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  1. Citizen K.

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    Sep 24, 2007
    rather than a weekly grind, its a monthly event. if youre on the list of "battlers with contracts", you can be offered battle matchups at anytime. its totally up to u if u wanna accept the offer or not.

    Its themed like an MMA or Boxing event. a main event battle, co-main event, main card, and preliminaries. theres a real-time mag thats updated just about daily, keeping everyone informed with whats going on around the league, side-stories involving league participants, spotlight on new prospects, pre and post event reviews, and much more. A Hall of records also keeps stats and battle histories of all its participants.

    im not trying to take anything away from this site, i like this site. im just offering people a different way of doing text leagues. its still new, we're only coming up on our 4th event but so far its been getting good reviews.

    if you're interested, check it out.


    sorry.. no outside links.. thank you..
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