Ultimate Fighter 8 Live Finale Official Fighter Salaries

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    The following are the official pay outs given to fighters who competed on the live finale special for The Ultimate Fighter 8 on Spike TV on Saturday, December 14th.

    Numbers are courtesy of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and do not include many of the unreported bonuses awarded to fighters:

    -Efrain Escudero ($16,000) def. Phillipe Nover ($8,000)
    -Ryan Bader ($16,000) def. Vinny Magalhaes ($8,000)
    -Wilson Gouveia ($36,800) def. Jason MacDonald ($35,200)
    -Anthony Johnson ($18,000) def. Kevin Burns ($7,000)
    -Junie Browning ($16,000) def. Dave Kaplan ($8,000)
    -Krzysztof Soszynski ($16,000) def. Shane Primm ($8,000)
    -Eliot Marshall ($16,000) def. Jules Bruchez ($8,000)
    -Shane Nelson ($16,000) def. George Roop ($8,000)
    -Tom Lawlor ($16,000) def. Kyle Kingsbury ($8,000)
    -Roli Delgado ($16,000) def. John Polakowski ($8,000)
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