Top 5 Car Audio Gadgets of 2010

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    As car audio entertainment gets more technologically advanced and consumers want more in-car entertainment, we’re seeing an increase on the market for car audio. Here’s a lowdown on the top car audio gadgets that are currently available for your car.

    Car Mp3 Player

    This gadget is probably the most in demand. It allows you to hook your Mp3 player or iPod via a cable and play the music through your car stereo. It’s a handy device that means you don’t have to carry around your CD collection anymore. Most modern car Mp3 players also allow you to attach the latest smart phones, such as the I-phone. This multi-compatibility lets gadget lovers who are always interchanging their gadgets hook up their latest iPhones and iPods, as well as those who stick by their older iPhones and Mp3 players.

    Car DVD Player

    Making you car into a mini-cinema is not unusual these days. Car owners often use car DVD players on long journeys to give themselves a break or to occupy the passengers. There are variety of car DVD player styles, including all in one in-dash DVD player (small screen and DVD player in the dashboard) or a separate screen and DVD player which are placed behind the front seats. Each option is for a particular requirement – in-dash is for when front passenger and driver need a rest, whilst the separate kit is to entertain the back passengers. The advantage of in-dash is that it is an all in one system, which can play CD’s too. Some newer models even use Bluetooth and connect to Mp3 players.

    Car Bluetooth Player

    For the person who always needs to connect, the car Bluetooth player has become a savior. No more distracting handsfree means drivers can talk and drive safely. A car Bluetooth player simply works by pairing your stereo and phone together, allowing your phone to exchange information with your stereo. Note that not all phones can be used with a car Bluetooth player, so make sure your phone is compatible beforehand.

    Sat-Nav and GPS

    These nifty gadgets let you find where you are and guide you along your journey, without having just to rely on a map. If unknown journeys are a regular for you, sat-navs and GPS will guide you there much quicker than any map alone. Simply 10-20 minutes before you start your car, plan your route and wait for it to organize your route. Bring a map as well though and use in conjunction with the gadget in case it does guide you along the wrong path. Using both should speed up your journey and make it far easier.

    Touch screen

    Touch screen has become the new flashy gadget. You can get touch screen car cd mp3 players, car dvd players, car Bluetooth players, sat-navs and GPS. This helpful function enables a much quicker response time and is far easier to use, as well as less distracting, when driving a car.

    If you are interested in any of these top 5 car audio gadgets, have a look at Car Audio Systems - who have a wide variety of car audio gadgets and systems for your car.
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