[Week 37] [Champ] 1. IAmBent(5-2) vs 2. ShadowWarriorfs(24-11) vs 3. T.a.C(3-2)

Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Tacky Jones, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008


    VERSUS DUE: Every Friday @ 11:59 PM PST
    LINE LIMIT: Minimum of 16 lines, Maximum of 64
    •Recycling is the equivalent to that of a no-show and will be treated as such, thus resulting in a loss in favor of the participant whom chose to recycle and a win in favor of his/her opponent
    •Extensions may only be granted if a moderator has given consent prior to a verse being posted in the match OR your opponent gives his consent
    •If granted, the extension will override deadline for both participants extending it for no more than 24 hours
    •CHECK-INS are encouraged, but not required
    •Verses MUST incorporate AT LEAST 1 of the provided topics or pictures
    •A failure to show will result in a loss and a sign out by default
    •If your opponent fails to show, you MUST STILL post AT LEAST 5 lines (4-15) AND 3 voting links in order to claim victory
    •A Championship Title WILL NOT be decided by way of no-show!!!
    •If an opponent fails to show in a Championship match, the remaining participant will be ranked as the number 1 se
    ed, but will not be considered a Champion until a win by vote
    •Upon your second no show, you will be suspended for two weeks of competition. A third no show will result in a three week suspension and a fourth will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season. There is no suspension for first time no showers.
    • Competitors are limited to posting 3 times in their own match, which allows for checking in, posting votes, and posting a verse. For each post over 3 unless deemed necessary by the mods, the competitor will be docked one vote.
    • Each competitor may only post once in another competitors battle allowing for a vote and nothing more, if you would like an explanation or to explain as to why a vote was cast a certain way, you can pm them or point things out properly in the vote to begin with. Violating this will result in losing a vote in your match.
    • A verse can be edited if and only if it is the first verse to be posted and the other verse has yet to be posted or it is the second verse posted and a vote has yet to be received.
    • Members found constantly disruptive to the league will have their sign-in ignored.


    VOTES DUE: Every Sunday @ 11:59 PM PST

    •You MUST vote on AT LEAST 5 matches AND post links in your thread
    •EACH link NOT POSTED will result in a 1 vote DEDUCTION
    •Voting on the Championship and Contender matches is mandatory
    •Champ and Contender links MUST be labeled accordingly
    •Your votes MUST be AT LEAST 2 FULL lines in length per verse in order to be deemed valid (Discretion given on incomplete verses)
    •Failure to vote and/or post LABELED LINKS will result in vote deductions in your battle
    •If your opponent fails to show, you are still accountable for voting on 3 matches as well as posting those links in your match and labeling the CHAMP and CONTENDER respectively!!!
    •Votes posted AFTER DEADLINE will NOT COUNT!!!
    •PAST CHAMPIONS MUST vote on a MINIMUM of 3 matches in order to be counted as a legitimate voter
    •Editing your vote for any reason must be done within the hour of the original post time. Otherwise, the vote will be null and void.


    Any changes must be agreed upon by both participants and cleared by a moderator

    T.a.C- thedude8125
    ShadowWarriorfs- ShadowWarriorfs
  2. IAmBenT

    IAmBenT Eat a dick, faggot

    Mar 16, 2011
  3. IAmBenT

    IAmBenT Eat a dick, faggot

    Mar 16, 2011

    The Topic... :


    The Verse... :

    In a city war-torn, the forlorn son of a whore formed in a womb that, suffered more scorn
    than the 4 horsemen, whose dark hooves crushed corpses in a storm that, terraformed sin.
    She contemplated abortion, but instead forced him to exist in this world of misfortune
    This was his portion, but he's wanted more since, hence a knife is the bright sword he wars with
    Craving a slice of the pie, Hated by guys twice his size, he made them look right in his eyes,
    You see, his LIFE is a fight, so any plight where he might live or die could never heighten his fright
    or lighten his might, a titan despite the lithe frame, featherweight packed more freight than a night train
    His birth right stained, insult his mother? his face flushed with bright shame, never let his pride tame,
    His bride came from the same rough stock, a dame with tough talk and gruff coughs
    from smoking too much, pox strolled in her lungs like thugs on rough blocks, she kept a gun cocked
    But rare shot the clips, post-apocalypse, bullets were scarce as food, drugs, good air, confidence!
    Skyscrapers blazed, the stone monoliths were the lone obelisks of the cold consequence
    caused by supernatural armaments, but since no one lives who remembers the causes, its
    All nonsense, SHIT, no reasons, only survival fits, feel the rifle kick as the motorcyle quits,
    In the midst, of nephilimic predators who once didn't exist: There was a book with evidence,
    That predicted this terror since the ancient times, but only a page survived
    The flames that bathed libraries with sages baked alive, If He and She escaped this ride,
    He might take the time to explain the lines inscribed by the sacred scribes...
    But now, he lets hatred rise, He takes his knife the same way Death would raise his Scythe..


    The blaze engulfs and grazes skulls with flame halos, Nephilim wrestled him, nestled in gray robes
    Her aim, low, blew the knees out of these louts, she screams out (a meek sound) with each round
    Can't believe how quick his blade spins, she loves him, she hates him, she takes in with
    Breath abaited, waiting to save him, no need with the speed his edge is encased in,
    The demons with reptilian faces, collapsed with a crash into debris laced with, ash, broken glass
    Shiny as the bracelet her father gave her, … when she was a toddler, later, she witnessed
    His flesh melt from the lasers, from the spacecrafts bursting from a great lab, underneath
    what used to be D.C., and she hates that her last memory of the only man who gave a damn,
    is a puddle of bones and weak meat, Sweet Pea.., that moniker's gone,
    Adam grabs her, with laughter,"Babe, turn the monitors on!" (this disaster of a smashed earth
    promised her long, sleepless nights, but at least she fights alongside a warrior,
    sweeping knife, easy vibe halt what's long tried destroying her,)They both witness
    the GPS system plot their position and distance along the next mission, Shh, Listen!
    They heard the hissing of a truck's transmission hidden from their vision, It might have gas,
    so they abandoned the bike crash and ran past the blasted ruins and trash,
    Faded ads gash cracked walls like half-assed bandages, ash-the only glitter on the flittering sash
    Of a city once lovely turned ugly-after months, suddenly, Adam and Eve had enough struggling-
    And despite the advice, they took a bike in the night, rode the wastelands, deciding to fight,
    Instead of wait for death – They hesitate with fret at what appears when they stop to take a breath..

    Aha! These two lost globs of flesh I'll chomp off, their cause Lost, laugh crossed my bobbed jaw,
    At this bitch with a shaky sawed off, and a shrimp with a cutter for box tops,
    Who could of thought they're not SOFT?!, She pops a shot off in the wrong
    Direction, at some truck... THEN Im engulfed! by flames bright, that fill the gray night...
    But I'm not shunned, I vault, drop, Run across the blaze, its the only option..
    In a rage!! I head straight to this bastard and bitch, after this shit, They gone wish death comes after them quick..

    He charged for me, storming, the largest mutant transforming into a roaring fiend
    I leap, soaring, scream, unsheath, or it seems I reach for it,.. he's four inches more extreme
    Then he first seemed, my core, it teemed with trepidation as this maven is more than I've faced since
    I started slashing, ... we started grappling, he was strong but I was fast and, blade was flashin
    In a torrid fashion, struck a main vain, taste a torrent splashing, not sure if this enormous gash is,
    enough to win, guess its up to him, Oh Fuck.. punch to the gut just sucked up the wind
    Outta me, I'm down, my knee is out of spppeed...I'm barely shoutin.. "Eve"!!!

    I see him gasping, cock the demon stopper with the final blast and, with a passion
    Pop a steamin rocket into this would-be assassin...

    What tha... shit, I'm bleedin fast and... legs are numb..a damaged mouth
    My neck..so wet.. my gut's a mess of lead and smoke...Im blacking out...

    I catch my breath and... grab my weapon... now I'm stomping his head..
    So damn mad I stab him and break the shaft off in his chest!
    His last death throw! I flinch, but all he does is gasp a laugh, my last attack
    Leaves me puzzled as to how to handle the aftermath..


    And so they leave, with gas for a week, to travel in peace, handle the streets,..
    As for relief? Eventually, they found a babbling stream, that rambled east to a garden near a canopied peak
    Overlooking scraggily trees, spilling to a hazardous beach, here they eat, camp and they read
    The raggedy sheet he carried in back and then she, first heard and learned
    ...The story of Adam and Eve...

  4. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
  5. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
  6. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    As a baby, she was fussy and would never sleep
    So her parents threw on MTV and let her swing
    Early 90’s, Aerosmith, Nothin but a G thang
    Wreckx-N-Effect dropped something for ya g strang
    Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, 2pac broke in
    Meant to put her to sleep, but it all soaked in
    Music was a thing she could never quench her thirst of
    Her first love, one that she’d never feel hurt from
    She learned to play piano at six, guitar at ten
    At twelve she began pouring out her heart to pen
    Writing how she felt doubt in men, and about the end
    When Jesus wipes the slate clean and life re-sprouts again

    When she turned sixteen she bought a brown truck
    And found subs, always in love with the loud thump
    Her life revolved around punk, dressing it to wear the part
    Black skinny jeans, band shirt, and her green hair was part
    She’d go to shows, being star-struck left her blind
    She loved grunge too, knew the words to Nirvana’s Nevermind
    She’d play a Ramones CD and nothing could make her smile fade
    As loud as her stereo could go, you could hear her miles away
    Music was life, and to be with her it must be yours, a requirement
    She’d listen to her IPod on full blast at night while she sleep silent
    Little did she know that soon her life would change
    Hopefully when cleaning the kitchen her mom put the knife away

    She fell asleep listening to the Sex Pistols, nothing new
    She could tell something was wrong as she was coming to
    Next to her on her pillow where her IPod laterally lie
    But nothing coming from her headphones, did the battery die?
    She tries to pick up on convos in the other room like a word search
    Nothing…Standing by her window to try and hear the birds chirp
    Something is wrong, she’s panicking, running frenzied
    Hauling ass down the stairs, as fast as a fucking ten-speed
    She turns on the TV, the sight is disapproving
    She can’t hear a sound though she see’s the actors lips moving
    Her happiness and love of life crashed today
    Cause what she thought was an immortal love passed away

    Her life, her love, all her wishes and aspirations
    Feeling devastation like the post-earthquake Haitian nation
    Facin’ frustration’s formation, her fixation led to damnation
    She was suffering from starvation while dying of dehydration
    Gone was her dream of a road trip following Rise Against
    No longer would she hear the government’s lies dispensed
    Her weekend shows moshing, coming home so bruised
    Over, just like her nightly solo cruise
    Dead were her dreams of watching The Doors play in Norway
    This evening after work when her parents walk in the doorway
    They’ll see her hanging, instantly their eyes will pour rain
    And in her hand the note she wrote on a piece of cardboard say…
  7. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    Guiding Light
    Escape from Custody

    Life has become dark and I can’t adjust to the night
    Everything feels so cold and I miss my mother’s light
    A strong woman who helped ease troubling alarms
    Small in stature but I felt powerful within her arms
    Things were perfect for us despite the low income
    Mom did all she could and we still had a lot of fun
    One day, things changed and in an instant, she was gone
    I could hear her crying out like tears in a tragic song
    I begged to be left with her but they ignored my words of distress
    Proclaiming that it was for my ‘own good’ and in my best ‘interest’
    But what did they know, they were just mercenaries
    I resisted until they locked me within their sanctuaries
    Nightmarish realities haunt me as I search for her
    But the Sun is gone here and I no longer feel so sure
    Its like prison, barred from happiness while I die inside
    I wanted to give up and accept my new life and hide
    But all I could think of was mom, standing there glowing
    Strong yet beautiful emitting a light that continues growing
    Within my heart as I become disgusted at my confinement
    Ashamed that I had almost given up due to the time spent
    Crying about her absence, I needed to escape
    Dad always watched me but could never relate
    One night I decided to sneak out to, I wanted light
    I was lonely here now that mom was out of sight
    When the clouds covered the moon, I left swiftly
    Through the window and hid, slowly drifting
    The darkness had spread everywhere and I was scared
    I began to regret leaving, remember the memories we shared
    Suddenly off in the distance, I saw a bright light calling me
    I decided to follow it, cautiously embracing the warmth inside of me
    As I got closer, the began to transform into a flower
    I picked it up and realized that I had all of the power
    Mom taught me that, I knew that she loved me and was still fighting
    So I continued to wait for her to find me as the lighting
    In the darkness, hoping to inspire a change
    That one day, my mother’s light won’t feel so strange…


  8. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    Woah.. soo much action like from the first line to the last.. You put so much effort into this.. I think your wording was constantly strong with the rhyming that its easy to get lost from the story itself.. Which the story was tight-ight the ending looking back at the biblical story of how they are represented sort of a better version and def more entertaining then the book of eli.. nice work dude.

    god damn.. deep and full of emotion.. I definitely enjoyed this piece.. The story was delivered well with the appropriate vocab and good direction.. Your flow was sweet and i didn't see the going deaf thing at all pretty cool tale dude..

    cool.. your rhyming structure was tight and top notch.. Your vocab was strong and definitely use appropriately.. Heart felt and warm even without a death of a mother i can feel and relate to this piece and that's what writings about.

    vote = iambent

    wow so this was unbelievably close.. what a great champ match.. g/l guys
  9. fairydance2000

    fairydance2000 don't wait, Procrastinate

    Mar 10, 2004

    Let me say kudos on this one you have pulled out all the stops, the first part (Adam)
    Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Perfect flow!
    Very good clear imagery and exceptional rhymes.
    But and yes there is a but, you changed everything in all the rest except the last paragraph.
    The flow was gone, and so were the rhymes. The story line got me confused in the middle, even though I knew where you were going. I found it hard to follow.
    If you keep putting out the verses like the first part (remember you can make a bigger impact sometimes with less words) you will kick ass.
    Nice drop

    Wow powerful emotional.
    Very descriptive and excellent imagery.
    The story was good, easy to follow and picture.
    Flow was nice and rhymed nicely from start to finish.
    I enjoyed reading this story well done.

    Another heartfelt, emotional verse. Nicely done.
    I liked your story and it had nice rhymes
    Nice smooth flow from start to finish
    The imagery was clear and powerful, and pulled the reader in
    Good job

    Iambent you kick ass for me in the Adam part, shadow you had an even smooth flow and wonderful structure. But TAC’s story pulled me in and I was there in the story.
    Vote TAC
  10. Carpe Noctem

    Carpe Noctem Neos Helios

    Feb 25, 1999
    Bent: Insanity. The kind of piece an opponent looks at and lets out an involuntary "fuck my life." Love the concept. Refreshing to come across something that reads like an action film rather than a fireside story. Great imagery. Had this fast-paced, CGI-laden, dystopian world painted in my head. My only gripe is that the multis got a little too convoluted/annoying while I was trying to process the story at times. Other than that, great work.

    TAC: Very smooth read. Great twist and ending. Really like how you incorporated the picture into the conclusion. Chronologically impossible details like 'seeing the doors in norway' got a wince from me...but it was a solid, well-developed piece notwithstanding.

    Shadow: Didn't gain steam for me until you added the flower as a symbolic instrument in the story - which was a really nice touch. Effortless read, poeticy. Strong subjective insight into the central character. Could've given the story more of a bite if you put more focus into his feelings of frustration/anger rather than longing and sorrow taking most of the show.

    Vote: IAmBent

    Really, three worthy verses. The latter two just had the misfortune of going up an inspired Bent.
  11. DaAlmightyDolla

    DaAlmightyDolla Greatness

    Jul 26, 2005
    bent: well im impressed... great story. alot of delightful imagery. i felt you slowed down later on though. u can tell by the length of the lines. i was still engulfed with the verse though. only complaint is even if you described the 2 characters in the picture, u added a 3rd that wasnt in it. it was a powerful and important character too so it came a bit out of left field. great job though...

    tac: you used the topic the best out of the 3 however i wasnt really wowed by ur verse until the deaf twist. i wasnt really emotionally involved with the character to care if she died though. i think it was overkill. it would have hit harder if she had to suffer. she died to quickly however u needed her to die so it could tie in with the picture. your flow was decent. i dunno i just wanted to see some more complexity to battle bents.

    shadow: decent verse. nothing really stood out to me. i liked the concept though cuz i lost my mother. i havent read much from you but i get the feeling this was rushed and u didnt give it your all. im sure you will no disappoint me again or youre outta the family.. lol jk..

    i think its obvious my vote is....

    v- bent

    good job fellas
  12. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    i hate voting on 3 ways... well i was thoroughly entertained!!!

    Iambent: OMFGSHITBALLS!!! FLOW WAS GOD LIKE....well a horrible version of god like but damn near godlike!! haha..chracter development was stellar, storyline and plot was very interesting.. in a whole.. IAMBENT nails it on the donkey's tail with this one here!!

    T.a.C.: you delivered this story properly the story line was so classic of the american teenage punk rock girls world it almost felt as if this was maybe one of your phases of life irl...o_O lul.. jj..multis were sick, sorta had the pressence of an young writer, and i think that was unique for the story b/c it made it sensible.

    Shadow:Another Honest story here that really draw's upon the reader's intrest.. flow was similar as aways..tbh. everything was the same.. as always.. nothing about this verse that was different then most of your verse's which made the choice for the outcome rather simple, although shad your story was well felt and absorbed ...

    my vote for week 37 in the RSTL goes to IAMBENT
  13. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Bents wins 4-1 to -1
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