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Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by Vern Acular, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    verses due 11:59pm eastern Tuesday
    votes due 11:59am Saturday


    write a topical piece on one of the 5 topics shown here

    1- hip-hop
    2- eating disorder
    3- the 4 seasons
    4- study hall
    5- joe millionaire

    ::line limit::

    20 bars min :: 40 bars max

    no more no less

    there will be no extensions, bitching, or bull shit tolerated

    if you want to win and think you can win, show up on time, follw the rules, and post a quotable verse

    good luck to everyone​
  2. NAX

    NAX Bring the Pain.

    Jan 4, 2002
    dope 4 seasons. ill just recycle the round 1 verse! lol nah, im in. gluck peril. pce.
  3. NAX

    NAX Bring the Pain.

    Jan 4, 2002
    the grandest scheme - parts 1 & 2.

    tried to hold on as long as i could ...
    cried because you and i were so mis-understood,
    one and the same, w/ nothing to blame for our actions,
    under the pain, only remains restrained compassion,
    a couple masked men, tortured and caned the fetus,
    i shuttered, asked when, your carcass remained between us,
    they stripped your dignity and pride, but left me w/ mine,
    ripped sore misery from my side, but i crept re-aligned,
    knowing the cuts you took, were for me in essence,
    so i mastered my art, shook the shadows as presence,
    the mic in my fist, remained adjoined in the palm,
    and despite all of this, i changed, avoiding the calm,
    my hatred insisted on victory, influenced visually,
    facing the enemy devoid of money, hoes + •••elry,
    common sense w/ black thought, only a struggle arised,
    medusas gaze i had caught, her troubled slithering eyes,
    thought i would turn to stone, nouns + verbs worded through lyrics,
    with my microphone i shone, to avoid scaly spirits,
    garnered help from kool herc, la rock + krs one,
    un-tangled the web that this she-devil had spun,
    looked down, heard a voice before its last dying breath,
    sound had won another war, took more vast rhyming steps ...
    towards the future we feen, unseen dreams REMAIN dreams,
    we've been nurtured its seems, born into the grandest schemes ...

    [part 2]
    i need freedom, cuz the chains enslave my speech,
    ain't hard to reach, just freak the beat unique,
    add life to this artform, speak up and demand ...
    hiphop remains pasturized within the wrong hands,
    plus the bullshits off-kilter and the illest get filtered,
    a poisionous mixture, missys writing our scriptures,
    and she dont get the bigger picture, shes just the smaller portion,
    look at the garbled garbage our laziness forced-in,
    can't have joy without pain, sunshine and no rain,
    seasons change, hearts abstain + feel the same,
    whos the dark horse to lead us through the cleaner pasture ?,
    not them INC bastards or pre-pubescent rappers,
    underachievers, over-actors, play they part without passion,
    i might be over-reacting, where would you be without rapping ?,
    past the point of no return, but our souls still yearn,
    for understanding of the culture, we let our bridges burn,
    heat is on dog ... but im into more grander things,
    s'like the tables have turned, replaced with dimes + rings,
    glamour and glitz, the fabric that fits, are shiny suits,
    but if the shoe fits ...
    ... wear adidas.

    RIP JMJ.
    hiphop lives on.
  4. Deep O

    Deep O MASS-HOLE

    Feb 12, 2003
    i forfeit unless trap minds me posting tomorrow... im not really in a writing mood right now
  5. NAX

    NAX Bring the Pain.

    Jan 4, 2002
    nah, i don't mind. formal did it last round too, i'm a cool guy. :) pce.
  6. Deep O

    Deep O MASS-HOLE

    Feb 12, 2003
    Seasonal Habits

    Fall (The Junkie)

    The leaves are falling off the trees to the beat of my heart,
    Instead of looking forward to the end... I should be seeing the start...
    It's getting cold, and these streets are too hard, I'm one soul,
    Autumn unfolds with an I.V. in my arm, I'm unwhole...
    Falling apart... callin to god... lacking apologies,
    Wearing my mask on all hallow's eve, a withdrawl in me,
    A sinner to some... a junkie waiting for winter to come,
    My life is simply becoming dim with the sun.

    Winter (The Old Man)

    The white pills fall like snow to the earth, I'm perched frozen and nursed,
    No longer thirsting for knowledge because what I know is besmirched,
    Treated like a child...but there's no stickball, games or bicycles,
    My eye lids are roof tops... my tears are the icicles,
    My fears are ignitable...I lost my rights... the snow is building beside me,
    And they're making a fucking killing off the pills they prescribed me,
    Christmas is coming...another holiday... I just stall in dismay...
    Flatline... and I fall with flakes...

    Spring (The New Born)

    People are moving... back into the hustle and bustle...
    I'm only human, child of growth, product of trust gaining muscle,
    The flowers are blooming...and I'm beginning to learn now,
    I'm not disearned... I'm assured the sun will never be burnt out,
    Everythings new... the ground breaking, flowers making a fragrance,
    I'm strong headed, eager to learn, never mistaken,
    The land is stressed...and I can never stand an rest,
    Watching the hands make life, and all these lives manifest.

    Summer (The Lover)

    With so much sweat the heat builds up, I'm living a dream,
    God has given to me...a gift... nothing is forbidden...we're free,
    The suns blazing... I'm getting hot... My guns raising...
    Whether or not your gonna take it... Im unphased...
    By the lot of Sundays grace... I will forever kiss your face,
    And with your taste... all the bliss is replaced...
    With summer love... the men are all to often the fool...
    It's hot outside, and I'ma cool off in the pool.
  7. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    no votes=tie
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