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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Vern Acular, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. Vern Acular

    Vern Acular 12x RSTL Champ

    Oct 10, 2001
    Do Not Close!!!!
  2. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    Yea, and people should start submitting topics... motha fuckas...

    OK... lets see...

    You just found out your fiance was molested by her uncle, whom you are meeting for the first time at the rehearsal dinner the next night...

    You're a kid watching a movie, and a guy sits next to you and starts talking to you all creepy, and you know exactly what to do...

    You decided its time to finally commit suicide, but you wanna do it somehow special... go through your list of how to commit suicide 'differently' and decide on one...

    You're a teddy bear in a cancer ward of a hospital...

    You're trying to make a 1000 mile booty call in your piece of shit 85 civic...

    You're a tagger trying to explain why you do it to someone...

    You're Jerry Springer sitting backstage questioning yourself...

    Like Rodney Dangerfield always claims, 'you get no respect'...

    Make a mixtape that sums up highschool... why the songs that you pick, which songs... why're you making it in the first place?

    Its high school reunion time, and you haven't done shit since then, but want to go back and seem important...

    Workplace boredom leads to....

    'Pull my strings'
    'Drama Queen'
    'Lost Cause'
    'From a mountaintop'
    'No frills'
    'When the shit hits the fan'

    Ok... next person...
  3. 6th_plague

    6th_plague More then meets the eye

    Jul 29, 2001
    The asteriod really is going to hit earth, elaborate...

    Your Milsovec on trial, try and defend yourself...

    'Pac was trying to get into the back seat, but I stopped his crazy ass' - Suge Knight said to Snoop on the evening of Pac's killing... Is Suge guilty? Or was it heat of the moment stupid mistake?

    Theres this girl you really, REALLY like and you know she likes you but you keep putting off asking her out... Then eventually you pluck up the corage... Only to find she was hit by a bus the night before...

    Your the Jodie Foster stalker, elaborate...
    (The Jodie Foster stalker was the man who attempted the Reagan assination to impress her)

    What did Ronald Regan do for America, for the world? Elaborate on just how much a saviour he is to the world...

    You've spent 3 years now on the Ja Rule bandwagon, only to find out Ja Rule is possest by 2pac...

    Whats your perception of Thanks Giving day? Whats your understanding of the history behind it?

    You've spent 3 months flirting with a Transexual on a Real world type reality TV program... Everyone outside knows he's a he she, but you dont... You been gropeing her etc... Elaborate on what happens when you come out of the Real World/Big Brother House...

    You a surving member of the Klu Klux Klan and you are released from prision into 2004 Missisipi... Elaborate... what goes on?

    Your a wrongly convicted childmolestor that was in a high profile case (e.g. Jacko or OJ) and your sent down in a notorious penatenary.... expand...

    You live in a ruff neighbour hood and you survive because you have a secure home... You sneek out one night to go to a party and forget to secure your home... You come back to find all your family have been murdered by an agrivated Robber...

    Your a Jew waiting to be gassed...

    Your a black man in 1940's southern America watching your father swinging from a tree...

    Your a panther giving a speach on how blacks came from glory to be made slaves in Europe and America...

    Your one of the slaves on the ship 'Amistad' describe your feelings as you break from the chains and slaughter the Spanish Armarda...

    Your Fidel Castro in the cold war, pled your case for possetion of nuclear wepons... for communism and for the segragation of Cuba and Soviet Russia from the 'western opression'

    You've been asked to ghost write a track Dead Prez, still confioming to their beleifes...

    You get to have a debate with Bush about his priorites... expand

    Suicide - selfish or not? Expand...

    Abortion - wrong or right? Expand

    Track titles:-
    - To live and Die in LA
    - Brenda's got a baby
    - Rock Bottom
    - Mathamatics
    - Industry Nukkaz
    - Smoke and Mirrors
    - No mo drama
    - Hip Hop
    - Revolutionary, but still gangsta
    - Bitch Nukkaz
    - In the air tonight
    - Party Up
    - Everyday struggle
    - Hellbound
    - Me and Ma Bitch
    - If I should die before I wake
  4. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    You are the keeper of the holy grail...

    You're a famous singer, and are about to take your copmputer in to get it fixed, when you notice some mysterious files that you never downloaded...

    You're a bum who cleans peoples windshields as they wait at stoplights in LA... while you're doing it, sing your song... why you're their, in little bits and pieces...

    Make up a classic american folk hero (like casey at the plate etc)

    You're a tribesman from an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon delta, and have been ostracisized from the tribe, and are making your way out into the 'other' world...

    Your bills are piling up and you decide its finally time to get paid...

    You've got a lot of pent up aggression, and you let it out while working the grill at Jack in the Box (or McDonalds, or Burger King etc)

    Write an anthem to stop school shootings...

    Your teacher is very 'patriotic' and insists everyone says the pledge of allegience, but you refuse, have the argument...

    You're a minor scientist working on the manhattan project, and you've found a major flaw, but no one will listen to you...

    You're Robert the Bruce (outlawed king of Scotland) living in the shadows, scraping by, until finally its time to rise up and reclaim your crown...

    Pick a genocide, any genocide and tell the stories of a victim, and a perpetrator...

    'calvin and hobbes'
    'back by popular demand'
    'waste of human flesh'
  5. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    Come on you fuckers, you gotta submit some goddamn topics.

    You lost your wallet and are retracing your steps...

    You're the collective consciousness of the village of pompeii...

    You're a sweatshop worker...

    In your new apartment you hear a little rattling in a vent, and open it up to find a whole bunch of photographs...

    Someone dug up the grave of your mom and defaced the body, and you someone found out who it was...
  6. 6th_plague

    6th_plague More then meets the eye

    Jul 29, 2001
    Talk about a domestic abusive relationship

    Love is Blind - expand

    The power of the Dollar - Expand

    Your the leader singer of a world famous rock band, who were bigger than the beatles. Your sales amassed well over 3 billion to this date, and the royalties are still flooding in... But your not seeing a penny of it, and you have had to claim benifits because your so poor...

    Your fucking about, pissed after a party... You see an exposed gas pipe that some ones uncovered the canopy workmen left on it. As a dare you flick your cigerette down the hole, and nothing happens... Till you get to the end of the road.

    You nearly kill yourself with shock after getting off your ass and submitting a topic.

    Your an member for a day. Expand
  7. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    *twiddles thumbs*

    Come on, not even Formal's submitted anything man... ok Momma, me and you this next week apparently.

    You have until midnight, and only until midnight, or all is lost...

    Fixing your stereo, you get zapped and have an out of body experience...

    You're shipwrecked on a deserted island, and you eat some berries that have hallucinagenic effects, which is cool, but you wake up in random places all the time, and thinking back you slowly remember the fucked up things that you did...

    You are Charlie in Willy Wonka's factory, what's it like?

    Your baby's momma's developed a crack habit, so you steal the baby from her...

    Every morning there's a different polaroid picture on your doorstep, and they seem to be leading up to something...

    Camping in Yosemite something goes wrong...

    You're in a gang, and have killed 5 people, and even jacked an old lady for her purse, when Karma starts taking potshots at you...

    Your car seems to be trying to kill you...

    You're slowly acquiring an addiction, but won't admit it to yourself even...
  8. Retulen Reactus

    Retulen Reactus Text Legend.

    Sep 19, 2003
    Tekneek throws a party.everyone is invited Explain what happens
  9. Dark-Vybe

    Dark-Vybe VYBE

    Apr 5, 2000
    your a House pet... tell your story

    your the bitch in the R.Kelly tape... tell your story

    tell a story/any story... but tell it backwards
    (& still make it surprising & intresting without givin it all away in the 1st few lines, ya dig?)

    pretend your a director, an ESPN decided thurr really gonna make PLAYMAKER season 2, unfold the RB contraversy in episode 1...

    someone pulls a sr. class prank, what happens an on an on an on...

    do a song prody, any song..

    your a contestant on the LAST COMIC STANDING, explain erything that happens from point A to point Z that night..

    diss yourself, HARDCORE!!!

    describe the earth & everything on it in your own words..

    invent a new super drug, what is it, whats it made of, what does it do?

    your 14, bout to be a father/mother, what do you do to keep shit straight & livin a normal life?

    paint us '1' picture(make up your own) as if we dont have eyes, then tell us in your words what the picture stands for or represents...

    pretend Tupac or Biggie are alive, what is he doing today?

    your dreaming, go aginst your biggest fears in 1 adventure(remember ANYTHING can happen)

    why are you important to the world today?

    how do you think the world unfold eryday if moneis did NOT exist?

    take us thru your theme park

    your the lawyer defending "that dude that killed his wife & unborn son & dumped em in the waters off cali's coast...scott something was his name, iont remember"

    make up a comic book hero or villian...... introduce us to issue #1

    with your made up comic book hero or villian..... take us to issue #2

    your 1 of 5 brothers or sisters who look exactly to the T alike, take this story an do what ever with it, but try an have a solid lesson to learn from it...

    Jeff suddenly decides to give away RM... you get it... How did you get it, what are you going to do with it...etc...

    diss atleast 50 RM cats in 1 verse...

    diss atleast 50 signed cats in 1 verse...

    the day your balls left the family & how your dick reacted...
  10. Dark-Vybe

    Dark-Vybe VYBE

    Apr 5, 2000
    your a public restrooms walls inna super busy place of business, what have you seen that was intresting?

    you took a stand during 1 of the flights that crashed on 9-11, what did you do while in flight?

    spit game to some hot famous chick

    simple life 3, paris & nicole come to live at your tell..

    you live in the country, your a fuckin pimp...get funny..

    make up a word, whats it mean, how is it used, who uses it...get stooooopid wit it yo..

    you a LIVE on the air game show host, 1 of the contestants goes off cus he/she lost, they have a weapon......expand

    you age 100 times slower then erybody tell

    Publishers Clearing House jus showed up to your door with a 1,000,000.oo check, what happens next...

    your in a HUUUGE Cartel, you get busted, your facin life witout parole...
    either A: turn the BIG boss in for exchange of freedom & expand..
    or B: tell your life in prison & expand..

    your a medicore unknown emcee with nochange of being signed ever, then jus messin round 1 day you sing a country song & people respond like your some superstar, but your straight from the hood...
    get funky with this 1............the fuck you gonna do?

    your drunk as fuck in marti gras with NO money or beads, whats next...

    your a mugger, you mugg some old lady who happens to be transporting a kilo..
    but the dudes who sent the lady on a run knows you mugged the bitch...what happens next?
  11. Dark-Vybe

    Dark-Vybe VYBE

    Apr 5, 2000
    your a unknown psyci, who has never been wrong, you see something vuuuury bad bout to happen, what is it & how do you get people to believe you?

    your wyle cyote, you finally catch roadrunner, how yyou did it?
  12. A.S.K

    A.S.K ...

    Mar 11, 2003
    youre a kid obessed with superman. Ure so taken wid him that you go on a quest to find him........but theres somethig bout superman which will shock u. Expand

    youre making a run and police are all over you. Youre fearing yer life so in the tension u got to sniff some of the stuff u carrying.....expand

    Good die young

    Your live is perfect, then you see the 'little green man'

    youre in a haunted mansion, and you knwo its haunted cos theres zombies and shit all over yer arse. explain.

    youre sitting under an old lamp with a bunch of flowers resting on the table with a card saying 'if only;.....expand, how did this happen, what does it mean
  13. Dark-Vybe

    Dark-Vybe VYBE

    Apr 5, 2000
    your some average joe...make a mystery around a certain(you pick the #) number, then solve it

    your ashton kutcher, PUNK somebody

    somethings growing in your ball sack, its alive...........

    ok im done now...
  14. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Write through the view of you conscience.

    Your girl friend finds out your cheating on her, what do you tell her to convince her nothing happend.

    You buy a VCR from an old pawn shop in a big city, you get home & there's video tape inside. On the video tape it says "Your Timeline". You can rewind, fast forward, pause & stop. Use all four in a story.

    Your ex-girlfriend is with one of your close friends.Everytime she drinks she tells you how much she loves you. Expand.

    Diss your favorite rapper. (Different kind of topic, not the usual somber one)

    Walking through Time Square. Expand.

    You wake up one morning to an empty house. Everything is gone, family, furniture. Expand.

    Your the walls of a prison cell.

    Your the eyes of blind man.

    Your a black man trapped in a white man's body.

    Your deeply in debt to a bookey thats after you. Place a bet on something, and expand.

    Your a member of Slipknot ( Hardcore metal band). Tell your childhood.

    You fall in love with an animal.

    "Broken Glass"

    "Your Face Or Mine"

    "Eyes To The Stars"

    "Message In A Bottle"

    "Care For Me"

    "Lost In Translation"

  15. Freedom

    Freedom Free Speech

    Jun 7, 2004
    u are micheal jacksons kid 10 years from now
    u are a crooked cop
    the government is recording your every move and u realize u have become enemy of the state
  16. Vember2

    Vember2 New Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Ur an alien baby that looks human in ever aspect, u were sent to destroy the earth but u fall in love with ur family there.....everyone back home is depending on u, wha do u do n can u balance both or do u pick 1 n whatnot
  17. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    Thank god, maybe there'll be more topics this goddamned week... and they won't be mine for once.

    You're an alley cat...

    Time speeds up but you can't move, tell what you see...

    You're trailer trash, tell us what its like...

    Stuck in a cabin with your girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend... why? how? what happens?

    conspiracy theory...
  18. Vembeezy

    Vembeezy New Member

    May 17, 2004
    Ur a prophet in ur own time....all the things you predicted have come true when you are still alive. Name some of the things you predicted and how the public greets or reacts to this

    Explain ur view on mainstream rap

    Explain ur view on the things wrong with society today

    Write a song about the most important thing in ur life

    You're in a rap battle that youve clearly won, but the crowd cheers for the other guy n he wins. whats going thru your head and what do u plan to do? either as an impulse or after the show.

    You have the disease known as ''Hulk syndrome'' where when u get really mad ur body surges with superhuman strength, but it can be fatal. Name one occasion where u got mad n this happened.

    You're a rabies sheep, explain

    In a metaphorical sense, compare your lovelife with the (sun),(moon), or (earth)[pick one]

    youre a pack a day smoker, the doctor says if u smoke one more cigarette u will die. elaborate/tell ur story
    I might be submitting more laterz, holla
  19. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001

    "Dead or Alive"


    "Fight Club"

    Your a ghost, tell your story.

    As your playing a board game (any of your choice), you get zapped into it & the board game becomes your reality. Expand.

    Your a door. Expand.

    Your a devote Christian. Something or someone tries to convince you all that you know is wrong. Does it? What/Who is it? Expand.

    Your lost in a maze. Expand.

    Your on a road trip. Write your story.

    Your in an accident. Whats going through your mind.

    You know everything in the world, except for one thing. What is that one thing? Expand.

    You see everything in black and white. Expand.

    Your a wave. Expand.

    There's three important things in life. What are they? And how do you use them? Expand.
  20. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    5 Scenario/Standard:
    1. tell a story from the perspective of a handicapped person.

    2. describe the rise and fall of a drug kingpin...make it original and interesting.

    3. monotony has overtaken are working 6 days a week, 8 hours a day, in a tiny cubicle for a big company with no hope for and your girlfriend don't love eachother, and use eachother for sex...and you have barely anytime for need to change your

    4. you get your girlfriend pregnant, and decide to propose to her...but in your heart you know you don't truly love her...expand.

    5. it's graduation time, and you're the one likes you're going to recall all the cruel things they've done to you in your're going to shock them all...write your sure to include examples and images.

    5 Phrase:
    1. Cry Wolf
    2. Last Laugh
    3. Go For Broke
    4. From the moment of birth
    5. Greener Pastures
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