Throwback verse written by my boy Break911

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  1. ssok-apus

    ssok-apus Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2001
    Written by Break911
    From back in '02

    HipHop Junkie

    Soul abundance, look up to nothing/
    Im a junkie and I love it Hip hops the substance/
    Soul abundance, look up to nothing/
    Im a junkie and I love it Hip hops the substance/

    Many heads can flip a script, the camera never found em/
    And those that it watched took me one hand to count em/
    Ill jump the train of thought so that we could take the tracks back/
    Beet (BET) and Flo’s a fuckin joke which nobody can laugh at/
    Kicks, hat an knapsack all Im given to begin with/
    Fuck these complicated words I live my life the simplest/
    Megaphone in one hand pencil in the other/
    Whitty Hip hop hippie fuckin bitches with no rubber/
    No matter, Ill eat my lunch with no platter/
    And no manners like Slow fat jerks/
    So Id rather shatter bastards, bitches pussy often/
    And I wont catch the ‘hiv’ cause I got a magic Johnson/
    Stupid you know nothing like new kids/
    Learn that stee be ruthless or ya steez will get a two kick/
    Stee man? Damn him! he create shit I cant fathom/
    And he takes his apple back just like his name was adam/
    Damn him the fellons getting away grab him/
    Loosin media control now the government will fold/
    Transmittrd to the masses this goes out to all the enemies/
    Ive never been to prison but ill go down for a century/ (blunt)
    be a separate entity, mentally, Im ahead of you/
    Mabie its genetics or it is the way its meant to be/
    Rip tracks distinctively, wear my shoes for a kilometer?/
    And watch the mercury bust the fuck out yo thermometer/
    Straight lounging, Im from the year three thousand/
    More practical and subliminally tactical/
    You faggot fools, ill Send a drop out back to school/
    So I don’t pack a tool, let my mass damage you/
    You bitches Jacking off an Im always off jackin/
    Stee man hes so def he watchin videos with caption/
    Never cought nappin plus Stees not rappin/
    He always smokin L’s while you motherfuckers catch em/
  2. nO gOoD!

    nO gOoD! Life Music :: Press Play

    Apr 18, 2001
    great verse by ya boy. I'm really feelin the vibe and flow of this verse from start to finish. Also this had some nice lines, albeit a tad played (magic johnson line) however, again I liked the fresh feel to this. flow was good too.

    there is a strong eminem influence in this I can tell from the practical, packed a tool, back to school, couplets, however looking past all that this was a real decent verse to read.

    holla back to my "on the Creep" thread.

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