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    Apr 13, 2004
    all these traditions killing freedom
    knowing my condition
    is the reason I must die
    I won't support your lie no more
    I won't even try no more
    Animal conditioning just to keep me as your slave
    but I'll get out
    I'll get out of all your boxes
    I'll get out
    Are you sure?
    Where's the passion in your living?
    Are you sure it's God your serving?
    You thought I'd stay here hurtin
    But how quickly we forget
    That nothing is for certain
    But I'll get out
    I'll get out of all your bondage
    I'll get out
    Social purgatory
    I'm the one who wrote the story
    I chose the characters of myself
    and left the salt to the earth
    Don't dream about
    Don't speak of doubt
    turn your head now baby just spit me out
    Heaven let your light shine down
    Heaven let your light shine down
    In the Arms of an Angel
    Far away from here
    And the endlessness that you feel
    I came to bring the payne
    hardcore to the brain
    I'm moving you stupid bitches
    this is telekinesis
    My mom's a good actor
    Global warming around your head
    keeping me among the dead
    He does exist
    experience is cheap
    if that's the company you keep
    you'll never get that disease
    cause I've had it
    Have you found Jesus Gump?
    I didn't know I was supposed to be lookin for him
    I kept the creator out of sight
    and Santa's children are really really small
    He's in an anthill in South America
    There is nothing you can't see
    I cannot hide from you
    it's better to sing in heaven
    than serve in hell
    saved by the bell
    I keep on talking mother fuckers
    Why do I refuse to hush
    Aww...I make you blush
    Jesus had a crush
    I carry the cross
    You am my loss
    there is no hope
    if you can't cope
    smoke some dope
    no hands on this throat
    I'm gonna die
    relief in my sigh
    I started first
    I insisted on your curse
    and you might just have to leave I in fiction
    you have no competition
    when you talk I don't listen
    what is that I'm missing
    I'm missing me
    But I am free
    please sentence me
    this grace i see
    I'm jealousy
    death of me
    no saviour now
    no saviour later
    settle for nothing now
    settle for nothing later
    Don't hate the Game
    hate the hater
    Last Will & Testament
    Everything must burn
    except my books for Ashly
    Maybe she will learn
    I will not be back
    I terminated
    eat the worms
    to eat you too
    bio degrade
    your only shade
    is what you made
    I'd rather die in the snow
    it wouldn't be as slow
    you tried to help I grow
    but I will never know
    who really wrote the show
    you wrote my part too
    I loved living at the zoo
    I wouldn't want to part
    the Lord is my Shepard
    I shall not want
    he maketh me lie down
    in green pastures
    you make shadows too
    why do you do this to I
    because I do
    You've been too gone
    for too long
    now it's too late
    to come back home
    I'm diggin up bones
    it's just a matter of time
    kindred and kine
    line by line
    to the furnace of love
    I can't rise above
    I never tried
    I lied instead
    the fire is red
    but blue
    true blue
    like sticky glue
    you thought you knew
    but it was just the way it was written
    give me a kiss
    sonya blade
    i am kano
    tell me Lord why'd you take big kano
    so confused not knowin which way to go
    you're goin crazy
    and runnin out of fuckin time
    you can't take it you're losing
    your fucking mind
    life's a mutherfuckin trip
    and everybody's gotta go
    but why the fuck'd it have to be my brother kano
    how could you dare to take a brother
    if he's close to me
    you'd love to go back to when we played as kids
    but things change
    that's the way it is
    you gotta operate the easy way
    I made a G today
    but you made it in a sleazy way
    sellin crack to your kids
    you gotta get paid
    well Hey
    that's the way it is
    have you ever made out in a dark hallway
    nothing compares to you
    Nothing compares to you
    i just shouldn't think anymore tonight
    cause dreams last
    so long
    even after i'm gone
    but you know
    you were meant for me
    and I was meant for you
    who will save your soul
    not I
    you've gotta look within your self not a scripture
    GOD-D came to rearrange the GOD picture
    who do I think made the deck
    don't tell me to do
    what you're already gonna do
    there are secret cards
    that I don't get to have
    whole new suits
    that I can't use
    I gave myself the bruise
    because I didn't like a certain chapter
    You are the proof that prescience
    does exist
    and so does telekinesis
    but I lack exegisis
    But you say to I that
    everyone who is angry with his brother
    shall be liable to judgement;
    whoever insults his brother
    shall be liable to the council;
    and whoever says,
    'You fool' shall be liable to the hell of fire.
    I is you
    I W
    2 parts U
    one part I
    will choose to fly
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