WEEK 19: 5. Young Philly 9-4 vs. 6. Ribonuclease 9-5

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by john hensley, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. Mic Booth

    Mic Booth who gives a shit

    Mar 3, 2003
    and with every battle your served, im first to start,
    I just pastelles to you.. and made my verse a work of art.
    I throw bows in slow mo while ya honey moans,
    she laughs at YOUR girth, u got three funny bones!
    shove ya face in water you get drowned to death,
    so your only rise to the top is when your out of breath,


    His dirty ass wanna win, but there's somethin I gotta say b
    I'm known to be a shower - now I bet he won't try to take me
    Spit some corny shit like that & dog you'll get dissed
    Usually I wouldn't read ur verse, but fan mail's hard to resist
    Could never pull a real dime, so he get's sluts
    I'm not sure of ya girl's nationality, I just know she's a mutt
    I love the new year so I'm dancin and grinnin
    This verse is my first '1 in 2006' like ur chances of winnin
    & this battle takes the shape of a lesson
    Cuz I'm used to stompin Dudes, but for u i'll make an exception
    With a bitch as ugly as urs son, u had to get scarred
    It's sad that she can touch her toes with the fat of her arms

    all of a sudden young philly has really good wording. some of the concepts i've seen a few times but the wording made them dope. rib had those six lines that were pretty damn tight, rest was just kinda eh to me. nice flow.. shit was smooth, but yeah. ive also seen the jaundice thing before ... and, i guess thats it.

  2. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    Phil wins 4-2
    record 10-4
    Ribo loses
    record 9-6
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