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Discussion in 'IntroSpectrum' started by Sodium, May 3, 2007.

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  1. test
  2. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    hey soultan...

  3. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
  4. the irony is you look more like a fag than menaz for posting that
  5. menaz

    menaz Avant Garde

    Oct 13, 2004
    ^ took the words right out of my thoughts.
  6. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    y'all are hilarious. Okay. *smh*
  7. when i step into the rap arena its so humid
    my flow withstands anybody trying to move it
  8. teq the decider

    teq the decider sexual predator

    Sep 5, 2006
    u not rocking the place, u not rockin hair/
    only thing ole boys rocking is his chair/
    went from pop locking to joints locking/
    squirt some oil on ur neck and get ur head noddin/
  9. I came to shake up the game
    told my girl in the lane to go easy with the brains
    bought a ice white maybach and scrathed in my name
    let me tell you again
    you cant touch the magenta flame, your lame in the brain
    dont take my name in vain i'll leave ya slain on the pave
    I aint playing,
    when im payin I buy the benz with bens
    or fivers n tens, I make spare change stretch
    got a hybrid limo lex fitted with decks
    teq's on the roof shouting 'which thug wants it next?'
  10. x - calibur

    x - calibur Guest

    wrong thread..
  11. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    I'm in them high rise offices in Century City/
    So even if you tried for centuries, you still couldn't git me/
    I know that vanity's a sin, Lord forgive me/
    I'm just tryna be a baller like the father over Jojo and Diggy/
    If you don't know my city, don't come to the west coast/
    We'll eat ya head with the toast, and claim it's "no Biggie"/
    I'm from the west where them sets stay thuggin'/
    Haters stay callin' me Kanye West, 'cause you can't tell me NOTHIN'!/
    Ever since I graduated, I'm a Morehouse Man/
    I got degrees up on my wall, what's in your house, man?/
    I got my folks like "Damn!"/
    BlackSoultan is so full of hisself, there's know controllin' him, man!"
    Okay, and? I got me some lawyers and agents/
    You only got them couple homeboys that you hang wit/
    I do this rap on the side, cause rap payments/
    Ain't shit compared to what I really make in a day, kid!
  12. unlike you I leave my ego at the door/
    unlike you I keep my degree in the draw/
    cus really, I aint got no need to flaunt it/
    my style speak for itself like a unique drawing/
    and unlike you, yea im sounding so fresh/
    is brit kanye west esque common or mos def
    ahead of the soultan?/ yea, but with the diversity
    to transcend your degree from moorehouse university/
    when will you realise that shit dont impress?/
    if substance was change youd be pocketless/
    all you talk about is agents and cashing lawyer checks/
    when you lack respect in the game like its the intropspec/
    talkin bout how I could never 'get you'/
    but i aint a failing rapper pushing 32/
    still a shorty, when you should be a vet/
    if you are so good shouldnt you have made it yet?
    I told you homie, get ya flow in check/
    archaic and inept ya shit should be on cassette/
    meanwhile I wreck a set with propellar jets/
    you cant mess with finnesse, or the way I digress
    into tangents they take heed of my social scope/
    someone throw this easter egg a rope/
    You should really get yaself a ghostwriter/
    maybe fab could make you marginally tighter?
    or you could just be a biter?
    Ever since I met you, ya rhythm has been off/
    this feels like poseidon crashing on a dew drop/
    i'll keep all ya rhymes at bay like they were montego/
    so get off the mic like ya jay'z ego/ (its played)
    and those thugs you roll with, it aint look right/
    you turn ya back they say go kashta 'hug life'/

    eat ya head with the toast? wtf.
  13. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    It's hilarious, you lack mad knowledge,
    For your own edification, it's morehouse COLLEGE
    And no I'm not gon' battle ya shit/
    Wack ass non rappin' bass ackwards ass faggot ass brit/
    Don't nobody wanna hear you, I thought you were kiddin'/
    Til you said you really think you nice and someone would listen/
    And you ain't got shit to talk about, no shit you won't boast/
    A bullet to the head is "eat ya head with the toast"/
    Sorry if we didn't have a translator, for wack ass haters/
    From corny nations tryna get the shit later/
    You've been a poor excuse for intellect so long
    Eventually, you gotta be tired of bein' so wrong/
    Claimin' you some sort of a master of knowledge
    No one here or over there has even heard of ya college
    But I been to a couple, pick one, you can't get in it./
    If you only knew what I did for a livin, kid forget it!/
    The answer is nothin, I do shit for fun/
    I can spend my life asleep and still accumulate funds/
    Who you know who get two degrees?
    Two albums? You diseased bastard! Who arey ou to me?/
    Nothin'; so when you can't compete off the topic/
    You always try to turn it to lyrics, I still got it/
    Tell ya what, show me a song. Show me what you can do/
    Stop trying to dis me, everybody's lookin' at you/
    I'm harder than the hardest test from sea to shinin' sea/
    Harder than the trigonometry on the GCSE/
    I blitzed through that AND the SAT/
    I'm a multinational asshole of a higher degree./
  14. So basically you regurgitate all the same shit/
    2 degrees, making money, I wrote my shit between sips/
    cus really this shit dont take no exertion/
    my last verse crashed down like the final curtain/
    I cracked ya head on the stage, now they eat you with toast/
    got them breaking bread with me and mopping up ya yolk/
    got them askin have you seen that soultans ghost?
    brit boi just smashed it, but it ended with teq/
    relive my last rhyme youll be in a freudian sweat/
    seriously everyone here knows that ya lackin/
    ya like poe without the hydro, ya meds are slackin/
    all ya insecurities pour out from ya wounded ego/
    my peepholes become a vehicle for makin deniro/
    yea I bring it back to lyrics, you dummy/
    cus im the bittersweet rapper with his tongue to the honey/
    its funny, how ya almost admitting defeat/
    like lyrically this motherfucker knows when hes beat/
    im a timezone ahead of you, you could never run me/
    you aint no thug, so it aint like you gone gun me/
    talkin bout thugs, soultan either put on ya vest/
    or go and make another citizens arrest/
    you're the lyrical dame dash, the bones in the trash/
    I use small words with big effects for large cash/
    and I keep it simple with nimble words/
    blaze herbs till my eyes turn red alert/
    you aint said one line that anyone would call nice/
    you didnt arrive but you went out like obie trice/
    motherfucker im twice, nah thrice as nice/
    how you feel when bri boi rightly snatches ya mic?
    Harder than the trigonometry on the GCSE?
    well thats an insult cus kids sit that shit at 15!
    not 33, boyo, so calm yourself down/
    I wrote this shit walking through a kentish town/
    I got that blackberry, for communication purposes/
    when im finished I hope the janitor wipes down the surfaces/

    you may have 2 albums, but they both aint sell/
    maybe I aint the best judge, but the streets aswell?
    not even soleternity can give ya steez some shine/
    ghet couldnt save ya if he had quantum time/
    you aint fucking with me son, like eric said 'you better tell em'/
    you half witted wanker thats why I splat ya cerrebellum/
    im like ten shots of seratonin opiate to ya frame/
    in a mazda rx8 I swerve in the lane/
    like a shiccane, I swerve past you so damn easy/
    I aint shine with diamonds but my auras breezy/ ( oo wee)
    Nuclear winter was as good as jarule's 'love is pain'/
    yet you get dizzy like B when you think jay said ya name/
    why did I drag myself down and reply to this shit?
    when I emit the bass kick with such cunning lyric wit/
    that soultans sits in his boat not far from the shore/
    thinking that brit never thought to read 'the art of war'/
    and not in a fake way, like im on some fat joe/
    I've studied machiavelli and makavelli, so/
    i've studied the classics, i've learnt my trade/
    existentialism, drunk liberal lemonade/
    chilled with plato for hours, you cant out swagger us/
    if im socrates teq3illas pythagoras/
    we got shorys in the club shakin like a tazer/
    Im a blip on the radar your anybodys pager/
    im the warlord of rap, a bard, but im bored/
    they found works of shakespeare at the end of my umbilocal cord/
    when have I ever said I was the master of knowledge?
    or kicked up a fuss about the name of a college?
    that shit is you, through and through/
    I dont give a fuck what school you went to!
    talkin bout how I couldnt get in ya school/
    what, they dont take people with A's you foo?
    so let me give you a pearl of wisdom/
    it aint the schools but how the teachers reach em/
    basically, you're living a lie like dave sneddon/
    while I use imagery to make you imagine like john lennon
    I aint bragging when spit it, but im getting nicer by the day/
    this feels like cassidy when he scoffed at freeway/
    the demo was poor, the winter was luke warm/
    I guess ya next album should be,soultan reborn?
    your name needs a change, ya style needs a restructure/
    I'm on point as a ghostwriter like acupuncture/ (ask em)
    take the black out ya name you look xenophobic/
    real rappers appeal to all colours, you didnt know this?
    your so primative you play the black white dichotomy/
    whatever BA you fucking got it werent in sociology!
    your an embarrasment to intellect, your shit is a mockery/
    without a silver spoon ya only hope would be the lottery/
    but cmon lets give you the benefit of time
    maybe 40 will be your prime and time to shine?/
    maybe ya 3rd album will you give you room to gloat?
    but with your track record, homie? we're losing hope/
  15. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    post a song. But take it to the audio forums. This is not the place for you to live out fantasies that will never come true for you...
  16. Tequila Jong-il

    Tequila Jong-il SALAD TOSSER

    May 16, 2005
    soultan is more faded than his baby pics.
  17. Funny how ya cool with dropping a text verse in here then Suddenly you act like this is not the place? so predicatable you are.
  18. Dex Luis

    Dex Luis Dextilla The Hunk

    Jan 22, 2007
    [funny]@the direction this took.
  19. BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum

    BlackSoultan Ad Infinitum aka Billy Shoreview

    Oct 17, 1999
    Went too far in the wrong direction. Post a song, speak on the topic or shut up. Those are your options.

    Contstanly trying to start a fight whenever you can't move forward is entirely too transparent and it fucks up threads. That's why I left the spec for months. You cannot seem to detach yourself from my scrotum.
  20. were you not a part of the misdirection?

    atleast admit that brit boi ripped it
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