Trying to Duck Crime

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by bagglad, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Oct 4, 2005
    Trying to Duck Crime

    Shook galore looked at the floor couldn’t find money
    Guess I’m a blind dummy divine and crummy and that’s funny
    Walked to the right started to talk in fright feel like I’m being
    Stalked tonight opened the window no one there after seeing
    Grabbed a gun and stare, protected can’t git far now look at
    My neglected guitar started to pick a tune maybe headed flat
    For a quick doom have evidence at my residence the accused
    May use force to get in I will shoot to kill the brutes be amused
    With torture tactics may become a trial of my mind and that
    Could turn wild sometime, hooked on smokes and gas took phat
    Notes in class but being a crook this won’t save my ass my house
    By the river aroused must deliver these drugs, or be a Mickey Mouse
    May become a big regret had a cigarette I would smoke now need
    A good joke to calm my nerves, many parades in clubs some feed
    On a poor grade of drugs but these are top of the line the block
    Is designed for a sale crime can’t prevail so I strapped on a glock
    Plus I rap a lot, elusive in the street ready to deliver an abusive speech
    Pass the microphone got my mask on and a brief case tried to reach
    My destination had a brief race with law and the law won I’m an odd
    Thug but I realize there’s a god above just quit crime go to Cape Cod
    So I’m out and about but on the wrong route need a cell phone no doubt
    Got my very bling for ransom and everything handsome can’t pout
    Over cash, too much stress in crime, stay abreast of the times with stout
    Newspaper articles but vapor and particles in air from the land of Japan
    My Ebonics plow like a tractor but an atomic reactor for some reason stand
    To cover more ground

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