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  1. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Adjustment to rules: You must pick one of each topic to give your opponent some protection from choices and also so there isn't several verses written on the same topic that everyone has picked to be used.

    So pick one of the Title and Phrases, one of the Quotes and one of the Pics for your opponent by Wed or your opponent will get to pick their own topic.

    Titles and Phrases

    On the way down
    In the blink of an eye
    The flames
    The Clearest Of Nights
    Road Rage
    Living a Lie
    Consumed by Hate
    When they awoke
    Insanity's Lurking
    Peace/Piece of Mind


    Anger is a signal, and one worth listening to.
    Harriet Lerner

    I'm afraid I'm being an awful nuisance.
    Edith Sitwell

    A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.
    Joseph Stalin

    Courage is fear that has said its prayers.
    Dorothy Bernard

    Evil brings men together.

    There is no remedy for love but to love more.
    Henry David Thoreau

    Let him who desires peace prepare for war.
    Flavius Vegetius Renatus









    I'm giving you all a break by posting these so early to start the tournament off so there should be no reason for no shows.
  2. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    RSTL Winter Master's Tournament Brackets

    Da EaSt SiDe


    1. Vern Acular
    16. Bull Dog

    8. Formal Logic
    9. Urizen

    5. Pent uP
    12. Saytex

    4. MC4SIGHT
    13. Disused Hero


    6. Got Life?
    11. Hellrzah

    3. Baron Mynd
    14. Millz

    7. Brains
    10. Deadking

    2. TaLi RodrigueZ
    15. Orishianseeds

    Da WeSt SiDe


    1. DIC Gets Gully
    16. Valium

    8. A.S.K.
    9. Fist

    5. Vigil
    12. Robbarado

    4. TekneeK
    13. J-Nyce


    6. Pain
    11. Mets

    3. SacriFICE
    14. RawToon

    7. Ribo Nuke
    10. Worst Enemy

    2. Jook
    15. Master Peace

    All rules that are applied in the league will also be enforced for regulating the tournament. If you're not familiar with the rules of the RSTL, please read them.

    The only difference will be that in this tournament, your opponent will get to pick your topics for you. Topics must be picked and posted within the match thread within 1 day. If it's not posted, the opponent of the person that didn't pick a topic in time will get to choose his/her own topic. You must choose one of each kind of topic for some variety.

    So... topics will be up Tuesday 12am PST every week and topical choices are due Wednesday 12am PST and verses are due Sunday 12am PST, 3am EST, 8am Greenwich with votes due Monday 12 am PST, 3am EST, 8am Greenwich

    Also, there will be no recycling allowed. Nothing you've ever posted anywhere online will be allowed. The mods will be checking verses for authenticity with online search engines.

    If you have any questions before this starts, now's the time to ask......
  3. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Threads, Matches, Topics, Brackets/Ranks, Mags and all other tournament related threads will be in the Tournament Forum from now on. The League Forum will be shutdown for 3 weeks starting Tuesday, January 23

    Tournament Forum
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