*TRANSCRIBED* [The U.R.L.] - Tsu Surf vs Big T (Full Transcription)

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Who took this shit?

  1. Tsu Surf

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  2. Big T

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  1. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012

    Round 1 Surf

    now why in the fuck would I come all the way to Detroit to tell fat jokes
    when I can talk about shit thats not funny
    like how its gonna look like a cow got smacked by a train if you that block from it
    I could start to go noodles when the cause is the beef
    you soft I can see the chicken all in your teef
    moms cryin I see Olive Garden all in the street
    cuz if it aint about that green light salad youll get the biscuit with the shells boy dis all you can eat
    they say that boy Tsu Surf cold but all he talkin about is hoopin
    thats usually cuz I caught fire when that crowd start rootin
    I'll pull that Coach K and let that chopper start Duke'in
    and leave so many holes/hoes out thur they wouldnt know wether to lock me up for pimpin or shootin
    Smack gonna have to call the Navy or the SWAT
    when I come through bout at least 80 gettin dropped
    take his baby up the cliff it look crazy from the top
    I bet you I aint gotta be Beyonce to drop a baby from the Roc
    everyday in my hood I bang I'm a nice worker
    I Kenneth Cole three piece bowtie nice shirt'cha
    choir in the pulpit momma in the front row white hurse ya
    clip bout this long and it flip both ways like vis-versa
    i know I get a little complicated when I spit for you niggas
    but pay attention this is as slow as imma get for you niggas
    what'chu about 300 pounds solid boy I bet'chu weak
    oh you feel disrespected while I suggest you be
    i'll throw his ass in the trunk just to let you see
    that you aint gotta know your alphabet to find T in a SUV
    I aint even gonna front I watched you vs Hollow, 7 times
    and the first bag wasn't even the worst bag it resembled that shirt tag or an L, 7 times
    I mean you came out swinging but you need to do more of it
    plus the filler in your schemes lack substance
    senor prom your lines too long to the punches
    lemme gi'you some advice
    drink some bleach slit your wrists and eat an aids needle then hopefully youll see life on a newer side
    and get it through that fat fuckin skull that you gotta a better chance killing yourself
    then pushing Tsu aside(suicide)
    I see that nigga that attempted to murder yo ass wasnt tryna grill nuttin
    well try lookin the eyes of a nigga tryna kill something
    we make nigga disappear like that Triangle out in Bermuda
    they cant find his body but they know that I'm the shooter
    I say cut my sentence in half and I'll spread a little rumor
    deal, well you can look in Oklahoma if you wanna find him sooner
    you aint hawkin niggas down hopin out to let that heater spray
    bagel thighs and from the looks of things your first piece of pussy was DNA
    if that was me that woulda caught you in that car down in all black
    quarter sized holes in the door, shattered glass, flats
    potato for the 44 for the sound and let it clap
    them mad rounds left ketchup and hash browns on his lap
    let me tell you how I know we be movin on a separate thought
    cuz when its beef yall chicken niggas be tellin the pork
    I told the prosecutor let me get a veggie burger and a rice cake
    I told the homies I want his mother and his father they brought me back two hands in a box like a Skype date
    Tsu Surf loses to Big Tasha I think not and since you heavy you gonna get the same box D got
    we can make it whatever you wanna make it lets start a riot nigga
    I wait til the moment of silence at your gramamma's wake then scream quiet nigga

    Round 1 Big T

    Ayo Surf how come none of them niggas in the blog come wit'chu
    you showin up showed heart but we not about to see if we got some wit'chu
    nigga it'd a been smart cuz you brought guns wit'chu
    but we aint have to see an Arsonal to knew you aint had dat Shotgun wit'chu
    aint this Tsu, I'm T in the ground like a golf course
    first off that hand on your hip shit uncalled for
    well I'mma put T in a bag like Lipton
    aight let me help this nigga out right cuz this nigga trippin
    see if I was you I'd say if he talk anymore shit then
    I'mma put T in a bag I bet he won't gimme any lip den
    which reminds me he battled X Factor he said he'll have the K silent like knee
    nigga I battled Hitman I said he be like H in the middle of nowhere
    I said hold up this nigga wanna be just like me
    but imma show you how I do it lets say I take a word like Unit
    and put you in it that was just you and I Tee
    which reminds me some other shit'chu do Surf
    its like when I really start to view Surf
    its like none of this shit new Surf
    its a whole bunch of Bluhhddduh dhut dhut that aint you Surf
    lockpick his door that's mine too Surf
    Remember youre goin against Mr. Chulockaboo Surf
    you know how much my Chulockaboo's worth
    Ohhh I should sue Surf
    truth hurt and you know I think nones scary
    cuz you let Bill Collector say fuck Tookie
    and he came back to Newark and wasn't worried
    nigga I'm from Chicago I aint GD but if a nigga woulda said fuck Larry
    then the next day you mighta found a mutha fucka buried
    nigga how you gonna let a nigga be disrespectful to Tookie
    you steppin against a vet you took disrespect from a rookie
    nigga Ars Surf and Red *sniff* them niggas is pussy
    these niggas from Jersey sure(shore) are bitches Jenny Sammi anm Snooki
    whoopie I flew to Newark what happend to all these Jersey wars
    bright sands Jersey floors that shit look like Jersey Shore
    but I heard before when I was hittin your thick whores
    she told me your shit was like this short
    she say mines like... 6 floors
    so it makes since why she rather ride mines rather then yours
    cuz ya names Surf every time she rides she gets bored
    they say Im scared of Surf I say Surf who
    they say Tsu Surf I say Surf coo
    what it do Surf cuz Surf get'chu for what'chu worth
    becuz Surf sue me verse Tsu I will murk Tsu and rehearse Tsu
    no rehearsal I will hurt Tsu but it hurts to know that I wasnt the first to
    first Tsu had two battles in a basement no body saw it
    Ill bodybag DNA bodybag he was no longer wanted
    edged K shine but X beat you so your record like Cd's with no features other then you no body on it
    if you see a sign say I wont shoot cuz Police here they ignore people
    if anybody came with Surf and they still breathin enjoy it people
    you would think i was smugglin immigrants in across the border people
    while I loaded up sneak past security and dump the four in(foreign) people
    if we warrin people, I'll run up blazin cans
    pants see your lugs boots you like the Southwest shuffle imma make him dance
    lift my arm like Im tryna to raise his hand
    blaze his gut hit him til something something came up like he had a change of plans
    im da man here you wont make it where Im from Im in demand here
    you keep playin here you can stay in here but see if you lay in here
    if I start a fire Ill make you camp here
    if you dont wanna get it with these Hollows then you better learn like the movie Hollowman and stand clear
    or I'll let the drama pop llama pop
    til my arm is hot his mom his pops
    everyone in the way of harm gets shot
    and not finna charge or stop til I clear everyone from the parkin lot
    and leave the scene head clean like a barber shop, quiet
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  2. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Round 2 Surf

    Here da fuck we go again I like mozzarella sticks and nachos too
    it's hot swooohhh but Im hungry like ohh ahh ohh
    Smack this round aint done yet boy... Hwoooo
    im so heavy if I have a stroke I need a pair of medics... Two
    but why would I come to Detroit to tell fat jokes when I could clap folks largest to smallest
    or let the little homies handle the scramble discovery channel 60 Hyennas verse a walrus
    I use that 8 those tools get baked youll lose some weight when I'm dumpin slugs
    see the medics gonna gurney in Sherman Clump but cho mouva gonna wheel out Buddy Love
    I brought an apron in case it get ugly im trying to cow beef fry somethin
    yeah Imma cool nigga so imma be coo but try somethin
    Whole hood screamin and all it was about 5 sumptin
    they said Surf left T hangin from a line like he was tryna dry somethin
    how I get here? If that bitch wasnt dead I tell you aks yo sista
    I want mines I dump nines in them pockets like a blizter
    only two things can happen if one of dees hit'cha
    eva Surf's gonna leave like Mayweather.. Orrr T's gonna like Victor
    and when it comes ta ya moms I dont care how dat date'll go
    she suckin that 8'll blow i'll put a chicken so it aint trickin
    just cuz I pay for that fillet she owe
    I could take ya'll to English class without a G.E.D.
    I aim at T with dat A.R. yall know what he gon' G-E-T
    you gonna see an SK tryna be tough off that E T
    no listen you gonna See a SK tryna be tough off that E T
    if you can spell you'll do well cuz everything I tell real
    and with that K I rip T up the middle cuz you need to L's to spell kill
    I battled DNA X Factor K Shine Yung Ill
    and you supposed to be the cause of my death T ha ha you a mess T
    I know one thing you gettin more then juice these birds comin out this nest T
    I was raised by real goons so all that shit'chu talkin is irrelevant
    in the streets you gotta pay like you weigh so you owe 344,000 and 11 cent
    people pray reverend gotta find a home for this guy
    like a lost call service he can roam in the sky
    he got go he gotta go no emotions shown for the guy
    actually I was at the dealership lookin for a Charger like my phone fiddin'a die
    and we was fuckin with his wifey but the bitch all brian dead
    she just wanna suck dick and listen to Weezy we call the bitch Wayne head
    you get pains in your chest when you blink you sweat when you think
    its only the second round and I bet'chu you stink
    what female would wanna put her face between these knees
    that frictions could only give off a Ranch dressing smell or cream cheese
    bagel thighs my Chicago bitch said he's from the Southside or some place
    Im like where's dat it ont even matter just take me to where dem Bears at
    yall gonna see T walkin with his head down and hear a snap
    left a jelly bean trail to a bear trap

    Round 2 Big T

    Surf let me ask you again like what that bloggin about
    he like what I said that Big Terrance shit I was embarrassed he try to dog me out
    the nigga wasnt at the crib so guess what I went to the nigga momma house
    like I needed help with my homework cuz Im tryna figure these problems out
    I see Surf and Ars in front of da crib I hopped out
    act like I was gonna dap'em open my hand smack'em now he knocked out
    grab Arsonal by the dreads shots goin through his head til they popped out
    now the NBA aint the only one with the lockout hop out
    his man know Im in front of his crib Hi hater fuck'em
    I aint gonna keep playin with this pussy vibrator
    cuz with this lightsaber Ill lift him where he standin in the air like a skyscraper
    with that K waving in front of his crib like a polite neighbor
    why wankstas wanna do research in Chicago to see if Big T ass a clown
    on some bitch shit thats when I switch shit like *Chick* *click* ask it now
    barel to his mouth let the Magnum bloaw
    for thinking it's that i'll let'em speak to this gat now that's how you could ask around
    he always sayin how he run into niggas cribs but I got cameras everywhere
    so i was waitin I see a Micheal Myers jumper mask off of Jason lock pick my door *errgghh* *chick* stick yer face in
    head shot knock a niggas brains that da basement I put the basement in the attic
    attic into the basement bullets ricocheting of the cabinets
    switch all a da paintins changin all a da stations switchin all a da vases
    Terminator 1 role knock the baby out the play pen
    what Im sayin is whatever you wanna do pop
    thats gonna get Ars scarred J get brought in it bring Shotgun get Suge shot
    I work with the tools and let the hammers go like Im finna leave woodshop
    ill have more people watch this crowd Surf in the audience then Woodstock
    since you would not know what pain is imma send him down the lane of it
    that unstoppable train that Densel Washington movie played in push Surf up in the way of it
    Ahh the shit get meaner I wish a Hurricane big as Irene and Katrina hit Jersey and have Surf surf the waves of it
    I could be a bastard wait til somebody passes take they ashes Lebron James the remains of it
    but I'd rather dig up ya whole family group whoever died make bone marrow soup
    and make Surf eat every scrape of it say fuck it Imma style on'em
    you see T you see a bottle or two Ciroc or da Goose a model or two poopin they cooch
    slobbin the crew blew everything harmonic flute bloop come off'a da roof
    Tupac up in Juice bring drama to Tsu Osama Saddam to Tsu
    shot up at you hit your Yamaka too your Hanukkah suit I bought my shit too
    BahBahshitoo jahlawkadah keep tryin youll be in a D line Ndamukong Suh
    when I gotta for you I got Spanish cats that scream Domo when they fire
    nigga Ill shoot at your clock til you both expire
    Shotgun the shooter and the driver both you niggas liars
    you just a fag carrying Shotgun you Omar on The Wire
    so how he say he put on Jersey let me make this scheme
    Joe Buddens and Redman dont fuck'wi'chu and they make the cream
    low key you hate on Ars Suge and Red you just dont make the scene
    so how could a nigga put on Jersey that aint make the team
  3. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Round 3 Surf

    I dont know anyone from Chicago so you cant tell me about my team
    and them pants is still the only place you can get Ranch dressin without wings
    ok so now Surf aint in the street and Twitter is where you see him
    thats cuz big hommies got little homies thatll take that nigga off that timeline like a DM
    ok so now Surf dont come through the block and let it rock when he street sweep
    thats cuz big homies got little homies that let that mack round and bring it back round like a re-tweet
    Surf aint bout that street sick Surf wouldnt send nuttin
    thats cuz big homies got little homies that walk around with pounds like they tryna trend something
    what'chu say 100,000 tweets thats why bitches swallow me nigga
    in the Morn its Aye Verb follow me nigga
    now back to da story wait wait wait wait
    why not come to Chicago to tell fat jokes im in another State
    plus you got'cho Grandmuvas shoulders yo step father complection and your mother face
    when you told DNA he was ugly and soft Ha ha ha you da man scrap
    but still somebody tell this man that he ugly and fat
    and its stilla damn fact bout any chance that can clap
    Chicago dees find T in the middle of SL like where the Rams at
    I see haters still hatin I see Hitman still talkin
    I see that nigga that try to sit you down for life, still walkin
    where I'm from that aint how we handle our obstacles
    add up all the homies divide them into parts of the city then subtract all possibles
    jail I been there ratchets I clap those
    made whole families congragate in black clothes
    but Smack passed you the chance to battle Hollow and you dropped it dude
    if that was Surf vs Nigel bullets get sprayed glocks get used
    techs that sound like long horns he get chopped n screwed
    and if I gotta ride or somethin all black disguise or something
    timbos cargos mask with a nine or something
    you gonna need God hiding tips from Saddam or something
    Troy Davis that boy gonna die for nothing
    you catchin more then beats if these subs get to woffin T
    whole packs of Sheriffs blood hounds have to look for T
    look at me moral at the end a that book'll be
    all I need is half this clip to push a T
    ya whole team ass imma let it ride doe
    Matt Forte you the only nigga ballin in Chicago
    I cant say take me to your leader cuz this is the Boss
    scissor toss bullets cross the middle I pray he pick it off
    im from a city of loud guns and soft words sawn offs and Mossbergs
    its battle rap but outside T gettin that box if we cross words
    my psychologist tried to tell me im two quarters Mike Myers and half satan
    cuz I copped the 44 long with infrared and navigation
    ill flick a button and that gat'll bang and it stop he drop then give him more like Im elaboratin
    i hate everything you think you is so lets get more on topic
    ill hit you so fuckin hard you wont feel a scratch when its on a poppin
    Smack paid me racks then Ill chalk his head when that four be poppin
    long bang from long range 8 ball corner pocket
    formulate this message you a Ray Jay fan and a Aye Verb lova
    the toughest nigga in the Midwest is still Aye Verb mutha
    I hit'em bof legs and let him crawl to a slow stop
    then call 911 then chop the ambulance before they make it to Beaumont
  4. casual1

    casual1 Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2010
    was it you surf?
  5. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Round 3 Big T

    my setups be like if I see Surf in a club deep I was sippin my drink he bumped me and kept fuckin rollin
    I start to look around like Big T just let Surf come and hoe'em
    so I chilled and waited til you finna leave put the gun by his temple squeeze now thats how the fuck you shot'em
    now he dyin in the street left his eyes by his feet now maybe next time you can watch where da fuck you going
    dats how I be on em but the shit that come outta dude mouth
    he say shit like Imma make a nigga yell dang when I hittem with that Luau
    now what typa nigga you know get shot and says dang
    he must got a glock when it pop its a flag that says bang
    Big Terrance aint it a mutha fuckin shame
    cuz it seems like every time Surf bout to get behind bars he like to give out the other niggas name
    if I refrain k Shine said Surf was a snitch Im like dont accused dat
    so what if he did a couple months for a mandatory 3 year sentence right he cant proved dat
    in his Thisis50 interview he said he did less then 2 years for 2 straps
    so thats a mandatory 6 turned into 2 flat now Surf... how you do dat?
    they said dude rat like how did you make make him squeal
    they said Southwest shuffle niggas Im like they made up a dance for real
    they call him Southwest Shuffle not becuz they'll kill
    but becuz when police put they cards on the table they get it cut now they ready to make a deal
    yeah since he always trying surf water nigga
    imma initally take you south cross the border nigga
    yeah he Ok Oklahoma nigga boy you sweet like the peaches up in Georgia nigga
    so give ATL N-O New Orleans nigga
    cuz Surf gonna be MIA after I floor da(Florida) nigga
    if I order nigga you owe me dough you better pay for it or you'll pay for it
    cuz when I slide through and I ride through its too late for it
    like a toll booth you dont have the right amount when you pay for it
    i roll up stick these arms out this window and get'chu change for it
    and I aint going Im deaded Im dead to dis nigga house he a bitch and I feel disrespected
    so Im tellin him to get out with these weapons tellin him to get out
    cuz these techs are like GPS once I address it Im gettin lead to this nigga house
    like where my money Surf he like I aint got'chur shit
    i say nigga what he like well you know T I got robbed and shit
    i say nigga what im not convinced and I dont give a fuck
    I step back blip blip I let two hit him up you'll think i gave him a compliment the way it raised his spirits
    im sick as fuck ill make your mother and sister kiss each other
    break they spine and collar bone soon as they press against each other
    ya little brother mad come bit me I kick the fucker grab his neck twist the fucker
    like fuck Surf get'cha brother
    Surf mad ran up on me all fast I let him pass tripped the fucker
    grabbed a snack his collar bone smashed when they pressed against each other
    now he like Keenan Ivory Wayans cuz Im Gonna Get You Sucker
    nah dat was wack its cuz I put most his family up in the cast like In Living Color
    Lord my brother I remember when he first put me on Surf and shit
    I was lookin like I must admit this old mother fucker Surf can spit
    they say he 22 Im unconvinced I was thinkin at least 136
    nigga I understand you reppin Dirty Jers and shit
    but does that mean you always have to wear dirty shit
    they said he gonna be fly today I said good luck
    nigga cuz every time Im out of state what he have on be out of date like its been stood up
    what do yall like in Surf I dont see it like maybe it the ways he rhyme or something
    he just screamin like maybe im just sleepin on Surf I wouldnt thinkin
    he spit another rap out I snap out I wasnt thinking
    I swear I didnt even need two I one pieced'em
    close his mouth choked him out he whadn't breathin
    like say whats on your mind Surf I squeeze and blow his brains out now yall can see he whadn't thinkin
    you crazy guy even if Jack Thrilla look at me funny through that lazy eye
    ill have him clear stablized where the doctor have'em cant revive
    boy you better hope God is a graceful guy or Caeser died
    you sanctified or aint alive before you permanently tranquilized
    you get hit from that mack sound like a train collide
    he nuts he go insane inside and thats not even my crazy side
    leave his legs by the roses his head by the daisy side
    and get rid of all the witnesses cuz I aint trying to spend a day inside
  6. casual1

    casual1 Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2010
    repped tho
  7. tomcruzmomshoes

    tomcruzmomshoes 3nv1

    Sep 2, 2012
    Will rep later then......
  8. Ethan Hunt

    Ethan Hunt Active Member

    Jun 22, 2012
    this is what i got too damn! scrolling time
  9. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Thanks yall good lookin out, you can always hit me with those @SuperNegger shouts to help get my Mention game up!
  10. dking11

    dking11 New Member

    Aug 31, 2011
    I hate Surf's...and this goes for a lot of other battle rappers..."Food Bars."
    I could start to go noodles when the cause is the beef
    you soft I can see the chicken all in your teef

    cuz when its beef yall chicken niggas be tellin the pork
    I told the prosecutor let me get a veggie burger and a rice cake
  11. dking11

    dking11 New Member

    Aug 31, 2011
    Also OP missed the Ndamukong Suh(Detroit Lions D-lineman) line at the end of the scheme starting with...."You see T you see a bottle or two....." Still very accurate though.
  12. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Thanks for the correction!
  13. Nick Vayne

    Nick Vayne Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2012
    Damn bro, ur on the fast track to become RM's MVP

    keep it up
  14. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
  15. WillyStPaul

    WillyStPaul New Member

    Jul 24, 2012
    u never finished the real deal vs b magic... u only did real deals... i was lookin forward to the other half
  16. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Aight, I got you... got some shit I gotta do, bout to bounce out for a bit. I'll probably have it up by later tonight though.
  17. WillyStPaul

    WillyStPaul New Member

    Jul 24, 2012
    that's whats up... good shit!
  18. Dear Diary

    Dear Diary Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2009
    this battle is so fuckin sick

    propz on doing this btw, you gon get dis rep
  19. Realitymn1

    Realitymn1 Member

    May 4, 2011
    You should do remyds verses vs tdubb.

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  20. SuperNegger

    SuperNegger Toe Tagger Type Negger

    Jun 11, 2012
    Bump for change of scenery...
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