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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by Ace the Prophet, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    An exercise for myself, lol...taking a topic from the RSTL and simply writing to it. Doing this because I don't have time to be in the league, so here's something I'm whipping up in an hour:


    Sirens surround every block of every town
    Tryna find a man just monkeyin' around
    A couple different murders in a couple different states
    With a whole country followin' just wanting to relate
    Motive is a simple one: Ressurrect the past
    He concealed deep within that would never get a chance
    Then make 'em understand that there really ain't a meaning
    And no they can't negotiate, there ain't no intervening
    See this kinda plan now is one you can't devise
    A spur of the moment blur, wantin' to arise
    That can garner the attention of the middle-class public
    That no home is safe from the power that he covets
    Still he walks around hidden in plain sight
    In a fresh new business suit he's wearin' the same nights
    That he tortures and kills, yet he doesn't leave a trace
    Cleaning up the failures he's needing to erase
    Everyone that's done him wrong or ever told a lie
    Is all that he can care about, he's waiting for the sign
    That this one's the one that he's ridding of tonight
    The thought of one's blood is just giving him a high
    The target? Made, one that bullied him in school
    Raped and killed a girl, body put up in a pool
    Inside, a fetus that was eight months old
    Cops couldn't find him so the case went cold
    The only one that knew? Our man who has a gun
    And a bunch of other weapons, proving tragedy is fun
    He stalks this murderer to Mandalay Bay
    Gambling his debts and his casualty away
    Makes a couple grand then hops up on a plane
    Down into Mexico to live without a shame
    Heads into a room just to catch up on some sleep
    With his stalker followin' who doesn't make a peep
    Then he feels a slight pinch up in his neck
    And sees his old friend, "Who the fuck did you expect?"
    The words ring aloud as he falls into a daze
    And wakes up in a maze tied up to razor blades
    "You shall not survive, I'm waiting at the end
    With a brand new knife that'll tear apart your skin"
    The rapist looks around, now fearing for his life
    Knowing he was wrong for disposing of his wife
    He decides to fight and try to make it through the maze
    Just to go through the torture he knows that he awaits
    The blades that are tied to him cut with every step
    And the one in his neck inches deep with every breath
    He moves around confused, crawling aimlessly for life
    Then looks up to see a beam of neverending light
    He crawls through to see that he made it to the end
    When a monkey in the suit waits to play here with his friend
    The man is bleeding through, yet he seems to be alive
    The monkey stands tall, now he needs to see him thrive
    The man stands up, knowing what he did was wrong
    And asks him to take his life, he wants it to be gone
    "Pity, my friend, now I shall never take it
    For the life you did was one you knew was sacred
    However, I'd love to just have a little fun
    So just open your mouth for my lovely little gun"
    The man now agrees, hoping this'll be his death
    Waiting to decease, he doesn't want another breath
    And as he feels the monkeys gun in his mouth
    The man hears a shot and feels pain down south
    The monkey pulled a fast one, shot him in his junk
    And laughed his little ass off, calling him a punk
    But with all the blood spilt the man still wasn't dead
    And when the monkey saw he was alive he looked at him and said

    "You're not DEAD? Dammit! Look--if anyone asks, I killed you, okay?"​
    1 hour of Good for the League
  2. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    This is an all round well written piece. You did the whole job of story telling consistantly well. An enjoyable read.
  3. Chase Murda

    Chase Murda hostile enviroment

    Jan 25, 2004
    Dam i didnt know that u was u ace on that pic...dam u one ugly dude yo no homo
  4. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    To quote 50 Cent, "Not a pretty face but my mom thinks I'm handsome"

    Funny to see chase poppin up in one of my threads without something relevant
  5. Arsenic P

    Arsenic P A.K.A. PROPOSITION P

    Feb 25, 2006
    good shit i like your approached on this my dude
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