Trying to get over

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by bagglad, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Trying to get over

    “Look boo your body offer a softer special attraction I try
    Be true and apply for a review of your lips and hips they fry
    My thought patterns I’m caught on Adam and eve please
    Believe that you are departing with a booty garden squeeze
    My hand girl, have to dodge sometime can’t be charged with
    A crime just because you strutt pure butt boo that’s all a gift
    Look boo I’m in fashion wearing a men’s fashion
    T-shirt don’t be a jerk let me see your skirt ration
    My emotions, ocean of feelings use lotion on my peeling
    Skin, girl your advice is fresh have on a nice dress it’s revealing
    Girl you a queen with body at knoucklheads a Halloween party
    Put on some perfume and throw on a costume let get some Bacardi
    look boo your body a distinguish terrace of fire hard to relinguish
    a cherished desire want worldly pleasures and girly treseares bring this
    to the forefront on a hardcore hunt for a date so boo girl
    your butt great how about them cupcakes, I wanna hurl
    wet kisses at your lips, girl this is a corrupt club act so
    don’t deduct or subtract from my personality as the facts flow
    from my mouth get in the Cadillac lets go to my house
    boo I’ll run across a road for a soft load of love a mouse
    ran up my clock now it tick tock a lot with a real chug
    ill in America ready to fulfil the character of being a thug”
    “wait player I’m make an attractive wife but now an active life
    this part is good but my heart is hood maybe I should get advice
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