Tricey.R. enters Beast Mode on her latest single

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    Jan 29, 2016
    Tricey.R.’s anthemic new single ‘Beast Behind the Pretty Face’ demonstrates her incredible inner strength, as well as her fine vocals and immaculate beat selection. Her latest hit, describes a situation in which a woman, aware of her partner’s infidelity, puts him on notice that she will not stand by and watch him disrespect her like that. The woman is determined to take control of the situation and warns her partner that she is concealing a beast behind her good looks.

    Fortunately for your ears, Tricey.R. threads this narrative through an addictive beat, to create a unique pop sound whose chart reign will last longer than many relationships. While the influences of pop royalty such as Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey on Tricey.R.’s music are evident in ‘Beast Behind the Pretty Face’, the Croydon based songstress adds her own inimitable swagger to the record, which you will want to hear again and again and again. The only thing better than the track itself is Tricey.R.’s firey, accompanying video. The Video transcends music and successfully expresses the true rage experienced by the female subject of the song, together with her resilience and her determination not to be victimized by the situation.

    Having been involved in music since she was a child, Tricey.R. has launched her own record label KillerHook Records Ltd, on which this track has been released in a fittingly bossy style.

    Contact Tricey.R. on

    Instagram: @triceyrofficial
    Twitter: @triceyrofficial
    Youtube: Tricey R

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    Another stupid gutter thot crying over daddy issues, dressed in hand-me-downs and sporting bleached skin.

    There's only one Bleachonce, and Lemonade has been done to death.

    Come back when this useless clone does something original.

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