Thoughts of YOu

Discussion in 'Poetry Realm' started by Bobby Live germ, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Sep 26, 2003
    Thoughts of You

    Where does is really begin...where the quite whispers of the wind tingle my ears while thoughts of you bloom across my mind? or does this begin when my heart is aflame from passion, where the sun doesn't compare to the intense heat my heart overflows with while thoughts of you dance swiftly around my heart. Where ideal visions are near existence and pain's thirst has been quenched by these feelings of comfort. So invade my heart with soft tender kisses and blissful moments where our dreams become reality. Let me sweep you of your feet with a dozen fresh rose's picked from a magic garden. Where deep flowers from the moon glitter and glow and show how special we are. Where simple untouchables illuminate
    my dark black sky and polish those diamond like shinning stars that give me eyes threw the night. Let God's caress and stroke the fires within us blowing embers on the sparks. while amazed visions of our 1st kiss playback, where my lips trembled and your eyes gleamed sincerely..where time stood still for minor seconds or so it seemed when we kissed so softly. So let my souls affection be written as thoughts of you enlighten my presence. which your name its self is essence.So take a chance on me Victoria ..because i can love you like no other or i can take you deep within myself and love you even more so i tell you as we jump into this journey together.
    that i cant promise you a world of riches or the fanciest things. But i can offer you a world of dreams just beyond the stars
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