To My Boy Mark, On Lock:

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by dsp2k5, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Sep 7, 2005
    Wassup Mark, how the pen been treating you.
    Way I been feeling lately, maybe I should be there too .
    Dude, some issues been in my mind, I feel guilty
    You got addicted to coke and ice, I feel like I did it, see
    Remember we picked up all those chics when we
    Was young dumb full of cum and getting these
    Dimes in my fly ride, you remember my cars?
    Remember we was in pimp mode when Ami broke my heart
    You introduced me to those girls, said you really liked Courtney
    One night she was horny called me up said she had the hots for me
    You was my boy so I turned her ass
    down. Then out of stupidity I did it when you turned your back
    You clean so I thought it was me who turned you back
    You said u didn't care but I could tell it hurt you bad.
    So if it was on me, I'm sorry dawg
    If it you got hooked on narcotics again n it was all my fault
    I apologize from the bottom ...
    But I did tell you about them drugs was bad and to stop em .
    Drop them bad habits, you smarter than that ...
    Remember I taught you to rap, I taught you to brag
    Taught you to spit game to chics n watched you wrong em back?
    That was right after middle school
    Everyone would point at you and say that boy isn't cool
    So me n my boy decided if we went somewhere we took u wit us too.
    Can't wait till u back on the outside wit us dude.
    Untill next time, if you write is we will write you too.
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