Topical Pic Tourny: Shock vs Cigma

Discussion in 'the Onslaught' started by Supaman_EBT, Jul 22, 2003.

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  1. Supaman_EBT

    Supaman_EBT Don't Call It a Comeback.

    Aug 31, 2001
  2. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    'DOT' = . - replace the DOT with an Actual .
    Some of you are still unclear on what exactly your objective in this tournament is as far as what to do is concerned. Construct a verse using one of the pictures provided, with that picture you will be responsible for creating some kind of story, or whatever you want to make using the picture, be creative, anymore questions, email me at
  3. Cigma

    Cigma Maxwell's Demon

    Apr 5, 2002
    No RSTL Championship match for me this week, argh!!

    *grin* I'm taking it out on you Shock! Good luck bruh.
  4. solution!

    solution! shockgod

    Jul 18, 2000
    in like my dick n yo mommas pussy
  5. shockgod

    shockgod 1x Rstl Champ

    Jul 23, 2003
    you must view the pictures to make sense of the verse .. delete the spaces to get the web addy of them ..

    The Beginnin

    http://www. freewebs .com/thaundadoggs/911.jpg

    I browse through mah photo collection..
    when i stumble across this homo's depression..
    loco obsession .. grown to love the flames ..
    but sumone drugged his veins .. and tek took the blame..
    fired from another job ..back to spendin days on computers..
    despite the docs warnin watchin pc's wasnt safe for the future..
    with teks eyes .. even his first employers gave him the boot..
    after his eyes became so lazy they wasnt stayin on route..
    movin from work in computers .. his eyes were'nt fit enuff..
    started as a fireman .. tihnkin he was big n' tough..
    now he's got the sack again .. nothin goin right for tek..
    so he returned to rapmusic to write sum text..
    life went downhill .. began to stop believin in god..
    so he asked jeff if there was any league he could mod..
    jeff replied quikly .. announcin that all mod positions were took..
    thas about the time tek had a vision to cook..
    skipped every trick in the book .. exceeded the basics..
    pist off he didnt have a home in the league he created..
    still with his crescent face .. the turnaround of a peasants fate..
    got a job in caterin .. life was progressin great..
    in a pleasant state .. it was like godblessed .. right .. ?
    a job in the food business .. and he didnt have to mod websites..
    money wasnt too good .. but hell it improved in time..
    tek moved on and forgot about his computer rhymes..
    lookin forward to future times .. got a promotion n' shit..
    no longer postin his spits .. infact tekneek was hopin for kids ..
    his own house .. the most lovin of wives ..
    both livin coo' not havin to lead worryin lives..
    became the centre of the business .. shud'a saw the mans eyes..
    when his company rang and said..
    James Propane .. you are the companies new franchise
    soon had the nicest house and flashiest car..
    had the luck of the devil and the cash of a star..


    one day tek recieved a phone call .. it was a message from god..
    tellin tek a spot was vacant .. but he had to pass a test to be mod..
    tek made his choice .. handed in his notice at work..
    stormed out after callin the companies promoter a jerk..
    left his wife for a god .. left his life and his job..
    now he must make the ultimate sacrifice to be mod..
    as he hung up the string to tree .. tied the rope to his neck..
    as he pulled it tight he died .. there was no hopin for tek..
    ended his fantasies .. his chances and dreams..
    that was about the time his wife checked his answer machine..


    Answer Message Recieved:

    hi Teks wife and kid .. this is IV..
    you'll find tekneek hangin outside from the high tree..
    you see i tricked your husband .. pretended the villain was god..
    he shud'a known he couldnt have my position as mod..
    payback for the past .. when he tried to steal my fame on the boards..
    which resulted in all this pain he's endured..

    Answer Message Ended

    so there it was .. tek was dead for his cause..
    IV had eliminated the biggest pest on the boards..
    never be mod again .. never ever be champ of the league..
    so these were my last memories of tek..
    swingin side to side as he hangs from the tree..

    http://www. freewebs .com/thaundadoggs/mcdonald.jpg

    The End
  6. Cigma

    Cigma Maxwell's Demon

    Apr 5, 2002
    A dying man - I ran - with my tired hands tied to armbands…
    Surviving is a slim chance - fate damned - from a romance…
    Of happenstance - thought back of what happened in a trance…

    Someone fired a dart - out of the dark - barely missed my heart…
    I heard the iron hiss - from a drawing sword…
    Let my body dodge - hard to the left - hand ran to my waist…
    I turned to see a face - I didn't recognize…
    Imagine my surprise - the look of shock in my eyes…
    When I felt a knock to my skull - from the back - heard a crack…
    Sagged then collapsed - and everything went dull…

    I woke up - in a hull - of a ship - in a sweat - innocent…
    Of the danger I was in - floundering - in my thoughts…
    Wondering - if everything was lost - ropes all across…
    My stomach and my wrist - shackled to my legs…
    Bit a puffy lip - what if this was it? - but I wasn't one to quit…

    I took a look around - view of the room - crates rats and stairs…
    Turned my head for a moment - glanced back - someone was there…
    Coming down the steps - my heart - started pounding in my chest…
    Danger sounding in my head - a man - held a light in his hand…
    That made the darkness fled - there was warmth from the torch…
    Oddly though - I felt cold instead - then in a gravelly voice he said…

    "Did you think I'd forget - that I wouldn't find you…
    I'm a make you feel - what he felt but times two…"

    "Sir what did I do? - I don't know who you are - where I am…
    Or what's in store - Are you sure - that you have the right guy…"

    He slapped me in my face - spat "I hate liars - as much as thieves…
    Especially ones who make me grieve - act like a mate - only to deceive…
    You don't remember me - we never met before." - kicked me to the floor…

    "But you knew the man - I'm doing this for - you'll meet fate on the shore…"
    I implored - "At least tell me what I've done - is this some sick idea of fun…?"
    Turned back to me - no sign of glee - "You stole his wife and killed my son..."

    I felt the sun - burn on my flesh - I was stunned - I'd never caused a death...
    He left - crew dropped me on the shore - saying they'd be back tomorrow...
    Told to follow the path - at the end I'd know the meaning of horror at last...
    The walk was weary - hobbled as I was - stopped fell asleep and dreamed what was...

    Her subtle touch - would make me blush - so this was love...
    And this was sorrow - I knew each second we had was borrowed...
    Her husband would come back in time - when he left - re-enact this crime...
    But maybe not this time - If I asked would she follow me blind...?
    Give up her life as a merchants wife - I kissed her softly - she just might...
    Dropped to my knees - against her pleas - "Will you run away with me?"

    Sunlight streamed - woke me from my dream - shoulda stayed asleep...
    I rose to to my feet - continued on - till the path meets - ends at a tree...
    What could this be - I peered about - then gave a shout as I looked up...
    Thunderstruck - there she was - all strung up - gaping hole in her chest...
    Where her heart'd been cut - out and dumped - then placed on a stump...

    I fell again - to my knees - but this time - she would speak no pleas...
    "Please" - I wailed I sobbed - despair descended on me in lumps...
    Then all at once - men jumped - from out of the bushes - and I'm pushed...

    "You and my son - were closest of friends - what a tragic way to end...
    When you and her left - he waited for death - died of a broken heart...
    I took hers as a token - a parents solution - now it's time for your retribution..."

    http://www.freewebs com/thaundadoggs/dali.jpg
  7. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    this was nice, i felt it from beginning to end


    loved the flow, the humor is what drew me in the most, the ending was ok, could've been better, but overall this was a very solid piece, i like how you intergrated tek into the picture, and put a twist on his vivid life, props kiddo

    cigma...another solid pice, i loved the beggining the flow was untouchable, it had me like whoa, but it did tend to fall off near the end, your style is unique, i got to tip my hat to you, the ending wasn't jaw dropping but it was good, overall nice verse as well

    overall...this was hard to vote on two verse, with two very different styles, and two different verse structures, but im going with shock on this, a vote is drawn from a voters opinion, and since i think both verses were hot, i just went with shock due to personal preference, props to both

    return the favor if you can
  8. bigKEN

    bigKEN Hoosier Daddy??

    Apr 24, 2000
    Shock- nice ish, it was hilarious. Good story told, nice complexity and structure. Overall a very, very solid verse. The twist at the end was classic.

    Cigma- deep ish man, that rhyme scheme is a little hard to catch, but I think I got it. Complexity wasn't as great as Shock's. The verse was good nonetheless

    VOTE- Shock... like Vern said I think this is just a vote of personal preference. Both verses told great stories. I found Shock's verse to be more enjoyable and pleasing to read. Both brought a great amount of creativity to the battle, but Shock presented it with a more sound flow and complex rhyme.
  9. castro'DAMUS

    castro'DAMUS j o e y h o f f a

    Feb 24, 2002
    Shock Moves On.....
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