Toilet ideology.

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    Jun 10, 2010
    In the morning, unfortunately, before breakfast, I a friend had sent a photo of late summer spring cleaning of his boat. In fact, his photo-reportage was confined to only one space. A space, which is designed to suit the needs of ladies, depending on the frequency and length of use as well as in terms of assistance in finding their own identity, self-esteem and, as we shall see, even psychological problems is essential. Anyway you want it ~ wc, bathroom, toilet.

    Why women; which is on the boat, of course, a particular problem; despite explicit instructions about the possibilities and how to's, still throw everything down the toilet, is likely to remain an unexplained mystery. Under "everything" it not only includes tampons, pads and all kinds of cotton, but also Q-tips, razor blades, condoms and even discarded toothbrushes. In fact, for most women and probably some men the toilet-bowl kind of represents a living "Savior". Throw it in there and pull the water, as it runs things out of your life.

    If you'll ever speak with one of modern day's entrepreneurial upstart, which has a booming business of cleaning these types of "Saviors", you'll learn that they manage to pull out of the pipes bras, g-strings, hamsters, parrots or kittens. Even a goldfish once in a while, but despite the attractive idea, those aren't not sewage's indigenous inhabitants.

    So, if it could be possible, people would throw just about everything in the toilet. Old washing machines and irons, disused cars and maybe even a mother-in-law every so often. What the hell could be more practical? Pull water and matter disappears, and with it all its accompanying problems. What happens to the thing afterwards, is no longer your problem, if in modified form shows up in the life of someone else, it doesn't matter. For example, as the giant tampon, which was got catapulted in our direction when my uncle had his boat's toilet unclogged.

    Toilet that would swallow absolutely everything would be a hit in sales, some kind of black hole, where things got thrown. Technological upgrades would be developed in the direction aphysical things, so that it'd end up devouring bad memory, bad news and poor decisions. Finally, we'd develop one that would devour ourselves, and maybe those were what ended civilizations which have been budding on this planet before us. It takes until someone makes the ultimate toilet. I have a theory about the pyramids, which is at least a bit more likely than most of those I read about. In fact it's a huge toilet, which eventually devoured everything around it.


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