throwback verses #2

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    Mar 11, 2007
    I feel some tension,time to empty tha 40 wit'tha extension
    did i mention,i turn demons into angels like a christian
    you wouldnt wanna be in ma' position
    should he live-or-should he die such a difficult decision
    i made tha transition from a mortician to magician
    i had sum suspicion, so i went fishin - in addition
    most ya rhymes is fiction, nigga how u livin'?
    U was peepin ma flow,but didnt notice tha ambition
    i'm prowlin' like ''lee loughner'' on ma'military mission
    ''aint got no mind'' plus my city unforgiven
    I lost faith
    i'm from tha jungle homie
    starve or' steal,rob n kill to keep a bundle on me
    u eva' shed tears, for 16 dead peer's
    these dayz niggas weird, peace i aint tryna hear it...
    I was born with out fear,89' was tha year.
    From what i was told, ma' first word was a lyric
    cuzzo' knew i was cold, momma said i was a reincarnated spirit
    u know, when a child act like they been here befoe
    but back to tha story...i knew i was destine
    fuck tha fame an tha glory, just give me tha check's man
    that was allway's ma' mental, kinda simple...but
    if u only knew, what i been threw
    dodge'n shots, bein harrassed by crooked cops
    ma' dad was strung out..i had to look at pop's
    every day itch'n for a fix, i was wishin he would quit
    but wishin wasnt shit.... Come on
    i got tha' wrath of a lion, i aint lyin'
    dreams of countin cash on a island
    instead, i wake up to tha trash an tha sirens
    poverty,blood bath's,and violence, forever mad -n- defiant
    ma' word's -r- brash, i'm giving u tha math and tha science
    just a sample of tha path that i walk,tha land that i stalk
    come clash with these giant's,tha spot where u stand u will die in
    when u have no hope,bettah believe death is a joke
    i wont flinch when tha bullet release,might jus' laugh an throw up tha piece
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