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    FULL RWZ RULES...2 or 3 rounds, 48 bars [ your choice ]. 2 rounds battle, 1 round topical on a 3 rounder, or 2 rounds battle [ your choice ].

    Originally Posted by DethStryque
    B) 21 categories to judge battles.

    - Opener: The power of the first two bars in ya verse

    - Flow: how smooth and unbroken the rhythm and rhymes are

    - Word play: The witty exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities of words, esp. in puns. It must make sense when written AND spoken. No textcee wordplay.

    - Name play: witty exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities in names. It must make sense when it's written AND when it's spoken, no "textcee" nameplay

    - Rhyme Scheme: The ordered pattern of rhymes. The more sophisticated the rhyme scheme, the more creatively placed areas in a rap that bars rhyme? The more sophisticated yet smooth the multis etc? The more advanced the rhyme scheme. Rhyme scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    - Multis: rhymes that contain two or more syllables,Multisyllabic rhyme is used extensively in hip-hop, is considered a hallmark of complex and advanced rapping

    Inners: rhymes that happen near or at the center of a bar

    - Punches: Definitions for punch′ line`(n )the climactic phrase or sentence in a joke speech humorous story or rap that produces the desired effect. That means that BOAST punchlines, KNOWLEDGE punchlines, FIGHTING WORDS/THREATS, descriptive violence, etc etc are also punchlines and must be credited as such.

    - Personals: punchlines that can be directed only at a specific person, and oftentimes include disses aimed at something that the person has done, something they wear, their voice, mannerisms, etc.

    - Humor: Bars that have the quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech.

    - Vocabulary: The use of words that clearly get your meaning across; however the more unusual the words used that STILL get the meaning across clearly? The better the vocabulary. Vocab isn't an excuse to use big words to confuse the crap outta anybody; vocab should make your meaning more clear. Your intentions more precise.

    - Flips (in 2 round battles): The skill and art of turning a punchline, word or phrase that your opponent used on you back on your opponent

    - Attitude: the swag, ferocity, threats, intensity and energy of a rap. Street rappers and ganxta rappers often excel in this area.

    - Realness: When a rapper speaks about real life events and circumstances then brings them home in the rap being spit by applying those events to the opponent. URL rappers do this alot when they speak about the character of the person they're facing.

    - Metaphors: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. [ ex: my faith is a rock ]
    A thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, esp. something abstract.

    - Simile: A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, using the words 'like' or 'as' (e.g., as brave as a lion).

    - Sound Manipulation: the deliberate combination of rhyme scheme and vocabulary to produce, repeat, and/or emphasize specific sounds. this includes alliteration.

    - Creativity: The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work. Creativity is oftentimes nonexistent or very narrow in raps. Break the barriers and use all the creativity you want; just be sure that you use high levels of creativity in the application of all of the categories in this Guideline.

    -Focus: Have you ever seen a rap that was dope but never seemed to be going anywhere? Seemed like it was directionless? There should be progression in the rap. Readers should be able to grasp a "theme" in the rap.

    - Originality: How ORIGINAL is the material? Have we seen the material in this rap used many times or rarely used? When comparing the raps, who used the "fresher", less commonly used but still applicable direct and understandable material?
    - Enjoyability: Pure enjoyment. Totally subjective

    - Structure (legibility): self explanatory

    - Closer: Your last bars should be either the most powerful bars in the rap or tied with the opener. Finish with absolute madness, every time.

    Flips allowed. All votes must follow the standard definition for each category and are subject to Category Challenges if the votes don't conform with the definitions of the categories. If 3 or more categories are successfully challenged? A VOTE CHALLENGE can be issued...and that could change the vote either to a null vote or a vote for the other lyricist. Moderator's discretion.

    To vote? All you gotta do is copy and paste the list below, list the name of the lyricist that won each category next to the name of each category, and follow your category breakdown with a 4 line minimum quick expo.

    Word play--
    Name play--
    Rhyme scheme--
    Flips (in 2 round battles)--
    Structure (legibility)--
    Attitude--[ ferocity, focus, swag ]--
    Sound Manipulation--

    4 bars must be cited from the winning verse that won it and 4 bars from the losing verse that lost it in your eyes as a voter.

    EXAMPLE: Deth overmastered his opponents in every way with his superior lyricism, flow, vocab, punches...dude was just too much in every way. Those other guys did their best? But they just couldn't face their Deth. [ Cite 4 bars from the winning verse that sealed the win for the voter, cite 4 bars that lost it for the loser. Cite what you liked that the loser did. You must ALWAYS find SOMETHING that the loser did that you liked...even if you say: "well, I liked that he TRIED to do such and such..."]

    Another way to vote is to say:

    Deth won most of the categories except [ list categories ]. Here's why he won those categories [ list categories ] and here's why he lost these categories [ list reasons ].

    top to bottom voting takes like 5-6 minutes and is still thorough.
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