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Discussion in 'Rapmusic.com Battle League' started by Brown Jesus, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    Welcome back to another edition of your RBL Mag, it's going to come in spurts (pause) since I was out of town last weekend, my copmuter is acting up and I'm doing the Intro from a Linux LiveUSB, and I have a bunch of shit going on with my a. fat clients or b. my mathematically challenged clients. It will be up today, though; or, at the latest, tomorrow while I have nothing going on at the gym in the AM. With that out of the way, let's get on with the show!

    We had another good week last week, except you guys aren't really voting it seems. It really isn't that hard to spend 20-30 minutes voting on 3-5 battles. T.a.C and Res had a good battle that didn't get many votes; fwiw, I think T.a.C edged it slightly, but that's beside the point. Get it together guys, voting is what keeps people showing up, so if you want this League to survive, it has to happen on a grass roots level, as it were. Q, Res (past tense), T.a.C, and myself just maintaing the structure (a skeleton, if you would); you guys have to provide the atmosphere. There is only so much we can do from here other than signing in--and I'm the only one not signed in :scared:

    That's enough of me getting on your case for a week, though. So we had an interesting battle between Res and T.a.C last week; I thought it was good, maybe BotW. I think Verse of the Week could be a surprise thi week. Previewing this week looks interesting this week, I think all the battles will be good ones, I really do. Champ match looks good, Wreck vs Siege looks good, PC is back, and the Contender looks good; T.a.C got the shit end of the stick, but he likes it that way (pause). The usual movement in the Power Rankings, but someone new hops in with Res signing out. Who's it gonna be? Not Rav. Sorry, bruh. I'll leave First Impressions to Q this week, I've just been randomly typing whatever came to mind (if you couldn't tell). He's had a few weeks as Boss Man, so maybe he has some words to share.

    Ok ok ok, I'll shut up now. I'm running out,, be back in about an hour to write up the Recap. Show up to your battles and vote. Don't forget to have a little fun on the way, too.

    RBL Staff
  2. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    1. Quriosity (4-0)
    2. Wreck’n’eyez (3-1)

    We got 10 lines from each battler, which is kinda lame, but what can you do? Get well soon, Q. It was short and sweet, what else is there to say. A recap would end up taking more space than teir battle lol. That being said, slave talk line was nice. Q wins and retains te title.

    3. SiegeSupreme (2-0)
    4. Thorne (2-0)

    I was expecting more from this one. I thought Siege would put up a tougher defense, but Thorne really outclassed him. I was feeling some of Siege's concepts, but the execution wasn't there; basically wording, but there were some rough patches with stretched lines. Thorne had the line of the battle with the SOS punch, that was nice.

    5. Ravenous510 (1-2)
    6. ski mask (1-0)

    I can't break it down better than Q did tbh. Rav, get over yourself, you aren't that good. Ski, you're clearly better than that, so pull it together. This ended how I thought, but I was expecting more fireworks from ski. Maddrapper line was nostalgic and made me laugh. Ski wins and moves into the Contender Match.

    7. T.a.C (1-0)
    8. Resilient. (5-1)

    I think this was battle of the week, but somehow it only got 2 votes. Res and T.a.C went at it, an both had some decent shit. W.eezy was pressed for time, but still dropped a good verse; good enough in the eyes of the voters for the W. T.a.C had some good shit, too. I think I said in the intro that I thought T.a.C won, but I was wrong, Res' verse was better than I remember going over it again. Whole lot of quotables.

    9. Reptilian (2-1)
    10. -Kolli$ion- (0-1)

    Double No Show

    11. ThisisDAM (0-0)
    12. Patrown (0-0)

    I don't think anyone expected Patrown to show, I know I didn't. Dam gets a bye week, but that shouldn't be the case this week against Ski. ThisisDam wins by no show.

    Top Punchlines

    Been suckin dick since 2nd grade for a gold star, Cuz
    Popular with his priests, cuz Res tosses more balls than his avatar does

    The king of played punches, he should be stoppin’
    Cuz Quriosity killed the cat, and now look how this pussies droppin

    Get blinded by my shine. Then grab a knife n start thrustin.
    N take ur 'last beating in the dark' like the heart of Michael Clarke Duncan.

    Don't act like u belong here or what u droppin is hot whore.
    Namix didnt leave bcuz we tied... it's cus trash like u ranks in the top four.

    You gotta be drunk as fuck to think you'll win, you rap worse
    Last time I blamed it on patrown, it was for reading a wack verse

    Listen, I’m a Master at Text and so this is a cake walk,
    & Wreck’n’Eyez Lose <-- is his own admission in slave talk!

    Most won't remember them, but it's something to smile at
    Ayo Ravenous.. Madrapper and Nasif want their style back!
    ski mask

    I'll put U in a box, sniffing Coke will not give U Raw skill
    But it gives U a problem w/ rocks to shame villians of Smallville

    Punchline of the Week

    Really... lmao... wow.

    Verse of the Week

    Battle of the Week

  3. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    C. Quriosity(5-0)
    2. Thorne(3-0)

    Q's holding the title for a while, that is pretty much the long and short of it. Thorne is nice, too; but I don't see Q losing this week.

    3. Ski mask(2-0)
    4. ThisisDAM(1-0)

    This should be good. Dam put down some decent shit in a no-show verse, so I'm expecting good things. Ski has been dropping some good shit, too. I expect this to be a really good one. I'll go with ski in a nailbiter.

    5. Wreck’n’eyez(3-2)
    6. SiegeSupreme(2-1)

    Siege isn't bad, but wreck should take this one. Wreck is coming off a loss in the champ match, so he doesn't want to drop two in a row. That said, Siege lost last week, too, and he isn't trying to lose another. Another nail biter, I got wreck taking this one.

    7. Ravenous510(1-3)
    8. T.a.C(1-1)

    Ok, enough of the jokes... Battle of the Week right here. lol ok, maybe I wasn't done with the jokes. T.a.C lost a tough one last week; Rav can't take criticism and thinks he's dope. Bad combination. I got T.a.C taking this one.

    9. PharCyzE(2-1)
    10. Coil Grimley(1-1)
    11. Sycamore(0-0)

    Sycamore sounds familiar and coil isn't bad, but PC is a different beast. I got PC taking this one if he shows.
  4. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Power Rankings

    This is just going to be the Top 5 this week. Looked it over a few times and I think rankings just worked perfectly this week,

    5. Wreck

    Losing in the Champ Match should have him motivated to move up the rankings.


    This will be his week to prove he belongs here.


    We know what it is, he will probably move up next week.


    Any questions?

    1. Q

    Who else?

    First Impressions

    Uhh, forgot about this. I have an idea for this section, but editing it didn't seem like a great idea this late in the week. So yeah, I laid an egg here; sorry guys. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
  5. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004

    There you have it, another edition of your RBL Mag. I hope you guys enjoyed it. There really isn't any other point to it, so if you guys have any suggestions let me know. Sorry to anyone I may have offended, this is an opportunity to lighten the mood around the league. We (RBL Staff) want everyone to have a good time and stay signed in. This being a battle league, though, I take the gloves off and have a little fun.

    That's enough from me. Have fun this week, show up to your battles and vote.

    RBL Staff
  6. BarZ.

    BarZ. Over Everything

    Jan 24, 2012
    Nice Mag...... Top 10 punchlines look weak tho....

    lol at different kinda beast - i got some shit this week - i'm a drop tonight regardless....
    i'm a own top 10.. make these boys step they writing up
  7. ski mask

    ski mask The Don

    Jul 19, 2005
    cool shit
  8. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Impromptu Interview

    T.a.C: i think Rave needs to be anally penetrated...go help him.

    Brown Jesus: lmao wow
    Brown Jesus: what's up, man, long time?

    T.a.C: chillin man. how you been?

    Brown Jesus: Good, kinda busy, but not as busy as usual. No schol means I'm not
    Brown Jesus: tutoring and I'm loving the break.
    Brown Jesus: So I'm pretty much winging this interview;

    T.a.C: i wouldnt have it any other way. haha.
    T.a.C: and with those typos, you're a tutor?

    Brown Jesus: Math tutor, who cares about my grammar?

    T.a.C: word problems do

    Brown Jesus: So how did Q get involved in this mess? Have to say, it's nice having
    Brown Jesus: him around.
    Brown Jesus: Fuck your word problems!

    T.a.C: he jus messaged me one day and asked if he could jump on board. he said
    T.a.C: hell help through football season, so thats the tourney. hes definitely helpful
    T.a.C: though. hopefully an older heads name brings the legends back.

    Brown Jesus: We've already seen a spike in activity. And his attitude is a nice
    Brown Jesus: complement to your native SF gay and
    Brown Jesus: my good-natured shit talking
    Brown Jesus: Rav really took it serious, though lol
    Brown Jesus: When is the tourney going to start up? Like 4 weeks?

    T.a.C: Rav was cool in the RSTL from what i remember. came over here and
    T.a.C: mental...er menstrual problems.
    T.a.C: the tourney starts after Week 52. we gotta start promoting it.

    Brown Jesus: I was going to ask that next. What are the plans for promoting the
    Brown Jesus: tourney?
    Brown Jesus: On a related note, what's up with an FB/twitter for the leagues?
    Brown Jesus: off the record, I can take care of that if you want

    T.a.C: going to other forums on the site, asking to get something on the front page
    T.a.C: of the site. maybe Q is still in
    T.a.C: contact with some heads who would be willing to come back. the real problem
    T.a.C:is getting some sort of prize.
    T.a.C: i'll try to get the site in on a prize of some sorts, but it was a tough sell with
    T.a.C: the RSTL tourney
    T.a.C: the twitter/facebook? that would be awesome. i jus had a hard time keeping
    T.a.C: up with all that.

    Brown Jesus: I'll kick down some prize loot tbh. A few bucks isn't a big deal;
    Brown Jesus: especially if e can get some nice
    Brown Jesus: buzz going with hot names.

    T.a.C: yeah, thats kind of a problem. Jook has said he'd throw something in if we
    T.a.C: could get enough people. also keeping people from no showing in these is a
    T.a.C: bitch.

    Brown Jesus: Yeah, I hear that. Maybe we can offer prizes that would promote
    Brown Jesus: board activity. I'm thinking a colored
    Brown Jesus: name. Imagine the RBL Tourney champ running around the forums
    Brown Jesus: with a green name. Or some other color,
    Brown Jesus: I'm just high right now
    Brown Jesus: How was the turnout for the RSTL tourney, btw?

    T.a.C: it was about 20 people. i forget exactly. but it was better than expected. lotta
    T.a.C: no shows of course though.
    T.a.C: maybe if you no show we should make you have to listen to Raves nerdy ass
    T.a.C: talk for an hour.

    Brown Jesus: Man, I listened to his youtube like 10 times. Never stopped laughing
    Brown Jesus: tbh. It could be painful, though
    Brown Jesus: If we get 20 people, that would be awesome. I think no-shows will be
    Brown Jesus: less of an issue since it only
    Brown Jesus: takes like 20-30 to put an RBL verse together.
    Brown Jesus: What kind of changes, if any, are you planning for next season? And
    Brown Jesus: how much down time after the
    Brown Jesus: tourney?

    T.a.C: yeah i seen you say that. shit takes me a couple hours usually.it aint as easy
    T.a.C: as you make it, haha. but its
    T.a.C: jus getting peopole to say active for a few weeks in a row

    Brown Jesus: lol, you're thinking too hard about it. Of course, I'm complete garbage,
    Brown Jesus: so maybe you're onto
    Brown Jesus: something.
    Brown Jesus: If you take a couple hours on RBL verses, how long do you take on
    Brown Jesus: RSTL verses? =0

    T.a.C: i havent even really started thinking about next season yet. i gotta get the
    T.a.C: RSTL going again before that.
    T.a.C: lol. i wanna coordinate the two though so they dont run concurrent. maybe
    T.a.C: each have a 26 week season and
    T.a.C: tourney. i gotta work on that idea though.

    Brown Jesus: I hear that, 52 weeks is a long time. Can't believe a year ago I came
    Brown Jesus: back to RBL. Feels good tbh, I
    Brown Jesus: feel like signing in. Especially after Deth's faggot ass refused a 2 round
    Brown Jesus: battle smh.

    T.a.C: he refused a 2 rounder? figured he woulda refused less than that. im glad he
    T.a.C: stays away from the league, tbh.
    T.a.C: but yeah, shit...time flies. you should join in though. i need SOMEONE i can
    T.a.C: beat
    T.a.C: well, i take forever cuz i have severe ADD and always have my tv on and
    T.a.C: usually a game of madden going. so i
    T.a.C: cant really concentrate. couple days uaually for an RSTL verse.
  9. Brown Jesus

    Brown Jesus Menso is for Dummies

    Nov 24, 2004
    Interview: Continued

    Brown Jesus: Will there be down time between the season end and the tourney?
    Brown Jesus: lmao @ needing someone you can beat. You got Rav
    Brown Jesus: How long do you think Q will be champ?

    T.a.C: nah. the tourney will start promptly after the season. i dont wanna drag it
    T.a.C: out.
    T.a.C: Q will be champ for a while. i dont really see anyone who can beat him right
    T.a.C: now. unless someone catches him
    T.a.C: slippin. which is possible. its hard to keep writing the way he has forever. but
    T.a.C: then again, his half ass
    T.a.C: verses are better than most of our best verses.
    T.a.C: Res was the best chance, and hes gone.

    Brown Jesus: Got it.So all said and done, the season will be completely over around
    Brown Jesus: the beginning of November.

    T.a.C: that being said i want to face him again soon

    Brown Jesus: I don't think someone will beat Q before the season ends.One of the
    Brown Jesus: main reasons I really want to get
    Brown Jesus: some good comp in the tourney. I guess front runners were made for
    Brown Jesus: Cinderella's
    Brown Jesus: So get your glass slippers and ball gown T.a.C
    Brown Jesus: you can forget the makeup, that's just really weird

    T.a.C: well, i can always try to get Magus back. i know he loves to ruin dreams.
    T.a.C: can i borrow your tiarra?

    Brown Jesus: lolol for the last time, it wasn't mine =/
    Brown Jesus: But, yes

    T.a.C: yeah yeah yeah, im sure it wasnt.

    Brown Jesus: Do you think Silentt will think you're sexy in the tiarra or should I move
    Brown Jesus: that comment?

    T.a.C: he'll take whatever dick he can get..****ease dont tell him i said that

    Brown Jesus: lmfao, that is definitely going in the Mag... no pun intended
    Brown Jesus: =/

    T.a.C: he wont read it.unless someone hits him on twitter.

    Brown Jesus: What's his twitter?

    T.a.C: fuck, i gotta search mine for his. he unfollowed me i think...lmfao

    Brown Jesus: hahaha

    T.a.C: yeah, he wasnt very friendly on there either.

    Brown Jesus: That isn't exactly what he's know for. He's more the punch you in the
    Brown Jesus: face, call you ugly and have sex
    Brown Jesus: with you Mom type
    Brown Jesus: He probably isn't even that nice

    T.a.C: while your pops watches.
    T.a.C: nah, it goes against his M.O a bit, but we've talked on messenger, and hes
    T.a.C: actually pretty cool. gave me a
    T.a.C: lot of tips for battling.

    Brown Jesus: My Dad doesn't want to see your mom get dicked by a black man. Nah,
    Brown Jesus: he'd join in the gangbang
    Brown Jesus: My Dad's a pimp and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

    T.a.C: lmfao @ you admitting that you're a fruit, apple boy

    Brown Jesus: lmao
    Brown Jesus: I guarantee that part won't be in the Mag

    T.a.C: it better be...motherfucker, it better be.

    Brown Jesus: It probably will. Editing this isn't something I really want to do, so I'm
    Brown Jesus: just searching for the off
    Brown Jesus: the record notes tbh

    T.a.C: eh, just let it all go in.

    Brown Jesus: Anything you want to add before I close the interview

    T.a.C: Ravenous is a fuckin faggot...
    T.a.C: leave that in.

    Brown Jesus: lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    T.a.C: yeah, i wanna shout out my homeys man. big Ted, whuttup. Big John, you
    T.a.C: keep it poppin homey. my ninja Lil
    T.a.C: Nicky, you'll be home in a minute foo.
    T.a.C: i feel like we didnt do much with this interview...lmfao

    Brown Jesus: Wow, of course you would shout out a big john.

    T.a.C: oh, fuck off.

    Brown Jesus: lol we didn't, but from what I remember, they were always an excuse
    Brown Jesus: to let our hair down and be
    Brown Jesus: goofballs (since we're all so uptight in RBL). User's interviews were
    Brown Jesus: always funny and laid-back.
    Brown Jesus: Thanks for taking the time, brotha!

    T.a.C: thank you man. thanks for all the help you've given with the mags and
    T.a.C: whatnot.
  10. coil grimely

    coil grimely Tears textcees to tidbits

    Oct 6, 2008
    Good shit yo
  11. namix

    namix u flip shit, i refine it

    Sep 25, 2003


    that was the first thing that made me laugh out loud in the mag though... and it aint the mag's fault... just saying... :)
  12. wreck'n'eyez

    wreck'n'eyez Custom Title User

    Sep 25, 2005
    I feel I got slighted in the champ match

    Dude gave me the impression he wasn't showing so I dropped a half ass verse.. It felt like he was waitin for me to drop 1st so he had to time to rebutle

    It is what it is though
  13. eggo

    eggo gg

    Mar 9, 2009
    good mag, nice to see ya'll trying to keep a breath of fresh air in the league
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