throw back verse #3

Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by mr.redeyez, May 20, 2012.

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  1. mr.redeyez

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Once a upon a time
    everybody use to'
    everybody wanna' rhyme..soon
    word's will be a crime..they would,
    keep tha knuckle head's -n- lock up tha devine
    i'm from tha hood, born-n-raised by design
    we spend our whole life time tryna find
    our ticket out tha wicked society,that's cripplin'our mind
    look in ma' eyez past tha blood trail... Is tha dolla' sign
    if i go blind,i could recognize tha smell writin checks n brail
    l-o-l- momma told me red give em' hell
    that's exactly what i gave em,wit this rappin' im amazin'
    i'ma maven, if u wit'less u have witnessed a miracle u should praise him
    i'ma raven, wonderful wit' tha phrasin' left tha page blazin'
    hazin' u wanna be einstein's, when it's grind time
    i'm inpatient, milkin' tha game for what it's worth
    turnin grapes into raisin's like fine wine'
    since birth,i had tha gift to survive
    gazin'at primetime,hopin'i aint tha next to head line
    for a merciless crime...
    Nostradamus name still buzzin', they say 2012 is tha deadline
    who gives a fuck! I keep it thuggin....
    Get'n drunk-n-high everysince i had a bed time
    cryin' everytime i get zooted,
    thinkin bout tha homie doin' fed time
    but i'd rather do 85 percent then be a stoolie
    keep tha toolie, shootin'up tha ''scene 4'' thinkin' ima newbie
    bullets ''cut'' ya down,like i'm direct'n in a movie
    i'm givin' u lethal injection's,use'n words as a weapon
    some use vest's -n- others use god for protection
    leavin' ma footprints in this cypher like hollywood boulevard
    so if yall'aint comin hard, u should exit n change ya direction
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