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Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by Vern Acular, Nov 8, 2003.

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  1. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001

    ::eek:pening statement::

    last season's tournament went successful, even though there were a few no-shows and voting was herendous, it was completed like i promise, the finals match-up was between myself and demik, demik won with a vote count of 1-0, that's why this year along with the participant votes, i have gathered up myself and 4 other voters, so hopefully every match'll be called down the middle, that is assuming all you fuckers show, please show that's all i ask

    ::what and who to look for::

    it's pretty simple if everyone shows you should anticipate every match up, we have some veterans sighned up, some rstl champs, and some new blood trying to prove themselves, lets take a look at the match-ups

    ::mr. rstl \/ headless versman::

    mr.rstl has taken the rstl by storm, with only one loss in a 5-1 start he's tearing things up, at times people thought it was me cause i called myself mr.rstl, but i can insure you im not, i have thoughts that he's an alias but i dont know whom, now headless is an old timer, always consistent when he tries, his controversy in the rstl has kept him from showing us whats up, so lets see what can happen when these 2 collide, the past vs the present, should be good

    ::l-dogg \/ pinnacle::

    ok here we got l-dogg our very own rstl champ at the moment, and this years rstl tourney winner is going against some up and coming talent, i peeped a few of the links he game and kids got skills, we all know l-dogg comes with a nice verse everytime we peep him, but can he continue here, will he put forth the effort he does in the league, or maybe catch an upset in the 1st round by a more than worthy opponent, stay tuned

    ::peril eyes \/ j. christ::

    combined with next weeks RSTL verse and this here, we will see one of the greatest story tellers to hit RM lay a verse down for our visual amusement, back then peril always spit flames, his multi's were one of my favorite aspects, but he never seemed to lose, a 5x champ here, watch out, but on the other hand we have a hungry J.Christ, he may not me known to some of ya'll but i peeped him, he doesn't really do a lot of stuff for people to see but he did make to the 3rd round in this years tournament, i cant really give a detailed review for him, but im sure if he wants to he can compete with the best

    ::awedishin \/ vember::

    here we have another rstl champ, 2x to be exact with a possible shot for a 3rd next week, awedishin aka mac flow is a well respected head in the rstl community and every verse is usually fire, he as well as peril is shaking the rust off, but his verse in the rstl this week shows he still has it, but lets see what he can do against vember, the kid who claims to be me you and your mom, nonetheless, he shocked me the first time i read him, he's got some skills, he's still learning though but he can bring hotness if he puts his mind to it, lets see what he's got in thsi david vs goliath matchup

    ::formal logic \/ trapezoidal::

    formal logic aka -war- has been around for a minute, but so has his opponent trapezoidal, both are 2 respected heads on RM, now i'll be honest with you, i dont know exactly what these 2 are capable in the story telling field, but from what i've seen they got skills, both are moving up the ladder in the rstl, and basically this could be match of the week if they both bring what thier cabable of
    akademik \/ phrophetic words

    ::akademik \/ phrophetic words::

    the only thing i can come with this one is akademik winner of last seaons tourney is back to defend his title no need for a breakdown, i mean he won the last title what more can i say, except his opponent is gonna be either an easy win or a difficult one, easy prolly cause he's just a newbie that signed in to a tourney, or difficult cause he's an alias or maybe just a good story teller that we no nothing about should be interesting though, stay tuned for the shocker or the dissappointment

    ::the talent \/ perma frost::

    ok here's a good match, i think, first let me see i dont know what perma frost can do, but the way he carries himself with his arrogant post i believe he's got a little something something to prove, buit he'll have to do so against the most consitent rstlians of this error, the talent has a possible shot at the title next week and i believe he can win it if he gets there, runner up of this years rstl tournament has fallen just short in everything he's tried to achieve, this his next chance lets see what he makes of it

    ::no shit sherlock \/ retulen reactus::

    now i've peeped NSS in the battle field and he can do his think, but i am clueless to what he can do in this enviroment that's one of the reasons i gave him a spot in this seasons tourney but unfortunately, he's going up against whom i feel can win the whole thing RR is what i'll call you cause i swear to god i mispell your name more that them dame ie/ei words, but nevertheless i peeped your verse in the rstl this week and i must say i was real impressed, im not playing favorites here, all i can say is im looking forward to this match

    ::in closing::

    like i said before, if everyone shows and the voting goes good this'll be an ill ass tournament, for those that enjoy this genre of text, furthermore, if thier are no-shows which is the case in every tourney, this tourney will go from start to finish, regardless, now go show and prove

    ::additional info::

    matches will be posted today in the armageddon arena along with rules and regulations
  2. Un-SeeN


    Nov 21, 2000
    Stuck This For Ya, Good Luck With Everything.
  3. HighPawTheCyst

    HighPawTheCyst New Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    good looking out seeny...
  4. Nebz

    Nebz R.I.P. Point Game

    Nov 21, 2002
    weee.....its looking dope
  5. NoShit Sherlock

    NoShit Sherlock Damn Homie

    Jul 8, 2003
    good mag, dunny
  6. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    it was, sorry i no-showed vern, really

    I did a post why i couldnt show, and tried to ask for an extension but you werent on, ish sux, i wanted to show to, and since awedishin jus recycled and old verse, i wouldve moved on too, believe me, id've showed if i could
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