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    May 4, 2017
    You aint Fancier than me. Decked out in the music wrapped up in the lights, sippin gin tonics and lime hold back the ice
    Here i am spirited. Lifted up by the spirits cup, fuck it drippin wax right on yo slut as I Sit back and watch your eyes catch the every movement of my silky thighs. I get a kick out of, but wait! just a moment this'll take! You gotta have more wit and be legit , this is reality, I got Fantasies in the back of my mind under lock and key, if you aint god the code, u cant unlock me. So pack up , its time to go. Ima hit this bowl and puff puff away with rest of the cloud and remain the same so popular in this crowd, so well maintained, I got funnels of trees blunted by the breez , you wish you could kick it and not jock the steez, but no matter what you aint gotta front cuz your heart is loathing infont of the city, your secrets and lies dont equate to anthing pretty, the shadow that comes from the inside of your miror only show how shallow you truely appear , standing alone trembling with fear, all the while im over here in the softness of the night wrapped up and savoured like a juicy juice bite. Get ready get set watch out for me baby, im the type a woman that can drive a man crzy, get into his head and make his heart throb, dont underestimate what reallity I see, im no where near shallow water, this BOSS IS A Queen!

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