This is a intro cypher.... PEEP!

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by 6ftground, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    This is 6ftg just trying to start a new thing..Hope y'all feel me... Anyway
    This is a INTRo cypher....
    bellow is the Introduction to a ryhme...
    All you have to do is flow off the INTRO...
    Rap about everything under the sun... This is just a thread to show of ya skills...
    LEts GO!!

    "INTRO::Put your trust in me,
    Walk with me, talk and boss with me,
    at all cost with me, Murk all your doubts that be...

    Put your trust in me,
    I'll bust with he--- who hold no trust in he,
    who bust at me.... Who down to suceed,
    and blast back blindly for real G's..

    If you smoke that tweed!
    Put your trust in me...
    If you blast at fiends!
    Put your trust in me...,
    cause it's all for the money!
    We stand tall for that money!
    bust, bleed, greed, for that money!
    NOw little niccca tell me, what you do for that money?"​
  2. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    They don't have to reply!!!!

    I'll go all out for that money...
    place the odds on the head of that money,
    I'll be--big faced, and I'll play cards for that money...
    Weigh the odds, take the stakes for that money...
    A-1 sauce and all hommie!...
    The biggest worms
    couldn't with-stand my lead pecks...
    Call me big bird cause
    I keep come up in my nest...
    I'm so deep in this..
    Money making business, that
    I keep back up bigger
    than a woolly-mam-uth...
    I'm willing to die by monies evil hex,
    cause it's IN GOD WE TRUST it's tests
    I'll still be Stealing competition checks...
    dust till dawn, one on one, and 1...
    still taking money to the bank son.....

    when it comes to that money in my life..
    I'll make a souls sacrifice
    I got a big appetite,
    ain't no full belly, fo-filling my fight!
    TO GET MONEY.....​
  3. KnowledgeBorn

    KnowledgeBorn Original Asiatic M.C.

    Jan 16, 2006
    ....nicknamed green, trust in me like a dollar bill, in God we trust
    When they snatchin them onez, they meant to say for God we bust
    Message in a bullet and the bill, eye on the pyramid is the-all-seeing-eye 4real
    Folded a 20 up and saw a picture of the world trade on fire
    The government said "trust in me", and i said i dont listen to liars
    Wat they expect from son of Castro and nephew of Nat Turner
    Bush made sure blacks in New Orleans bones were in harmony, like L-Burna
    ....fuck them niggas trust in me......​
  4. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Hot like the lines above!
    But this money still got us phucked up.... Like
    snow lines,
    with white lines,
    it's all the same,
    if you don't believe me ask rick james ,

    I know the deal,
    I'll never quit, makin money
    if money died,
    I'll still have plastic,
    Thats money gone,
    I might have to use the plastic,

    The one that dosent slide but goes click,
    i'm too quick, i fold em quick,
    ligit and hella down, for some profit,
    By any means possible...

    So don't try to X this VET
    I'm boss'n it up, hit'n the set
    money spent off a high,
    gets me a check,
    when my hand looks like shit,
    I'm folding the deck....

    I can't be put in a bowl
    waiting for a govenment check,
    You read what KB said, The money got us HEX...
    For a quick fix, not me bytch!

    i got the touch of a money maker,
    and I'm a little touch in the head,
    when I'm bout that money make-in
    so bad it got me seeing vision like..

    being dead in the sands of iraq
    Lying there listen to a flaming oil BUSH
    selling false prophets of what money took,
    making money off black profit- that gush,
    but I'm the crook!
    For being on the block, on the grind
    maken up money government took,
    out my nine to five....
    I rather die than believe in a lie!​
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