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  1. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000

    Vocal Wars Mag
    Written By Eyedeal

    Welcome to the Vocal Wars mag.
    First I'd like to say the first round sucked.
    There was way too many no shows.
    & some ppl (u know who u are) didn't drop that good.
    For those that did show. Props are given to u.
    I'd say BoogieDwnBrown had the best track this round.
    With Bad News behind him, & then thasynthesis.
    My track wasn't all that, but it got the job done.
    And yes, none of u can touch me lyrically. haha, i am god.

    Top 7 Punches (no order)

    at least u're a mod.. now u're less homo
    oh wait a sec.. this fag mods the dojo -me vs. krysto

    u're a punk, i'll punch u till u lose breath n scream
    n start callin u Monk cuz u're scared of everything -me vs. krysto

    popped off like u the best mixtape in ya area
    so i'm goin at ya neck like a pitbull terriea -thasyn vs. blackdef

    somethin somethin cuz i'm witty
    and i put the.. piece to ya shirt.. like ya ass was a hippy -bloodshott vs. dukane

    the text blam.. somethin somethin left fam
    ya'll ain't fuckin with joey.. like def jam -DisHonour vs. Courtesy

    u talkin bout cha guns blow? u live withcha mother
    u never see day light.. like the kids in the others -bad news vs. kaleef

    & i'ma monster & a beast.. tell the streets
    'fore i get u touched by an angel like Della Reese - BoogieDwnBrown

    Interview With Bad News

    EyeDillTheReal: ayo what up bad news
    BlackScopeBN: wut it do dill
    EyeDillTheReal: chillin man chillin
    EyeDillTheReal: so what'd u think of Round 1?
    BlackScopeBN: a BIG dissapointment, half the •••••s that was talking shit didnt even have the balls to show up
    BlackScopeBN: i aint even gon say no names, but u already know who
    EyeDillTheReal: haha, true.. i feel the same way
    EyeDillTheReal: i was very dissappointed.. but i expected it
    BlackScopeBN: hahah
    BlackScopeBN: expected it from who
    BlackScopeBN: i honestly thought everyone was gonna show
    EyeDillTheReal: well.. im not gonna say names.. but i expected alot of ppl to no show
    BlackScopeBN: haha guess so
    BlackScopeBN: leef pussy
    BlackScopeBN: leef pussy
    EyeDillTheReal: lol
    EyeDillTheReal: iight onto the next shit
    EyeDillTheReal: i'ma give u a name and tell me what u think of 'em
    BlackScopeBN: go
    EyeDillTheReal: boogiedwnbrown
    BlackScopeBN: he nice
    EyeDillTheReal: iight
    EyeDillTheReal: thasyn
    BlackScopeBN: slurs sometimes
    EyeDillTheReal: bloodshott
    BlackScopeBN: energy
    EyeDillTheReal: krysto
    BlackScopeBN: :-\
    EyeDillTheReal: DisHonour
    BlackScopeBN: swagger
    BlackScopeBN: haha
    EyeDillTheReal: BlackDef
    BlackScopeBN: not enuff skills to back up the talkin stick to text
    EyeDillTheReal: Mr Damonik
    BlackScopeBN: shoutin,screamin,yelling,etc
    EyeDillTheReal: Saber
    BlackScopeBN: long time homie, lyrics is good
    EyeDillTheReal: me, Eyedeal
    BlackScopeBN: MUCH better than i thought u was
    EyeDillTheReal: iight, iight
    EyeDillTheReal: what u expect in Round 2?
    BlackScopeBN: let me look at the brackets rite quick n tell u
    BlackScopeBN: left side is stronger than the right side
    BlackScopeBN: me and boogie will be the best battle next round
    EyeDillTheReal: word.. who u think is gonna be in the semis?
    EyeDillTheReal: on both sides
    BlackScopeBN: dh vs bloodshott
    EyeDillTheReal: iight
    EyeDillTheReal: other side?
    BlackScopeBN: news vs light saber
    BlackScopeBN: wow
    BlackScopeBN: wtf
    EyeDillTheReal: haha ok
    BlackScopeBN: and im takin VW
    BlackScopeBN: me vs shott
    BlackScopeBN: finals
    EyeDillTheReal: that could be a good one
    EyeDillTheReal: so, who all u feelin in audio that ain't in the tournament?
    EyeDillTheReal: on the net
    BlackScopeBN: my ••••• Nom is nice wit it, i also fucks wit Vyrous he was in the grb a couple years ago i think, theirs a lot of nice heads but not too much i fuck wit, styles are jus to different u feel
    EyeDillTheReal: yea
    EyeDillTheReal: anything else u wanna add? shouts?
    BlackScopeBN: shit, if u talk shit and u wack, step ur rap game up before u open ur mouth that goes for the net or not...we got a mixtape comin soon out here..Welcome to BlackScope:The Mixtape Vol.1
    BlackScopeBN: thas about it
    EyeDillTheReal: iight man.. good looks on the interview then homie
    BlackScopeBN: no prob homie
    BlackScopeBN: stay up
    EyeDillTheReal: fasho pz

    My Predictions For Round 2:

    Eyedeal <-- vs. Bloodshott
    DisHonour vs. --> thasynthesis
    BoogieDwnBrown <-- vs. Bad News
    ^^ that's gonna be a good battle tho
    Pent Up vs. --> Mr Damonik

    & that's all i got for this week. Next week I'll have another mag up.
    Hopefully everybody drops dope as fuck this time. I'm looking forward to it.
    So, take ur time & make sure u do ya shit right. & don't fuckin no show, bitches.
  2. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    popped off like u the best mixtape in ya area
    so i'm goin at ya neck like a pitbull terriea -thasyn vs. blackdef

  3. Orange407County

    Orange407County Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2005
    ^ say word..i had much better lines..that wasnt much of a good line..LOL
  4. BoogieDwnBrown

    BoogieDwnBrown Emerald City Rep

    Jun 23, 2004
    sorry news i can't let you take this
  5. The Second Comming

    The Second Comming you aint poison!!!

    Aug 22, 2000
    u just mad cuz that shit was better than ya whole verse lol
    honestly.. that's why i didn't even mention u in the entire mag
  6. BoogieDwnBrown

    BoogieDwnBrown Emerald City Rep

    Jun 23, 2004
    ^ lol that's fuckt up
  7. krysto

    krysto Chris Robba

    Oct 13, 2000
    dope mag....

    VW would be a good league if ppl wasent lazy fucks
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