[Week 17][Contender] 3. ShadowWarriorfs(11-5) vs 4. Breathless(7-9) vs 5. Kuja(0-2)

Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Tacky Jones, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008


    VERSUS DUE: Every Friday @ 11:59 PM PST
    LINE LIMIT: Minimum of 16 lines, Maximum of 64
    •Recycling is the equivalent to that of a no-show and will be treated as such, thus resulting in a loss in favor of the participant whom chose to recycle and a win in favor of his/her opponent
    •Extensions may only be granted if a moderator has given consent prior to a verse being posted in the match OR your opponent gives his consent. Failure to acknowledge an extension request results in it being granted.
    •If granted, the extension will override deadline for both participants extending it for no more than 24 hours
    •CHECK-INS are encouraged, but not required
    •Verses MUST incorporate AT LEAST 1 of the provided topics or pictures
    •A failure to show will result in a loss and a sign out by default. A no show in the tourney will result in elimination.
    •If your opponent fails to show, you MUST STILL post AT LEAST 4 lines (4-15) AND 3 voting links in order to claim victory. A failure to post voting links will result in a loss.
    •A Championship Title WILL NOT be decided by way of no-show!!!
    •If an opponent fails to show in a Championship match, the remaining participant will be ranked as the number 1 seed, but will not be considered a Champion until a win by vote
    •Upon your second no show, you will be suspended for two weeks of competition. A third no show will result in a three week suspension and a fourth will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season. There is no suspension for first time no showers.
    • Competitors are limited to posting 3 times in their own match, which allows for checking in, posting votes, and posting a verse. For each post over 3 unless deemed necessary by the mods, the competitor will be docked one vote.
    • Each competitor may only post once in another competitors battle allowing for a vote and nothing more, if you would like an explanation or to explain as to why a vote was cast a certain way, you can pm them or point things out properly in the vote to begin with. Violating this will result in losing a vote in your match.
    • A verse can be edited if and only if it is the first verse to be posted and the other verse has yet to be posted or it is the second verse posted and a vote has yet to be received.
    • Members found constantly disruptive to the league will have their sign-in ignored.


    VOTES DUE: Every Monday @ 8:59 PM PST

    •You MUST vote on AT LEAST 5 matches AND post links in your thread
    •EACH link NOT POSTED will result in a 1 vote DEDUCTION
    •Voting on the Championship and Contender matches is mandatory
    •Champ and Contender links MUST be labeled accordingly
    •Your votes MUST be AT LEAST 2 FULL lines in length per verse in order to be deemed valid (Discretion given on incomplete verses)
    •Failure to vote and/or post LABELED LINKS will result in vote deductions in your battle
    •If your opponent fails to show, you still must vote on 3 matches as well as posting those links in your match!!! You WILL lose if you dont.
    •Voting is open until matches are closed. Deadlines are flexible!!!
    •PAST CHAMPIONS MUST vote on a MINIMUM of 3 matches in order to be counted as a legitimate voter
    •Editing your vote for any reason must be done within the hour of the original post time. Otherwise, the vote will be null and void.


    Any changes must be agreed upon by both participants and cleared by a moderator

    T.a.C- thedude8125
    ShadowWarriorfs- ShadowWarriorfs
  2. Kuja

    Kuja Jack Skellington

    Aug 7, 2003
    Another 3 way! Noooooooooooooooo lol
  3. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011

    The glowing of the moon, with my cat, following right close behind
    Holding a balloon in my hand, walking this tight rope of life
    But if the light shown as bright on my dark side as it does on these raindrops
    then I might hold the line, yet, its hard finding footholds until the pain stops
    With numb steps, as I become wet, the marks lining good soles strain, pop
    Charging along this train of thought with split shoes and lost hope
    I've long closed the distance to just turn back, its too bad, soft toed
    Shit, even if I tried, I'd probably just trip over the cat, leave his paw broke
    and me falling, then this all coming to an end as a small joke
    but it doesn't, and I keep plodding along through the howling wind
    Thinking to myself... this reminds me of Owl Creek Bridge
    Just how it seems a bit like I'm getting to somewhere
    But I realized the truth along the trip, this is unfair
    No reaching the meadow and breathing fresh lungfuls of air
    Just a sisyphean trek that's left both my feet bleeding, cut close to bare
  4. Kuja

    Kuja Jack Skellington

    Aug 7, 2003
    week 17

    The nightskys filled with stars, such subtle sparks
    Erasing the dark, aboard my dream as the shuttle starts
    Me & my feline friend, ascend to dreamland to apprehend
    The eater of dreams who sits in wait for us at the end
    Up high we rise past the stars through the sherbet nebula
    & prepare to disembark to find you wherever you are
    The land of make belive, where dreams are made, we landed
    On marshmellow surounded by cotton candy trees enchanted
    This place was magic, centered by a milkshake fountain
    Due north was our distination beyond chocolate mountain
    Me & moggy set course, we headed forth feeling hazey
    & on the horizon marched an fierce army of jelly babies
    Now it made sense, we arrived in the palace of his highness
    Moggy & I made a dash for it, leaping over the high fence
    A close shave indeed, it seemed dreamland was on red alert
    As I find myself holding moggy, wading through custard dessert
    On the air I can hear music, sounding much to my amusement
    Picking up the pace I run still careful of my movement
    The music gets louder, sweet to my ears, a carnival theme
    Bright lights & vast stalls, the ground, vanilla ice cream
    This was heaven it seemed, I could see moggy looking at me
    The one place in dreamland where all stay happy..
    Amoungst the crowd I could see a tall man in red bellowing loud
    Such a magical sound, his voice screaming, dashing & proud
    Then I felt his gaze as he headed this way, I was glad tho
    As the closer he came, the more I became, engulfed in his shadow
    "Hello young sir, im the Ringmaster, how may I be of service"
    Feeling nervous I informed him of my misson from Realitys surface
    "My great godfathers!, then I guess the prophecy is true
    That the Dream Eater is upon us, & that the chosen one is you
    You must scale chocolate mountain, so here take this balloon
    & hold tight as you take flight, up towards our golden moon"
    I held the balloon & moggy firmly as we ascended with haste
    As I embraced the air all around us, bearing a sweet taste
    We soon settled down, the balloon now rendered worthless
    Fulfilling its purpose, the moment it left the ringmasters circus
    Now nothing but a keepsake, to make me feel safe, all was quiet
    A thick mist for miles as I stood before a thin liquorice wire
    I set moggy down, mustering courage one step at a time
    We balanced along the liquorice line as tears fell from the sky
    Hours went by, this was hopeless and there was no way back
    It seems we trusted too much, now caught in the ringmasters trap
    Forever lost, myself, my feline friend & an useless balloon
    Endlessly wondering in Dreamland, in front of the golden moon

  5. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    granted...i'll take one too


    In the Rain

    Throughout the night Jamie would walk
    Alone, scared too ashamed to talk
    Accompanied by a balloon and an alley night stray
    Drenched in the rain waiting on the light of day
    The moon acting as a spotlight in the interrogation room of God
    “I didn’t mean to upset you.” Jamie muttered as he began to sob
    “I knew you wouldn’t understand, why did you beg me to be honest?”
    “You said I would be protected. You made me a promise.”
    Jamie losing his balance, neglected while God holds a knife
    Wondering where he could go to regain a new hope of life

    It was a normal afternoon when his step dad came home
    He was stumbling again and Jamie hated them being alone
    Mom ignored his habits as if they didn’t exist
    Assured that he was strong enough to resist
    Hoping he was the prince charming to her fairytale
    But Jamie knew better, trapped within a scary hell

    Jamie went to his room waiting for mom to get off work
    Arriving hours later as Jamie was changing his shirt
    She sounded angry as they walked in and told him to sit down
    Holding a bag of weed, she asked him if he knew where she had found-
    it; “I don’t know.” Jamie replied with a puzzled look on his face
    “You can talk to me.” She said as they approached on his space
    She said that she would help him if he came clean
    He was hesitant hoping this was just another dream
    “It HIS bag,” Jamie replied angrily, “He is always high!”
    “Liar!” he yelled as she viciously slapped Jamie in his right eye
    He went crashing to the floor, “Get out!” she screamed
    Jamie stumbled out of the house as the night sky beamed

    He ran down the street hoping she would change her mind
    Hours had passed and there were no sirens trying to find-
    Him as a man passed him and handed him a balloon
    “When you are down, make your spirits rise, like this balloon”
    Jamie was too young to understand but smiled in relief
    The man seemed nice so Jamie decided to worship his belief
    Walking the tight rope of life with Jamie’s head held high
    “Maybe mommy will love me now that I’ve said goodbye…”

  6. TheInkwell

    TheInkwell New Member

    May 6, 2011
    i'm the lone voter... i can't handle this pressure, omg... i'm tempted to not vote so we'd have some free-for-all 5-way madness next week...

    breathless: c'mon man, you had all week to work on this and you post on wednesday? sigh... its an improvement, but i feel as if you let the picture cage you in. the piece was really by the book in that you described it.. gave a few details in what was going through the characters head... but there wasn't much development and some of your lines (like lines 3-5) didn't fit well with the rest of the piece structurally.. you also wrote 15 lines and didn't meet the 16 line minimum requirement for RSTL, but not docking you for that.

    kuja: you actually showed?! i'm stunned... the rhyming was better than i expected, but i typically have low expectations from you on that end, tbh =p pretty interesting take on this picture, certainly one i wouldn't have thought of. the great thing about writing about fantasy worlds is that you can write virtually whatever the hell you want and it still makes sense. Example: jelly baby armies.. same goes for writing about being in a drug induced state. but i digress.. the story read smooth and was a very amusing read. have the ringmaster trick them in the end was a smart decision on your part, cause i didn't see it coming.

    shadow: the start of your piece came off as really awkward to me.. the first two lines. you started your piece at the end and then retold it from the beginning.. you mean to tell me you're capable of doing new things?! =o overall a pretty solid piece, other than the awkward beginning nothing i can really pick at. but i can say the ending sounded like you just wanted to finish off the piece and decided to toss in some man with a balloon..

    vote: Kuja - his piece was the most enjoyable and most solid this week
  7. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
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