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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Flow Da HoloGraff, Aug 9, 2004.

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  1. Flow Da HoloGraff

    Flow Da HoloGraff Fuck Up!

    Mar 3, 2002
    Ahhhh yes the shiznit.....Top 20 countdown for the
    week of August 8th....and this week is Friday the 13th
    ya punk biatches! muahahhahahahahhahaha *hack, wheeze*

    Let's get to it


    01- richard corey (26-5)
    02- mc 4sight (22-5)

    Hmmm here it is, the match I've been waiting for.
    Anyone else been waiting for this one? I'd venture to
    say heads such as Tha Talent have. Waiting to see if
    anyone can finally dethrone Mr. Corey. MC 4SIGHT, it's
    gonna take a verse from the Heavens buddy...but if
    anyone can do it, it's you. I didn't hype you up all
    this way for nothing, make me proud. Richard Corey's
    got everything to lose here, and I've got a feeling
    he's not gonna go lightly against 4Sight....this is my
    pick for Matchup of the week...

    5 Stars


    03- awedishin (45-18)
    04- doyen (8-0)

    Hmmm Doyen eh? Such buttersmooth flow and schemes,
    fan-fucking-tastic storylines, polished like a set of
    triple chrome 24" Sprewell's....against
    alittletooinconsistentformyowngood lol....I'm only
    here cuz Jowelz again didn't vote, so he lost 6 votes
    when I was only down by 2. Anywho...I could chalk the
    advantage to me because of experience being in this
    situation, but I won't. I think Doyen has a really
    good shot of going into the title match undefeated,
    but you can bet I'll do what I can to prevent that!

    4.5 Stars


    05- tha talent (49-18)
    06- equitus (10-3)

    Hehe....Talent got no showed last week, and Formal
    beat Iglos like a redheaded stepchild. So here we are.
    Formal has made clear his disgust for the RSTL and
    placing him against Tha Talent this week, which is
    already a negative mark for him. It shows he's weak in
    the confidence department. Talent "wasted" a verse
    last week, so to speak, so he's ready to take it out
    on someone....another really good match..damn the top
    10 is lookin plush

    4.25 Stars

    07- khoi (10-3)
    08- atheist (27-9)

    Khoi, why is it I still don't know much about you. I
    remember your verse against CK a couple weeks ago when
    he beat you, and it was a really good verse. Do you
    have what it takes to take Atheist out though? After
    reading that verse last week by Atheist, all
    assumptions of rust immediately departed my mind.
    Looks like we've got another serious contender to get
    to the title soon....just a bold prediction of my own

    4 Stars

    09- anaphora (18-7)
    10- tekneek (39-13)

    Anaphora...oh sooooooooo close last week. I know it
    hurts to get the last few votes, all from really
    respected heads like Myself, Talent, etc, and then to
    lose ... just by a pube.... ouch. You had such an
    outstanding effort, it was remarkable, Kudos homie.
    Tek, you've been doing better lately, do you have what
    it takes to beat Anaphora? I'd say you've had it
    before, but now? Against a wounded beast? ehhh..the
    odds are severely stacked against you...

    4 Stars
  2. Flow Da HoloGraff

    Flow Da HoloGraff Fuck Up!

    Mar 3, 2002
    11- cereal killer (18-6)
    12- liquid life (14-3)

    Nice.....LiquidLife is finally back, and I know he
    wants a piece of the Big Mac....he's gonna have to
    make it there first though. CK had a bit of an off
    week last week, and I think he's gonna bounce back
    fierce this week. Jerseyemcee has to be rusty, and
    I'll keep the remainder of the personal comments to

    3.75 Stars

    13- jowelz (61-18)
    14- in awe (9-1)

    Name biter! Name Biter! hahah j/k. Jowelz, you
    shouldn't be here, start voting you asshole. In must have just signed back in, great way to
    come back eh? I think Jowelz gets so disgusted here he
    either no shows, or shows so nicely he beats the piss
    out of In Awe...bold prediction again on my part

    3.75 Stars

    15- erykah kaine (16-7)
    16- noib da mutt (13-7)

    EK is back...with 1 week under her belt. Noib seems to
    be floating around the teens too much lately. I
    personally think he has a lot of talent, he just
    doesn't dive deep enough into his own skill pool
    sometimes to show it. EK figures she signed back in
    for a reason, she wants to get back to contention.
    Could be a really good match if both come full

    3.5 Stars

    17- krooked k (14-3)
    18- vember(4-0) kid on AIM...haven't read any of
    his verses yet. Krooked K, been known to have the
    ability to drop serious heat. I'm going KK on this one

    3.25 Stars

    19- touch1 (6-2)
    20- menso (4-0)

    Never read either, Menso is cool cuz he fucks around
    on the Net at work like me lol. Haven't read either of
    your verses before I don't believe...can't even call

    That's pick for Matches of the week go to :

    #1 RC vs 4Sight
    #2 Awedishin vs Doyen
    #3 Tha Talent vs Formal Logic

    Until next week, Go Forth and Produce....and don't try
    to force farts, it's a dangerous game to play knowing
    there's a chance you could be sitting in shitty draws
    all day.

  3. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    4SHIZZLE i had a feeling me and RC might be match of the week....

    and while this being my 3rd champ match ya know what they say....

    3rd times a charm....good luck to corey...

    great breakdown once again mac....

    good luck to all others....

    I'M BRINGING IT HOME..............................
  4. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Im not scared, I can beat anyone at a given time, Im just saying the odds are a little bit aganist me. Hehe.

    JOWELZ Bah Fangooly Da Bear

    Jun 4, 2001
    i think after almost 3 years in the league, that i shoudl be given a voting exception

    i just don't have the time.
  6. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000

    dude I've been in the league since day 1 too....and I still have to vote
  7. Atheist

    Atheist Storyteller

    Jul 29, 2002
    dope as always, man.
  8. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    it might not be a bad idea to make it after, say, 75 weeks in the league you only have to vote on 4

    then again, those are the best heads, and thus the best voters generally
  9. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000

    lol nah, f that. Everyone needs to vote on the same number of matches. I'm frankly sick of getting 5 or 6 TOTAL votes in a match in a league that has as many as 40-60 people signed in at all times
  10. Menso

    Menso Go Lakers!

    Jul 13, 2004
    yeeeeeah... movin on up. [teet]

    nicely done.
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