Voltron 0-1 vs. Frame 0-2

Discussion in 'RBL TOP 20' started by Con God, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. Con God

    Con God New Member

    Aug 29, 2003

    RBL North Rules & Regulations.

    All Verses due Friday night 12:00 Pacific time.
    All Voting (5 votes) Due Sunday Night 10:00 EST
    (Voting is considered open until Mods close matches)

    -Line Limit-
    All verses must be from 10-24 lines!(5-12 Couplets)
    A line is 1 length of the screen.

    5 Votes per battler. 1 Vote deduction for each missing vote. An extra vote deduction if no links are posted at all.
    Voting is open to anyone with at least 100 posts.
    No 1 line voting! It wont be counted!

    -General Rules-
    --No Extensions Whatsoever...Dont ask
    --No editing after BOTH verses are posted
    --Freeposting in a battle before both verses are posted will result in a 5 vote deduction from your own battle!
    --No bitching, crying, freeposting, swaying...GROW UP
    --Mods are ultimate law of the land. We can & will bend rules to maintain the prestige of the league.

    -Mod AIM Contacts-
    Super --- x1 Hazmat 1x
    Blackdef --- Yo Boi Curt
    Tekneek --- Tekneek2006
  2. Super.

    Super. New Member

    Sep 26, 2003
    double no show.
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