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Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by Vern Acular, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    verses due 11:59pm eastern Tuesday
    votes due 11:59am Saturday


    write a topical piece on one of the 5 topics shown here

    1- hip-hop
    2- eating disorder
    3- the 4 seasons
    4- study hall
    5- joe millionaire

    ::line limit::

    20 bars min :: 40 bars max

    no more no less

    there will be no extensions, bitching, or bull shit tolerated

    if you want to win and think you can win, show up on time, follw the rules, and post a quotable verse

    good luck to everyone​
  2. Retulen Reactus

    Retulen Reactus Text Legend.

    Sep 19, 2003
    i dont know which topic ill be using yet.
  3. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect New Member

    Dec 23, 2001
  4. Retulen Reactus

    Retulen Reactus Text Legend.

    Sep 19, 2003
    eatin disorter

    first 4 lines
    and last 2 (the ones in bold) are very important

    Looking deceptive my eyes gaze into my eyes direction
    through times of correction i ponder if theres connection
    I touch the mirror, the mirror touches me, how could this be
    Are we part of eachother's anotomy, or is this just another tease
    Preferbly, Ashley tells me to stop what im doin and come eat
    "Am I fat" i ask? Sarah Lee please, you 5'7 and weigh 70
    The table is set for dinner lit, but morsefully i wanted to skip it
    Jenny said, cheerleaders are supposed to model a skinny fit
    the turkey, and roast where layed, as we prepared a toast
    I changed the subject though, hey sis, you think i can fit into ur clothes?
    She nodded Sarah your 15, Im only eleven.................."so?"
    After supper, lead to one question after another
    Whispers cluster, she needs some help said mother
    What where they talking about, i wanted to shout out loud
    But kept my mouth shut, as if I where Nimrod in a clout
    Hey daddy, what did mommy say? what is about me?
    uh yes sweetie, we think you need some..well just try to eat
    Oh, in the case, me and amber are gonna to the mall today
    Im gonna try on some clothes, for my new pant size Ok?
    She's Lost 30 pounds In 2 months tim, dont you see anything wrong
    There has to be a reason why her and food, dont seem to get along
    I know she needs some help, but Look at her she's delt
    With far greater obscticles with her health
    At age six, she put down the barbie shit, tried to commit suicide
    Played with knifes, and with all the blood loss she almost died that night
    I know I know, but these teenage years are cold
    It's all about the perfect body....and the rest thats told
    The next morning, I woke my daughter and said lets go
    Pack your bags and importants....just take it slow though
    Your not gonna be back for a while, she looked at me in denile
    Your sending my away? Only until you get better I smiled
    Get better from what daddy, whats wrong with me
    Well incase you havet looked latley..you have a eatin disablility
    I got the key's opened my jeep, kissed my wife goodbye
    Lay my head against the steering wheel, and started to cry
    "It'll be alright, she sighed..I hope so sarah i reall do
    I just want you to know, that all we've beeen through I love you
    The gate closed.. I waved...please honey it's for your best
    Digest what your told to digest and..well you know the rest

    I got home, after eating a huge breakfest I was exploited
    Bending over in the bathroom...puking...into...the toilet...

  5. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    retulen wins...
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