Tifanii “Showtime” (Formally Of MTV Making The Band 3)

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    Tifanii " Showtime"
    Tifanii “Showtime” (Formally Of MTV Making The Band 3) |

    “Tifanii” beat out about 800 contestants locally to win a spot on Diddy’s create-a-girl-group MTV reality show, ”Making the Band 3”. ‘The hip-hop impresario knows her as Tiffany, one of the singers struggling to become a star on his create-a-girl-group MTV reality show, Making the Band 3. “My name is Tiffany, and I’m 21”, the young woman said on the series premiere, introducing herself to the Beyonce wannabes who would share a trendy New York City loft and a life of limos, clubs and show biz. “I like singing and having fun and I’m from Virginia Beach, Virginia”. Trouble is, she isn’t any of those things. Well, except for the part about singing and her residence. She is Davrielle Smith, a Chesapeake resident who has performed for years at local fairs and festivals as Lil Dee Dee. And she is Lil, or at least a lot littler than the rest of Diddy’s pretties.

    At the time, she was a sophomore at Western Branch High School and only 15. Davrielle (pronounced Dah-vree-el) skipped school to crash auditions at an Oceanfront nightspot. She used a cousin’s fake ID to get around the 18-and-older age limit, which forced her to adopt her cousin Tiffany’s name which has since been changed in spelling to Tifanii.

    Since then, Tifanii emerged on the scene as a Total Entertainment Industry Package acing the abilities to sing, dance, model, act and write her own music. With the soulful sound of a seasoned songstress, this young lady has performed many places and amongst some of the greats, young & old such as: Vivica Fox, Morris Chesnut, Clifton Davis, Clipse, Monique, Chris Brown and starred in a theatrical play with Thelma (from Good Times) Howard Hewitt, Sammie and Dave Hollister.

    This year has brought Tifanii a host of new opportunities ranging from being the musical highlight at the 2008 Southwestern Athletic Conference Championship games to being one of two R&B artists on the otherwise hip-hop BET’s Spring Bling Mixtape; from being in the presence of mega producers like Brian Michael Cox, Swizz Beatz and a host of others to recording new music for the new Tifanii!

    Now 18, this young lady will surprise the music industry just like she did her opponents from Making the Band, viewers across the country and world, as well as fans and supporters.
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