VOCAL WARS SEMI FINALS - Rules, Battle Cards, Info

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    Feb 24, 2002
    Welcome to Vocal Wars Semi Finals

    Lines Required
    - Min: 2:00
    - Max: 3:30
    -You must agree on a set time or one will be given
    Before The Battle
    -You must check into your battle thread at least 1 day before the verse is due.
    -No biting at all of course
    -No Swaying/ D/R
    -Extensions will be granted if asked in at least 1 day advance from due date
    -No Freeposting at all, any extra posts will be 1 vote deduction from total

    During & After The Battle
    -You must vote on 2 battles & post links in the your thread, but try to vote on more.
    -Any ties will be decided with a last resort voter
    -You may up your battle 2 times, after that 1 vote will be deducted

    Due Date
    -Give them until Monday .. A lot of time to write & record

    -Verses due Monday, 28th, 11:59pm Eastern Time

    Voting Deadline- Wednesday, 30th, 6:00pm Eastern Time

    If you need to talk to someone get at: BLooDSHoTT(Aim: YoungChronicle, Email: bloodshott@verizon.net), rapter2k(aim: askkaboutme, email: askkaboutme@aol.com), or Yo momma 2nd & DisHonor


    Bloodshott vs Joseph Q. Castro (Dissy)


    ASK vs Krysto
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