Top two or three reasons you DON'T believe in GOD

Discussion in 'The Alley' started by M-theory, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. zyclon B gas

    zyclon B gas sososerious

    Apr 23, 2002
    ok let's take what you say and look at it:

    world is flat? not religiously motivated
    world is square? not religiously motivated
    we are center of the universe? not religiously motivated
    the sun revolves around us? not religiously motivated
    sneezing is a sign of the devil? not religiously motivated or even claimed by religion
    being left handed is a sign of the devil? not a sign of the devil, but the left side, in almost all religions or beliefs, is associated with bad luck and that the devil lurks.
    the earliest humans lived for hundreds of years? never once stated by any religious source. one time was one person given long life in the bible, once.
    adam and eve are true and were all products of incest? but also could be true due to other passages where people are separated.
    gingers are witches? not religiously motivated
    praying will cure disease and w/e? oh ok, so those inoperable diseases and w/e that science is baffled by that the person beats that science still can't understand, yet the person and their family prayed time and time again can't be chalked up to a miracle?
    god loves you, is kind and forgiving and has a plan for you.. but will condemn you to eternal damnation, suffering, pain and torture for living out that plan? actually, what you just said yup to makes absolutely no sense. if you live out the plan he has for you, then you would not be condemned. see this shows your absolute ignorance of what religion is about. (if hes real and religion is to be believed.. unless your catholic and buy yourself an indulgence) - this only happened during a period of time when the catholic church was extremely corrupt.

    you make sweeping generalizations and assumptions based on google and whatever people tell you. you admittedly have never read the bible, so therefore you have absolutely NO concept or knowledge of what it is about or says, so you have absolutely no right to speak on the subject, and in doing so you sound like a fuckin moron.

    throughout history, you are completely incorrect. for certain periods of history, yes, religion was used as the guiding force throughout the land, and some religious figures were corrupt and did wrong things, but more often then not they were not. no religious leader has done anything worse than a normal leader. you're caught up in this "anti-God" thing which you just believe blindly without looking for facts. of course you're going to bring up the rare cases of people fucking up, and then you're going to bring up the crusades.

    let's stop for a second and act like God doesn't exist, and you're the only person on earth who knows it. are you going to go around and tell people God is fake even though their beliefs are leading them to do miraculous acts and be great people? apparently you say people can believe whatever they want if it makes them a good person, yet in the same breath you call religion a myth, in every thread related to God you bash him, religion and anyone who follows religion and call them all idiots and that they have no intelligence etc. etc.

    so in reality, you're a hypocrite that is still just as dumb to anything outside of your own opinion which has no basis in fact other than that's what you believe. no other basis.

    you're an idiot. stop arguing about subjects you have no knowledge on. if you truly believe that whatever people believe that makes them a good person is ok with you, then you should never speak on a topic regarding religion calling anyone that follows it irrational and dumb and that they have no facts. you should keep your mouth shut. you have no idea what you're talking about.
  2. liquid`acid

    liquid`acid gods busy can I help you?

    Jun 21, 2005
    lol follow history a lil better man... especially where religion gets involved... all and any of them not just one or two... maybe also read the book of genesis and pay attention to life span....

    any of these miraculous recoveries you mention also happen to non believers... i am in no way advocating that science has all the answers.. you just gotta accept lack of knowledge instead of attributing it some magical power.

    i dont say anything without looking for facts.. thats what religion does, if there are no facts i just say i dont know and am content with that. the crusades is simply one of the many many religion vs religion wars that probably never would have happened if religion weren't around... not a fuck up on behalf any one church

    obviously in this scenario belief isnt the driving force behind the miracles and whatnot so lack of belief shouldnt change anything...

    if your read carefully and without bias you may notice me attacking the ideas driving religion but rarely the people following the ideas. some people yes i will call stupid but it has more to do with the fact they are stupid about areas outside of religion (ie. scientific facts) and not because they are religious

    i fully respect and am open to any opinion thats drivin by... evidence, facts, proof... that kinda stuff. hell, even some form of critical thought that can be logically laid out. if you claim god is real and your proof is your ability to breath im probably not gunna respect it because thats not any sort of proof or critical thought that can be logically laid out.

    i will say again if you want to follow religion go for it... just dont expect anyone else to follow your illogical, ridiculous beliefs..... see what i did there? i called the idea behind it illogical & ridiculous not the person following it

    also religion has no facts behind it... not one person has ever been able to present one when ever ive asked for one

    to help you understand why religion is in fact a myth

    a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, esp. one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.
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