Truth About Maddrapper

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Element |X|, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. Element |X|

    Element |X| New Member

    Aug 20, 2003
    Whats up all. I used to be friends with "MADDRAPPER" until he turned bitch. Thought I would share some shit that you might find interesting.

    1) MADDRAPPER has never dropped real rap, or audio in his life.

    2) MADDRAPPER has another account with the same name, he uses this account to diss others cuz hes too scared to use his real account to do so, he then claims that this "other" MADDRAPPER is an imposter, just so he doesnt get ripped apart in battle.

    3) He acts, and talks black but in real life he's French and Scottish, as white as a mother fucker can be.

    4) He swings both ways.

    5) He was in prison for 6 months after beating a virgin because she wouldnt let him be her first.

    6) He always talks about driving fancy cars, he drives his dad's 1981 chevrolet station wagon.

    7) He always talks like he has guns, cocked and all, in reality he carries a plastic revolver cap gun that he cut the orange tip off of.

    8) He never made it past the seventh grade.

    9) He stared at a juice box for 25 minutes because it said "concentrate" on it.

    10) He wears spandex to excercise in.

    Why am I telling you all this, because Im sick of "MADDRAPPER" fronting all this bullshit acting fake as a mother fucker. We were down, one time, now Im ashamed admit it. After these black girls moved in acroos the street from him he started to try acting like a gangster to impress them. It took off from there. Of course hes gonna be mad and claim Im another white man trying to steal whats his, and all that fake bullshit he preaches, and hes gonna say he doesnt know me, of course, he doesnt want to be humiliated. But he brought this on himself.

    Heres your lesson for being fake you cocksucker.
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