to anyone who has any knowledge in building studios

Discussion in 'Audio Emcee Hook Ups' started by Shortyo, Dec 13, 2004.

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    right now i have a simple setup that is in my apartment... MXL mic, yamaha 24 track digital mixer my custom pc... yamean... Im about 6-8 weeks i should be getting some cake... im buying a 5 bedroom crib with a detached in law quarter that im gonna make a studio... now ima be making a studio to make PROFIT so ima need some equipment that will get me the best sound for my $
    ima have like 5-10gs after i buy this house to play with (i was gonna throw it on a car but ill wiat till income tax to do that)

    So if anyone knows the equipment i should cop that will give me the best sound for my price range HIT ME. (i was gonna hire the guy who built jazzy jeffs studio but hes talking 50gs I aint balling like that)

    Ima be mostly recording rap and rnb and i have about 5-10gs to put into it... My dad is a general contractor he is gonna build the studio rooms for me. So alls i need is the EQUIPMENT

    hopefully someone here has a clue because Im tired and i dont

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