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    Jun 8, 2009
    check the scenerio..

    Maxx had a plan, so he braught vinnie afloat..
    decided ta share his light, since vinnie was broke..

    vinnie came through but his efforts were far from equal..
    so maxx was like fuck it, were just 2 different people..

    but vinnie caught feelings, now the 4 devils are callin..
    mad at the world cause this mutha fucka is ballin..

    while maxx had no hard feelings n stayed on his grind..
    vinine was plotting on maxx, hopin ta take over his shine..

    so he crept up, decided he'd git um from the back..
    maxx seen him in the mirror, n dumped 10 out of his strap..

    all for a peice of paper, see what a hater can do..
    turn a peaceful man into a killer, all cause the paper came through..

    at a certain point, youll realize only "YOU" can make it last..
    not your bestfriend, not your homies, and not your buddies from the past..

    though business never personal, the ones closest too you take it personal..
    its just the way it is when you fukin wit the devil.
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