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Discussion in 'Writer's Block' started by UFO the Phoenix, Oct 6, 2004.

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  1. Sole Sovereign

    Sole Sovereign Hungry But Never Starving

    Jan 4, 2001
    I'll drop before the night's through. I still have to clean my trucks and finish my yard. Also have to take my nephew to the lease and go four wheel riding.

  2. Sole Sovereign

    Sole Sovereign Hungry But Never Starving

    Jan 4, 2001
    For some reason I can't make new threads...

    "The Golden Pen Chapter 3: Words of his own"

    Two months had passed since he had done his bid
    A ton of shit weighed on his mind including this golden gift
    A present from a guard to go along with the check
    The present from the state for his blood and sweat
    Fuck the rest, he needs a page to bless
    No need to blaze the sess, just get to a place and test
    his steeze, he has to know
    whether or not his flow had to go
    He could destroy a mic before he went in
    But he replaced his life then with some weights and consignment
    He uncapped the golden pen and pressed the tip
    What came out was something blessed and righteous
    But something’s funny, these words were familiar
    They were dope then, but right now they were iller
    Who cares right? He just wrote it
    He could give a fuck if before they were quoted
    So he found some production and sought out a show and
    Rocked that bitch from top to bottom
    While his ego was growing
    Night after night he had grown to fame
    But never mind the fact it was over someone elses pain
    Till one day he realized what the pen had done
    Everything he hated in a bitch, he had turned into one
    Looked down at a stack of papers as he got out the shower
    His greatest hits in one place, rambling with power
    Each page was plagarized, only words had escaped him
    lonely verbs had been taken to rendevous with a pen,
    of a repeat offender who said he'd never do it again.
    Wiped the mirror clean, held his breath
    'til he was blue in the face.
    Wrote with his finger, an empty promise he knew was a waste
    cus he knows how it feels, when you cant think of a line
    and the thoughts are racing, but the ink's running dry.
    Been on writer's block.
    Been where writers flocked,
    and in his worst of years seen perserverant fighters drop.
    With all the expectations, he thought maybe its time to stop.
    When he couldn't tap the page, and have a blazin rhyme to jot
    Then he reminisced on the days before the cash was pourin'
    Blinked for an instant, his life flashed before him
    Picked up a notebook, he was so shook,
    of his former self he was scared to just go look,
    at the raps of a cat who was outta the high beams.
    A cat whose fake jewels turned his neck lime green.
    A lonely kid whose only bid was for the throne.
    whose itchy trigger finger had no cortisone .
    No more shit’s gotta end, my affair with the pen
    To repair and just mend he threw it into the air and just then
    He realized we’re all just here as men
    We're led to the water, each man must pour his own
    or his very last words, scribed on the cornerstone,
    will read the regrets of a man
    when not a soul is left in the stands
    and the tide washed away the footprints he left in the sand
    he sees himself in the mirror, eye to eye
    Words of his own,
    ….. something to be inspired by
  3. Janitor

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    try now
  4. es_oteric

    es_oteric keylowz

    Oct 6, 2004
    DaJackle your ish was sick man...so sick
  5. MC Radical

    MC Radical twitter.com/TheLastHero69

    Aug 23, 2002
    I'm confused who goes now. If me, I need more time guys. Sorry!
  6. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    ^^lol, no man. Right now we're in the process of finding someone be a part and do Chapter 5-and you're like, what chapter 10 or somewhere around there. So you have awhile. In the poetry realm in the sticky thread the schedule is in there, just gotta scroll down a bit to find it is all lol.
  7. MC Radical

    MC Radical twitter.com/TheLastHero69

    Aug 23, 2002
    LOL, I dont know, it might mess up the order. But I have something written already. I could waut ofcourse.
  8. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    thanks so much MC Radical....I have someone writing ch 5 now...and Ab Zero switch to 6...I got ch 7....maybe you can fill in for ch 8?.....stay posted
  9. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    "The Golden Pen--Chapter 4: Where the Pen Goes, I Shall Pursue"
    Written by Realms

    Out of reach was this "gift" at one time,
    Now I can only speculate if this was supposed to be.
    Was I the beneficial one to come upon this pen,
    It rose from the awakened orey-eyed waters somehow...
    Captivating me.
    Or maybe victim of such a gyp,
    How can I label me victim,
    Besides one of a beast,
    The product of being who doesn't deserve second breaths;
    Conscience no longer feeds me alibi to speak innocence,
    Maybe if I blow my senseless skull
    Against these wonderfully absurd blank walls...
    Maybe if I
    If I
    Maybe if I...?
    Writing with this pen again
    Ironic in its return
    Curiosity to question where did the guard
    Get this,
    But nobody converses with a criminal
    Who holds stained blood on his hands
    I'm not seeing repetition,
    On the side engraved the selfsame mystery
    Not mysterious for my mind,
    To unlock my deepest desires within
    Now its taken every thought I had
    From my mind.
    And I relocate myself without being on or beneath the surface,
    But respiring a cold hell's hoodlum, within.
    Inattentive to my needs, to see Sun-harvest seeds,
    So I, script the walls animating its bare cover,
    With a paint and brush negotiated from some long-termer
    Constituting my useless plea
    To withdraw accepting me ever free
    Into a place everyman claims has gates,
    When I decay take my remnants into fire-cremate...
    Dash my ashes over the lands, of my first encounter
    I'm soon running out of red and black,
    It drips down onto my hands
    Mixed with my blood from a cranium that lacerates its membranes,
    I rub the blend all over this crumbling place
    Mindless to fall reasonless
    A manifestation of lost sanity.
    Hunger to inscribe but I have no tools
    Why did I trade away the one
    Thing my center seems to lose?
    Looking for the negotiator I passed
    What was mine in the beginning to
    But I got word his cell's about to be vacant, damn,
    Transferring to the upstate penitentiary.
    ...Writhing without valid cause
    Except these thoughts cannot be seen
    Vengeance to destroy this interior demon,
    There has got to be a way to
    Fly the coop and escape.

    Thrilla - golden book chapter 5 - the escape

    Guard: 20100!

    20100: present

    Guard: arright ya'll know what time it is boys
    Guard: lets go!

    20100 conscience:
    headed up state to the penitentiary
    was here initially for a 3-8
    damn, it wasn't done intentionally
    but all of us died already
    since 88

    guard: Eh!
    guard: c'mon I ain't got all day!

    20100 conscience: damn I did it!
    why was I so stupid back then!

    *guard gets impatient*

    20100: aite I’m commin just hold on a second!

    guard: well wtf you waitin for bwoy?

    20100 conscience: yea I’ll go, but I won’t stay

    *20100 gets aboard*

    I woke up half dead! my lungs clogged with seaweed and ice
    had a nightmare, that I was sentenced to life
    nothing but blood everywhere, im heavily wounded
    in some fucken gutter where sewage wildly oozes
    I remember it like bread and butter, the thunder
    from the line ups to the guards reading out my number
    I remember how my mind stemmed my roots to freedom
    and I remember how that fruitful thought forced me to beat'um
    you see, when I hooped the pen I sharpened its end
    so I could slash myself & pretend I was wounded then
    guards came in, I counted 10 before I went for their coccyx
    as I castrated both I went for the CO's revolver and cocked it
    let off three shells for each then checked their pockets
    all I found were a set of keys and three wallets
    unlocked the main switch and set the others free
    looked up at the rusty bars & shot at them rapidly
    kicked off the window and quickly tied up my bed sheets
    all I hear is mad sirens, I make my way down
    shots ricochet, the sheets break, I fall flat on my face
    feelin paralyzed from the waist, but I’m still running from jakes
    ahead of me's a lake, so I decide to leap into my fate
    I hit the water at an incredible pace, & I’ll do whatever it takes
    but wait! this shit isn't fake, I was awake! now I’m dying it seems
    my wounds pouring like streams, and this pen defining my scene
    this nightmares not a dream.. let this pen forever more be unseen
    *throws pen into the sewage system*
    with these last breaths, I'm finally gonna be redeemed.
  10. MC Radical

    MC Radical twitter.com/TheLastHero69

    Aug 23, 2002
    Just to let y'all know I have my stiff typed up already. So in case there is a need to post, I'm ready. For know I'm just fixing it here and there.
  11. UFO the Phoenix


    Aug 10, 1999
    ^thanks Radical....I think Absolute Zero is up next and then I'm doing ch 7...so you can hop on in for ch 8....(leaving 4 more chapters for the climax-end)

    email me what you have so I can mix my ending with your begining

  12. Poetickz

    Poetickz The Humble One

    Aug 12, 2004
    howd this turn out ufo? everyone give their share? or are we still doin this or what?
  13. RealMS

    RealMS Ne te quaesiveris extra

    Feb 27, 2004
    ^the anthology is still IN ACTION :thumb:
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