’t bring a complete enough piece which is why Shogun ran away with the win.

    Shogun goes on to face Tek…and while talking to Shogun he doesn’t seem thrilled to be facing someone with so much experience, but only time will tell…Will shogun rise to the challenge and beat Tek…will Tek stay determined on his path towards a belt and beat Shogun…personally I think this one is Tek’s to lose…

    Speaking of Tek his battle with Venamis…wasn’t much of a battle at all…Venamis unaccustomed to the fact that most people in the RSTL don’t check-in before posting put up a no-show verse, which Tek put up a full 60 against…obviously Tek was the unanimous victor, but Venamis ended up throwing a hissy fit and signing out of the league proving yet again that people take the internet far to seriously…

    My battle was uneventful for once with Erykah no-showing and breaking my heart all at the same time…I think you should read my verse, but I’m not going to force you to…and if you don’t read it…well then…you just missed out on a life experience…

    In the vet match-up of Unavailable vs Headless…unavailable told me he forgot all about his match which explains why he no-showed, allowing Headless to come away with a win as the heavily slept on vet moves to 3-0 facing no-show after no-show after no-show. Definitely go read his shit too…

    This resulted in Headless and I to be pinned against one another this week to see which one of us will get our shot at the contender battle. One thing can be certain and that is that Headless will not run into a no-show from me.

    As we go further up the list we come across tha_dq vs pain…tha_dq caught a tough loss to pain, but continues to hang in there…she seems to be on the brink of finally putting something together and I think she can soon emerge to be a better writer than she gets credit for being…In this situation though she was pinned against a very determined pain who brought his usual real life depictions with a smooth crisp flow.

    Tha_dq drops down ranks to face a returning calloused next week…it should be interesting because both of these writers get slept on and I think the returning calloused might be caught by surprise if jess actually sits down and focuses on her piece.

    Pain on the other hand advances to face Lost Prophet in the contender match seeking that belt that has been haunting him for the past year or so…trying to finally move through the competition and come away with one. This should be the battle to watch next week as both talented writers are certainly hungry for their shot.

    Lost Prophet actually advances to the contender match after fighting off a very skilled Riko posting some more complex scripts on his runna name…personally I thought LP had a more all around verse that had me feeling more complete whereas Riko almost over did it with vocab.

    Riko drops down the ranks to face incoming Jersey Emcee…him being the 3rd jersey native currently signed into the RSTL and an established vet as well…it should be interesting to see where this goes, but if history repeats itself Jersey will no-show yet again…completing a cycle of 3 vets signing in and no-showing in 3 consecutive weeks…Hopefully he proves me wrong though and shows up for the match because nothing pisses me off more than people that no-show…

    With the top 5 through 21 covered we now draw our attention to the contender battle between Nell and I Dunnno…essentially Nell rode in on a series of battles between him and Kryptikal and I think he was not prepared to be facing the former champ and much more experienced writer. Not to discredit Nell, but I think he has a ways to go before he can take a serious shot at the belt, but stay at it…one thing for sure is that he shows week in week out and votes…which is more than I can say for a lot of people…props on being consistent man…but in this battle I Dunnno came with a completely off the walls verse as mentioned earlier and ran off with the win and leaving voters puzzled as to whether the piece was funny, disturbing, or an assortment of the two.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    As we draw to a close the last match left is of course the champ match between Anni and Vigil…personally I don’t think Vigil should have lost this battle, but as I was not allowed to vote on this there’s nothing I could do about it…It’s not that Anni came bad, but his piece reminded me far to much of saving private Ryan whereas Vigil had a rather creative and overlooked piece. In the end though Anni crept away with yet another close victory scraping his teeth as the votes closed reading 4-3.
    Proceeding this Vigil signed out, whereas Anni shall defend the belt that he tried getting for so long by facing I Dunnno.

    As for who will win only time will tell…to the returning individuals coming back to the league…best of luck…do yourselves justice…because I shall be back next week…and if you do something stupid I shall indeed point it out. Oh and if you want to sit down and get interviewed so that you can see your name in the mag and feel important hit me up on aim. I’ll oblige you if you’re interesting.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Interview with my Sorry Ass​

    Got Life: morning Tali

    Tali: morning sir

    Got Life: you're going into the hot seat with me...

    Tali: LOL…the hot seat

    Got Life: So obviously there's been a lot of commotion in the league, but a consistent amount of nothing done to back up the words, why do you think this is what's going on in the league?

    Tali: Depends on what you are referring to. Give me an example of someone not backing up their shit talk?

    Got Life: I'm not necessarily saying shit talk but just in general there's a lot of hype and nothing done, like there was hype about atreyu and unavailable's return and in typical vet fashion they both no-showed. It seems like 3 or 4 people are getting attention in the league and everyone else is flying under the radar.

    Tali: I'm not sure I'd say nothing is done. Yeah, there was hype about IV as well. And look what happened. I'm really not sure what is wrong with folks and keeping to commitments nowadays.

    Got Life: Do you think this is one of the pitfalls of the league…the constant no-shows leading to people getting easy title shots.

    Tali: Well, I think that is because for the most part, a lot of the league is new and so they just haven't had enough time to get much accomplished yet, but it will happen eventually

    Got Life: Also do you think this is making the belt not what it use to be because honestly I keep hearing stories of when the league was 80 deep so figure if you sign in at 0-0 back then you're ranked 80th and it's definitely a harder climb to get a belt, whereas nowadays you can sign in and still be in the top 20...and this is getting to a point that if it wasn't for the mag and tourney there wouldn't even be a need for the main page. So what's your take on all of this?

    Tali: I had to go 8-0 to get my first title shot back in 2002. I know what you mean about that stuff. That said, just because there were a lot of people involved, doesn't mean there weren't the same exact problems. There were always no shows. The title changed hands pretty freely at that time between about 4 or 5 people. I would like to have more people involved. But I'm also happy with a lower amount of people who are actually consistent. But comparing eras is not fair to anyone and it really isn't possible. I don't think anybody has won the title though that couldn't have possibly won it at another time.

    Got Life: Yea I think I can agree with you on that, but it seems that week in week out the no shows are more evident because of the small amount of people in the league.

    Tali: I totally agree. And that is really the problem…Here is my other take on it though: You see people with 40 wins still coming around, people with 30, people with 60 etc. I'm not saying some new folks don't have dedication because obviously they do. But, a lot of them don't. A lot of people sign in and then sign out once they lose a couple of matches. Or they sign in and no show and never show again etc. I don't think the newer generation of writers, as a whole, really take much pride in the league and I think that is part of why it suffers. Obviously, I can say the same for the old people who no-show as well. But I just have a hard time figuring out 10 people who will carry the league into the future. You, Pain, Vigil, DQ, a few others maybe. Other than that, who is around consistently enough? That's what worries me more than anything.

    Got Life: well tek is on an iron-man mission last time I talked to him...but if we're going to be serious...yea I feel you on that. I think that stems from the fact that until Friday night no one is even around the rstl because there's nothing buzzing around the proverbial water cooler and so someone new signs in and kinda forgets they ever did cause they don't feel involved. Obviously it's not like we can provide them with a welcoming fruit basket, but I think that's definitely one of the cases.

    Tali: I can agree with that, but who is going to do that? People try to make a little hype but beyond that, nobody is really doing anything to make it more than it is other than the usual suspects who work on the magazine and post hype sort of threads. Everybody could stand to improve on that front though.

    Tali: But I'll take any suggestions on that front lol.

    Got Life: as will I...it's a catch 22…I see the problem, but there's really nothing that can be done and it's not like we can build Disney land and keep kids entertained and feed them sugar pills…hmm actually what we could do is a referral program kinda deal…maybe something like you get 5 pts if your friend joins the league and stays in for 3 weeks.

    Tali: Well, we're considering some changes to how the league is set up in general. I think that they’ll definitely help sprucen shit up some.

    Got Life: anything you can talk about or is it all hush hush?

    Tali: I've mentioned it before in a magazine. The idea is basically splitting the league into seasons and having playoffs at the end. It wouldn't mess up the hall or anything. It would just add a new thing for people who win in addition to the championships. But, I'll get more into that later once we have everything ironed out. Believe me though, it will be a good thing.

    Got Life: As long as pent isn't the mastermind I have faith in this project.

    Tali: No he isn't lol

    Got Life: Arite that work…on a different note…I know you try and stay unbiased in everything, but who do you think is taking this tourney?

    Tali: Well, I think Rikoshay and I have advantages in that we're not writing two verses a week. However, Dunnno has been dropping some nice stuff, probably the most consistent stuff so far in the tournament. So, I'd say whoever wins that match between him and I will win the whole thing. Totally unbiased of course.

    Got Life: am I sensing a slight “cough cough” there?

    Tali: You might be

    Got Life: that's cute...

    Got Life: but Vigil did sign out of the league so he only has to write the 1 verse also.

    Tali: That is true. I really don't know. It depends on who tries and who just tries to skate by.

    Got Life: yea...but before I get carried away lets flashback to the interview…what basically drew you into the league back in the day.

    Tali: I've always liked to write stories and things of that nature. When I realized there was a league for this stuff I decided to get in. I didn't know a single person in the league at that time and it had only been running for a month or two. My main hope was that I could get some good songs out of it, which I did. The second time around, I just wanted to see if I could get a chance to beat Rikoshay while he had the winning streak because I broke IT's 16 win streak back when I was first around.

    E Got Life: IT's?

    Tali: Infinite Truth, the person who held the first 'longest winning streak'

    E Got Life: werd…you had a pretty impressive run at the top yourself...I know you're confident about your writing but how often where you worried cause when you're sitting at the top...everyone is gunning for you

    Tali: That was certainly a worry. At first, it was motivation. Then, I just got tired of writing and tired of feeling like I couldn't please anyone including myself with what I was writing. I was more worried about people having a tendency to vote for what they think I should have done rather than how it compared to the opponent.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Got Life: yea that's one thing I have yet to ever need to care about, but I feel where you're coming from…anyway…what piece or pieces that you've written in the league have meant the most to you?

    Tali: Shit I don't know. The one about the weekend that my grandfather was killed was probably the one that meant the most. Generally speaking, my pieces don't mean a lot to me lol. The first round of the tournament was one that I liked. The stories I write are usually just for fun. Some of my topicals have meaning to me but they don't strike at any deep dark depth of my soul or anything LOL

    Got Life: true...is that only as far as the league goes or do you generally stray from personal things in your writing as a whole?

    Tali: Nah, I just kept losing with personal shit. I wrote some really personal shit against Jook and got blown out by yet another holocaust verse lol. So I just figured ok, people don't care about personal shit. I'll just stay away from that lol. Guess it worked.

    Got Life: haha...that's sad, but true...only leaves me to wonder...the hell does Jook know about the holocaust

    Tali: I don't know. I'm not saying it wasn't a fine piece of writing. But, I do feel like I should have won that match lol

    Got Life: I mean I’m a Russian Jew and both my grandfathers served in the army during ww2...and I had family members in camps...but seriously when people start writing about things that they have no correlation with it really turns me away from the writing, but then again that's me looking at things from my own biased standpoint as opposed to just the caliber of the writing.

    Tali: I don't really mind necessarily. Like, if you want to try to capture what it was like then I'm fine with that. What I don't like is when people take another person's struggle and basically try to make it their own for effect. Like if I went and said the holocaust effected me directly because I read about it or saw images on TV. lol

    Got Life: haha yea

    Got Life: so now lets turn the tables and allow you to ask some questions.

    Tali: You've basically interviewed yourself the past three weeks, what can I ask you now that you haven't already answered!

    Got Life: lol how so?

    Tali: You always interject your opinion after the person you asked has given theirs, so in a sense, you have also interviewed yourself. I do the same thing though. I'm not knocking it or anything lol, but I'll ask some questions. Point blank, is the Annihilation thing over with from your side of things?

    Got Life: that has been done...people keep digging for zombies in the league...they need to keep their heads watching the future

    Tali: When are you going to win a title, and if and when you do, are you going to sign out like everybody else seems to do? lol

    Got Life: I’m staying in the league as long as I stay motivated to stay in and as long as there is at least one person feeling my shit or one •••••• on my back i'ma keep giving them food for thought. As for a belt I’m getting mine very soon if I stay consistently improving as I have been.

    Tali: Well, Vigil said that same thing in his interview and his motivation seemed to cease right after he won.

    Got Life: yea...but Vigil is Vigil and not knocking the man cause he’s talented, but he’s not me…don’t see the same spiteful spirit. T might sign out though...if pent agrees to fall off the face of the earth because I think that'd be worth signing out for…lol.

    Tali: LOL. Wouldn’t that make you want to stay in

    Got Life: no I’m saying…if he agreed that if I signed out...he'd fall off the face of the earth, but considering the fact that RM is his life cause he's even on the site when he's drunk...well fuck...that day isn't coming anytime soon.

    Tali: Ah ok, I got you. What is your deal with him?

    Got Life: well basically…I im’d him to tell him he was off on the whole contender match last week with the time and all and he comes out of left field telling me I’m the worst person alive and that he hates me more than L dogg, which if you consider the fact that I had maybe a 2 minute convo with him prior to that; I was like...wtf is this dude on...and then I kicked it into asshole overdrive, plus when I found out he was Ashen Horse...well that’s when everything came together and I realized dude is upset with how I called him incoherent week in week out and if he's going to be that much of a hobbit about things then I straight up don't want to deal with his stupidity. Basically that is all it boils down to.

    Got Life: so what else do we have to discuss?

    Tali: Hmm, that is a good question

    Got Life: no deep perceptive questions from Mr. Rodriguez for me?

    Tali: Um…the problem is that you got me straight out of bed and now my brain is burnt out lol.

    Got Life: there's no such thing as burnt out

    Tali: I don't know where you got that crazy idea

    Got Life: from life, hence the whole got life component

    Tali: Well what if I don't got it

    Got Life: well then you're a sad little squirrel

    Tali: I just have too much on my plate at this point lol.

    Got Life: alright lets wrap this bitch up then…any last words?

    Tali: My last words are this, newcomers, don't get discouraged because you lose a couple of battles. Stick around and use someone like Vigil as an example. He was like 8-6 or some shit and eventually won a title so it can happen. To you old folks, start showing up when you sign in you pricks. And to everybody else, get your titles and shit while you can cause once I'm done with my thesis, I'll be back in there for another run. That is about it. How about yourself?

    Got Life: 3 things…for everyone that I’ve been rubbing "the wrong way"...let me
    know...I’m not here to rub anyone...except for maybe tha_dq...so yea...if you're feeling rubbed...lemme know...and I’ll make sure you become rub free. Next for everyone that still doubts me...watch me...I will get at least 1 belt...and finally, stop living in the past...prove yourself nowadays...and when you become obsessed with this league take some time off and ask yourselves one thing... got life?

    Tali: Sounds good to me lol

    Got Life: oh and pain said he'll steal your cookies and piss in your chocolate milk

    Tali: I won't be eating cookies or drinking milk then.
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    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    TaLi's Top 5 for Week 5
    5. The Headless Verseman

    I’m not exactly sure what it is that drew me to this piece. It just seemed pretty consistent all around. The rhymes and the flow were pretty good. I’m usually a sucker for ‘dumb ass people being manipulated by the powers to be’ so I suppose that filtered into the equation somewhat. Hopefully this is just the beginning of where dude’s writing will be in the end because it’s not a bad start.

    4. Vigil

    This wasn’t the greatest thing Vigil ever crafted. Of course it wasn’t meant to be. *Insert my usual line about liking Vigil’s wittiness here.* I liked this piece because it hit on a lot of things that I found myself thinking about while I was signed in this last go around. The questioning of the purpose of writing, in particular, hit home. Then, throwing in the part about finding it hard to live up to the expectations you’ve created was icing.

    3. I Dunnno

    This is one of those pieces where it had to get into the top 5 for the simple fact that it was probably the most creative piece out there this past week. I wasn’t so much amazed with the rhymes and flow as much as I generally am with Dunnno’s stuff. But, by halfway through, I actually found myself wanting to figure out where in the hell you could possibly be going with it all. You have a crazy imagination man.

    2. Annihilation

    This is probably the best written piece of the week. It was about a thousand miles beyond descriptive. I mean, the shit was vivid. The rhymes were good enough to keep my attention occupied. Your pieces are never quick reads but they are always packed to the brim with details and imagery that generally lead to a sense of satisfaction on my part.

    1. Lost Prophet

    This piece actually wasn’t really written as smoothly as some of the other pieces he’s thrown out there the past couple of weeks. With that said, it was still pretty good. My admiration for this piece comes from the use of the topic and the relative smoothness of the dialogue. A lot of times, when people try to pull this sort of thing off, it ends up being confusing as hell because I can’t remember what color means what or who is saying what etc. But, whatever you did, keep doing it because it was a good formula and I thought it was good enough to win this week.​
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Voter of the Week​

    Voter of the Week

    Well, I’m starting to really hate giving out this award. I mean, I’m glad that it’s even possible for me to. But, it sucks that as people’s voting is getting better, it’s making it that much harder for me to pick a winner without screwing someone else out of something they deserve.

    This week pretty much came down to 4 people. Pain, as he took care to mention in his thread, came with some votes that would put many of his previous week’s efforts to shame and I Dunnno brought the sort of performance that one would expect given previous precedent.

    However, when things are really close, I have to take other things into account. This week, given that there was a tournament going on as well, it gave one person a chance to go beyond what was asked and that was Shogun. Not only did he vote on every match, including in a tournament he was no longer a part of, he also gave feed back to a number of verses that were closed due to no-shows. Oh yeah, there is one other person who did the same thing, and that was Annihilation. So, there it is; another dual winner. I’m getting soft in my old age. What can I say?​
  9. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    Who Will Take the Reigns?​

    I guess I have a unique perspective when it comes to this league. I was luckily enough to get signed in a month or two after the league first started and everything seemed fresh. Before the RSTL, I was NOT a native to this site so I had to pretty much scratch and claw at first to where I thought I should have been, which was at the top at the time lol. After 15 weeks, I grew tired of writing something new every week and so I signed out. When I did sign out, it was on good terms and I did intend on coming back at some point. I didn’t know it would be three years later.

    We were all pretty new to the idea of a sustainable topical league. What kept the league going was the fact that the best writers that had access to the internet were signed into that league. Every week was a challenge and so we took great pride in our records and accomplishments. Overtime, this created an aura of sorts around the league and as us old folks slowly disappeared, new folks came along to continue the tradition.

    It reads something like this. And obviously, all of these overlapped to some extent. AND OBVIOUSLY, I’m missing people, I’m sorry lol.

    First few months

    Vern Acular, Peril Eyez, Awedishin, Jowelz, Tekneek, Infinite Truth, TaLi RodrigueZ, Vadik, Unavailable, etc.

    The rest of 2002

    Vern Acular, Peril Eyez, Awedishin, Jowelz, Tekneek, Infinite Truth, TaLi RodrigueZ, Black Jesus, Insane Villain, WWIII, Fracture, Claushouse, Vadik, Unavailable, etc.

    Then the first half of 2003 was like

    Vern Acular, Peril Eyez, Awedishin, Jowelz, Tekneek, Infinite Truth, Black Jesus, Insane Villain, WWIII, Claushouse, Vadik, Unavailable, Richard Corey, L Dogg, Dah Lohner, Ssenlli, CIGMA, Patriarch, Jersey Emcee etc.

    The second half of 2003 was something like this

    Jowelz, Tekneek, Black Jesus, Insane Villain, Richard Corey, L Dogg, Dah Lohner, Desenuts, CIGMA, Patriarch, MC 4 SIGHT, Jersey Emcee, Tha Talent, Dmetrius, Solution, etc.

    First half of 2004

    Vern Acular, Jowelz, Richard Corey, L Dogg, Desenuts, MC4SIGHT, Tha Talent, Dmetrius, Anaphora, Erykah Caine, Atheist, Cereal Killer, Noib da Mutt, TRAP, etc.

    Second half of 2004

    Vern Acular, Awedishin, Infinite Truth, Richard Corey, Patriarch, MC4SIGHT, Tha Talent, Anaphora, Erykah Caine, Atheist, Cereal Killer, Noib da Mutt, TRAP, Vadik (Ed Lake), D.I.C., Insense, Mad Poet, Malosovich, etc.

    First half of 2005

    Vern Acular, TekneeK, Awedishin, Patriarch, L Dogg, Tha Talent, Erykah Caine, Atheist, Cereal Killer, D.I.C., Insense, Mad Poet, Malosovich, Nique, RIKOSHAY, Pent Up, ConVerse, God Father, etc,

    Second half of 2005

    TekneeK, TaLi RodrigueZ, Unavailable, Black Jesus, Richard Corey, L Dogg, Atheist, Cereal Killer, D.I.C., Insense, Malosovich, Nique, RIKOSHAY and Runna, Pent Up, JOOK, Vigil, Pain, Got Life, Lost Prophet?

    You can pretty much see the trend. For every three or four people who fell off the face of the earth, there were at least another three or four who were signed in for significant amounts of time. Here and there, old people would come back, but generally speaking, it wasn’t for particularly long periods of time. Now, let’s look at who is signed into the league at this point that was on any of the above lists.

    Signed in Now
    TekneeK, Dunnno, RIKOSHAY (Runna), Pain, Got Life?, Jersey Emcee, Clause, and Lost Prophet, Malosovich

    There is no etc. That is it. So, the thing I’ve been pondering is, who is going to pick up the slack for those who came before them who aren’t signed into the league at this point. We can’t expect the veterans to come back all of the time. It is a pleasant surprise when it happens, but we shouldn’t depend on it for the viability of the league like we pretty much do at this point. Instead, we need to find some folks have that same sense of pride as the folks who came before them; folks for whom the league means enough that they would show on a weekly basis and not sign out just because they don’t like their records or because it might be harder to win a title than they anticipated.

    There are a number of promising looking folks out there like Tha DQ, Shogun, Scrolls, Nell, Urizen, Calloused, and the Headless Verseman, some of whom aren’t necessarily new to the league, but haven’t quite left their imprint on it either. You all are the people that the league as a whole is depending on because you all are the next generation of this league whether some old folks like it or not. I just hope, for the sake of the entire thing, that you are all prepared to meet that challenge.​
  10. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    So I read every word of this...unlike tek's verse...except I honestly stated that I didn't read tek's so I don't feel guilty...glad the beef is put to side...hope the league continues to pick up...i'm in it for the long haul...no bullshit promises...you will see my name around here till your face turns blue...
  11. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    didnt read the interview, or tali's break down shit, but cool mag fellers
  12. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    I just keep getting hated on
  13. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    ^ what on earth are you talking about?
  14. Shogun...

    Shogun... Ghost Within the Shadows

    Jan 28, 2006
    nice job with the mag...much props Tali and Got and anyone else who worked on it..
    Keep up the nice work fellas

    RIKOSHAY New Member

    Oct 31, 1999
    "Under The Influence" will be in next week's mag.
  16. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    Dope mag.

    Got Life is a Jew, eh? Indeed...
  17. Tha_DQ

    Tha_DQ Expected The Unexpected

    May 29, 2005
    Liking the mag :)

    I know I gotta start focusing on my pieces but I barely have any time left to write
  18. Calloused

    Calloused New Member

    Nov 3, 2005
    I had no idea I am "much lauded," but thank you for the compliments.
  19. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    Nice mag as always, and thanks.
  20. Annihilation

    Annihilation CLAUS HOUSE

    Mar 17, 2003
    well ppl in 'predictions' were like "who the hells this guy", i wanted as best possilbe for you to hit the ground running on your return and don't overlook your shit.
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