URL Lux vs Smack Lux(Fantasy Battle)

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Jai-Z, May 18, 2013.

  1. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    Smack.. is u ready nigga??

    Smack Lux.. u wasnt ready nigga..

    This for the brotherz up north.. full of that jack mac..1st Smack back, we gota nigga to back smack!

    And u gon love it..

    Dearly, Beloved! We're gathered near the clear to part wayz and descend/
    For his Lux ran out, 4 leaf n Cloverfieldz wth this pen//
    Weaponz strong like napalm, but I C4 wallz and u boxed n/
    Collateral Damage got u caved n to hybernate, bare witness of this ancient Egyptian//

    Hieroglyphicz gvng u signz, ur the most deaf-n-it image/
    My aim nvr Miss, if u picture this bitch captured.. stupendous//

    Itz nothing.. itz nothing.. we got all night, we got all night.

    Save it for the end.. let me wrk.. plzzzz.. let me wrk!

    What u seeing from this I, Illuminati euphoria/
    Money power respect to gv ur world a new order//
    U fall n line wth falling linez, chasing squarez some Pong shit/
    I console the gamez u play, u jst rap ur handz on the joystick//
    If itz pure joy, stick to the manuscript that ur boyz wnt/
    But knowing me, I know u better than u know now and thatz past tense//
    U past tense, since Ive passed tense, u'll tense up whn u see these/
    Bcz peeking into the futurez, ur premonition to meet me//

    Well here I am, come greet me, ur coveringz unvieled and itz true/
    This isa life changing situation, welcome to the new u//
    Im Marty McFly, informing this guy the foreman of rhymez aint playing/
    All that gat busting and shot bluffing, leave that where itz laying//
    Is that worth this slaying? Im saying if I kill u, than Im dead now/
    This Kamikaze cannibalism, I gota stomach my own roundz//

    All 1st verse.. all 1st verse!

    Look at me king! Look at me!! U could nvr fuck wth me!/
    I had to show Calicoe how to bang Clipz, like Ash's pussy//

    Im Smoking Acez Clique, yall quadruple-lit n this match/
    Fastest way to Harlem, "shaking.. not stirred", Bond wth that//

    U GQ balling wtha passion, I see u Loaded, Im jst asking/
    Is the burden of this sermon, u releasing some heavy baggage?//

    "Mr 106".. congratulationz, "This is it!" Was some real thoughtz/
    Til u got stiffed n that Hall they put u n, looking for the money shot//
    U got used for viewz, intune wth slutz soon as they tuned into u/
    Dont hang ur head, look me n the eyez and reflect on were lifez bout to take u//

    Keep trying, we aint equal siding, trapezoidz whn aligning/
    Roll wth the punchez of an Octagon and get ate from every side n//

    He gon get this wrk! He gon get this wrk!
    Look at u.. emotional!

    No matter what u do fool, from here on out, follow my footstepz/
    All this time thnkng u roam alone, til u felt my breath//
    We walk and talk together, self consciously shedding light/
    Say, if Godz "FOOTPRINTS is to the left of me", that makez YOU RIGHT! Right?//
    A Lost Nigga that wildout and rebelle, raise hell til he hear my voice/
    Those several optionz for yo opticz, was blind to making the right choice//
    But the path u chose ddnt choose u, ur learning curvez a different sight/
    So, if Godz "FOOTPRINTS is to the left of me", that makez YOU RIGHT! Right?//
    Judging by our placement, face it, u already know who God is/
    God The Father and The Son, turning this suicide into sacrilege//
    This pen got The Holy Spirit, full of tran-quil knowledge and might/
    Bcz, whn Godz "FOOTPRINTS is to the left of me", that makez YOU WRITE RIGHT!//

    Stop playing wth me younging, can I address the crowd for a minute?/
    The nxt time u see a hole between 2 Lz, jst Laugh Out Load, I did it//
    Taking u serious is delirious, ur mind aint where it need to b/
    They aint gota call time, I gavem that, flashingback into history//

    *lookz at watch*

    U a waste of my motherfucking time nigga/

    *lookz at watch again*

    ..and ur cutting into my mother-fucking time nigga!//
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    Jul 31, 2012
    The fuck is going on here?

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